Best Light For Reading at Night

Best Light For Reading at Night Reviews In 2023

A good number of research-proven this well-designed best light for reading at night to prevent the problem fatigue to headaches even damage to your eyes. There are few factors comes when you want to purchase a light for reading at night like where you are like to read sofa or bed? No matter where you are reading you should confirm good quality of lamp which won’t exhaust your eyes which perfect lighting.

It is well known that visually intensive work like reading and writing needs lots of bright lamps from your chosen light source for focusing the pages of books. With a right book can make your reading more comfortable and keep continue your reading habit safe while you find another level of relaxation before going to bed after a busy day’s end.

When you are bookworm you know the importance of a good book light and this time it is not a lamp only an even more relaxing companion for you who can help you to get good night sleep without doing hurt of your eyes. You should be careful about the evenly distributed level of lamp, yet it should not be very focused and bright to hurt your eyesight. You should check out our list with 10 best lights for reading at night before a new purchase.

Our Top Picks

In our top picks we provide 10 best light for reading at night which are eye friendly and affordable price recommendations for those who can’t sleep without reading the book at night and hunting hood quality and stylish items to buy. You will get here various types of lamp including floor, bedside, table and book lights which have energy saving capacity.

1. PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light

Rechargeable Reading Light

Key Features

  • Clip base or stand
  • Made with sturdy ABS materials
  • Equipped 12 LED lights
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • 3 brightness mode
  • 360 degree viewing angles

We are starting our reviews of best reading lamp at night with PERFECTDAY’s book light which have so many advanced and convenience feature to get the very first position in this list. This modern lamp have linear shape which have 1.5 ounce and 10.08 x 1.73 x 1.26 inch dimension as a very lightweight and compact lamp can be carried anywhere.

Adjustable light direction with 360 degree goose neck design to set lamp per your need. While focusing any sizes of book, notes and magazine possible with this surprising angle adjustability. If you don’t disturb your partner because of your midnight reading habit this could be choice whether it is indoor and outdoor.

In this light, manufacturers uses luminescence ultra bright  12 LED lamp to produce the right amount of lighting to read books. The reading clip book lamp have three brightness mode -warm, white light and cool. Plus the blue light can be dimmable to takes care of your eyesight. For long-lasting performance, this has build in battery with USB rechargeable which can support up to 60 hours.  

Why we picked it?

  • Easy to use and carry
  • Good coverage
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Ultra bright

2. Energizer Clip on Book Light for Reading in Bed

Reading Light for Books

Key Features

  • Build in oversized spring clip
  • Cozy and ward white LED light 
  • Running time is up to 25 hours
  • Very portable and compact 
  • Used advanced LED technology
  • Powered by battery

Energizer introduces a light for reading which is designed only for you won’t disturb other when you are reading in car, at home, camping, and more. Such a small lamp can produce 11 lumens lamp which is not less or more for your long-time reading habit. With 4M beam distance, you don’t feel a headache to have this functional lamp.

Flexible neck and build in spring clip allow convenience to attach the book lamp with books, e-reader, clipboard, visors and more. You can set the neck per your need any angle. The small and sturdy book lamp is ready to go anywhere with your backpack while this could be to fold it up. This could be multifunctional for computer table and office desk

This need 2 Energizer batteries to run the lamp which is included in the package of lamp up to 25 hours you can read with them as this is a highly energy efficient piece with the help of LED advanced technology. With the warm lighting your reading experience will be more pleasant while you are in a plane or tent. Yet this could be ideal for paperback use with a 13 mm thick clip which is sturdy but lightweight.

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Why we picked it

  • Comes with flexible neck
  • Energy efficient 
  • Reasonable price
  • Good coverage

3. Fulcrum LED Book Reading Light

Key Features

  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Works with less energy
  • Used LED Floodlight Technology
  • LED bulbs go 100000 hours
  • Padded clamp for stability
  • Compact and lightweight

Fulcrum is a well-known brand which launched a good number of lamp and here is an example of great contribution in the field of book light.They give a great attention on this lamp quality and performance while this comes with 2 years warranty service. To make wide of their performance range this camping, reading and crafting engineered with  ultra bright glare free LED lights.

The gooseneck of the lamp have flexibility while this have not so many lights to illumination the full table, yet this could be disgusting while your purpose is read only a book. But this lamp have wide coverage as you need with LED Floodlight Technology. This LED lamp bulbs can be long-lasting even up to 100000 hours. With 3 AAA batteries you can lighten up the book surface though you should purchase them separately.

Fortunately this has a 12-inch durable metal neck which won’t shake, so you can adjust this per your demand. This comes with a strong clamp to keep your hands free as you can use both hands in crafting, reading and writing and accessing the laptop. It has a compact and lightweight design for unlimited convenience to carry and store them when you are travelling.

Why we picked it?

