Various Types of Track Lighting Connectors

Various Types of Track Lighting Connectors

When you are trying to know about track lighting, types of track illumination connectors comes with that as without the exact idea about  their connector it won’t work, as a result hassle of returning and changing them with wasting of time and money. Sometime we want add something really good with existing furnishing, here in this issue you can rely on the track illumination. For instance they are superb idea to replace the existing ceiling fixture. Plus this system did not required rewire of your.

It is very common that you will be more or less unfamiliar with certain content of ceiling fixtures. If you’re here to find ideas about them first time it may be confusing and arise lots of questions about them. Of course we will try to sort them out in our rest of the writing.

Lighting of the high ceiling sometimes being a heachec for the owner of the house. But this illumination is the ideal choice for those who have a high ceiling, these lights look fine and effective in producing light where you need proper lighting as these require suspended fitting. Those are far different from the regular fitting and this can occur only by their versatile types of this lighting connectors.

Types of Track Lighting Connectors

 J,H,L these three are the most used connectors worldwide for the this lighting. These are standard picked and named after manufacturers itself as Halo, Junoand Lightolier. Among them which have three contracts categories as H type. Which J has 1 inch apar contact and L have 7 to 8 inch apart. These are the specification of these three type connector. One of them being uprated which use single live and digital control interface as each fitting can be controlled independently.

Uses digital control interface because each fitting can be controlled independently

All these have typical voltage running system. But tracks which have more than  live conductor required multiple switch circuit to control different fitting on the same rail. To make it more convenience you should place the tab of connector one the one side of fixture at the time of attaching track while you should follow the manufacturer’s instruction completely.

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You will get trapped on the different voltage specification when you will go to add  fixture head. So get a basic idea about this which gives one step ahead in this discussion. Utilize per average volts of J,H,L track is 120.Moreover the other futures quite same of this three connector still they start their performance. The term single circuit retes voltage fact which means all the lamp have at a rail are will be operated from single stitch system. And these three connectors works through single circuit. Though there are available another type is double circure in few cases, but single circuit is considered standard for anytime.

At the time of function spotlights and track illumination got confusing to combine directional lamps and reflectors and modified the voltage from high to low as the most line voltage track followed this system. That is why in this type of fixture needs a build in transformer according to used preference such as 12,12,24 volts and  so on. Don’t thinks these will spoil your entire this lighting look as they are own self stylish and decorative.

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Most track illumination offer dual circuit power track and fitting as  black or  white for both  this lighting system. Particularly they these are accompanied by all times of connector but all the track components from the same manufacturer of track make the fixture reliable. Appearance of J,H and L seems harmonious. But when you will go to attach them to track you will get difference on tier adaptors as J fixture has two rounded contacts while H fixture have five contacts like one side have two and another side have three. While L fixture have only two silver contacts.

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As you already know that the two circuit configurations are infrequent in these types of systems. Commonly this lighting needs converted voltage from high to low by a transformer. So these type of fixture mostly depends on the input to the transformer in terms of dimmer one. In the dimmer specification you will get two types of transformer such as magnetic and electronic for low voltage fixture. But electric one is more effective than magnetic transformers

From alos the point of interchangeable factor it follows this type of  system when your fixtures are not so well. Most cases you will find three types of connectors as J, H, and L which follow this system if they have the same this illumination category, whether they are from different brands. Example, you can attach the J connector from various brands together. But does not go with h or track though they are same brands. So interchangeable will possible with other brand and model but truck should be alike. So this system is great to make a better balance  but not wide ranging.


After completing our discussion we believe that you already know  about the types of track lighting connectors which are most demanded and common three connectors as  H,J and L. You know very well how they work and in which situation they will not fit each other. But at the time of purchasing  it will be better to discussed with electrician or seller for perfectly set and working of them to get hassle free this illumination fixture. Thanks for reading!

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