  • Hands-free design
  • Versatile uses
  • Provide right amount of lights
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor

4. WITHit Clip On Book Violet Heart LED Reading Light

Key Features

  • Lithium coin cell batteries included
  • Flexible neck to meet 
  • Wearable technology
  • Exceptional and affordable choice  
  • Light won’t hurt your eyes
  • Several colors and style

Unique shape and design with overall performance won’t let you disappoint while you do not need a bigger invest for this. WITHit designed a Disc reading lamp which is very easy to attach books, e-books and kindles. Though it is very small and lightweight but capable to produce eye-friendly lighting than standard bulb option which are chosen for reading lamp.

The book chip is made with high-quality materials for long-lasting support. This mini lamp comes with a sturdy and durable flexible neck as you can get illumination in the right place. LED lights are the source of light which won’t burn out easily. As a portable and lightweight with only 2.4 ounce piece can be to fold to carry anywhere. Plus securing this with books and other effortless.

The energy-efficient reading lamp needs lithium coin batteries to support it. You can change the batteries very easily and replacement batteries are available on Amazon with a great range. So carrying them is not a difficulty while it makes it easier to read for a long time without strain on the eyes. Luckily, this comes with solid colors  and various pattern to give priority to individual choices.

Why we picked it?

  • Convenient to store and carry
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Sturdy and durable

5. Carson FlexNeck Ultra Bright – Fully Adjustable LED Gooseneck Reading Lights for Books

Key Features

  • Handy and portable
  • Fully adjustable head
  • Battery powered
  • Single and multi bulb options
  • Ultra bright light
  • Build in clip

Carson offers 100% satisfied with their quality and performance of book lamp. They provide you lifetime limited warranty to against any damage to make you confident to purchase them. This comes with silver finish and sleek design fits any decoration of home or highlight your personality.

The FlexNeck book lamp comes with specially designed with single and multi bulbs options to fulfill versatile purposes. Plus the 6 LED option have 2 adjustable brightness which can allow you perfect lighting option per your preference. Capacity of evenly light spreading won’t strain your eyes. Fully adjustability goose neck offer various convenient position to read books and complete other tasks.

You can use this reading light needle work, crafts, reading and more purposes. To run the functional light required 3 AAA batteries which are not comes with the package. Builds in clip helps to attach the easy desk magazine, tablet, book, magazine and more. Simply fold the neck and carry with the backpack without taking so much precious space. The LED lamp energy efficient and long lasted choice for FlexNeck book lamp.

Why we picked it?

  • 2 brightness setting 
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Multifunctional 
  • Evenly spread light

6. LOHAS Rechargeable 14 LED Book Light – Reading Light for Reading in Bed

Reading Light for Reading in Bed

Key Features

  • Button control
  • No blue light
  • Build in rechargeable battery
  • Available CRI95 color rending
  • No slip sturdy clamp
  • 360 degree flexible neck

If you are pretty much nibble with your reading light LOHAS could be an amazing choice for you which is free from blue lights so no warriors of eye damage in long run. Plus this comes with several convenience features to make your reading experience more blissful with easy control and secure. Build in rechargeable lithium battery have 1000mAh capacity.

To meet various user need this has 5 level of color adjustability from 3000k to 6500k and 4 choices of brightness levels such as super bright, bright, medium and low to get best advantage of having such magical lights. Operation of the lamp is very simple with button control on the head of the lamp. Three button for one/off, brightness adjustability and CCT adjust options.

Charging of the lamp is effortless when this allows 4 power modes including USB port, laptop, power bank and 5V phone charger. Once you fully charger the battery it can go up to 60 hours interrupt free reading. With 14 LED light with CRI 95 you can get ultra bright lighting with sturdy clip and 360 degree flexible necks. These are very portable with lightweight and fold capacity. So, read your favorite book, e- book and magazine at night without disturbing anyone even with memory function.

Why we picked it?

  • 4 levels of brightness
  • 5 lamp color choices
  • Can be dimmable
  • Supports 4 power modes

7. Book Light for Kids Easter Gifts – Reading in Bed at Night

Key Features

  • Comes with extra battery
  • Bright enough
  • Cute and absolutely functional
  • Ultra lightweight and flexible
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Provide warm lamp

Whether it is your kid or grandkid’s birthday, thanks giving or Halloween gift EASTPIN book light is the most versatile option which can be an ideal choice for its gift wrap. Its cute look with cat patter small night lamp with pink rubber finish and dual functionality as bookmark and lamp won’t fail to anyone attention from kid’s to adult.

Warm light is recommended for reading a book at night and this lamp is designed with LED lights which won’t hut your eye even your long time reading. With 360 degree flexible neck allow varied position of your lamp. To prolonging your reading time this has replacement battery option while one battery can last 70 hours. The new design of lamp ware with soft and safe  material for your kids too.

On the head of the cat lamp there is an on/off button with a childproof battery case which is very simple to open. Though it is ultra lightweight and slim, yet it has unique book holding capacity. A good punch of light throws with the light to read the both pages of the book. No more worries about losing the page where you have studied previous as this java thin body to function as bookmark.

Why we picked it?

  • User manual included
  • Reading time is up to 140 hours
  • Very easy to use
  • 2 in 1 design

8. Eyocean LED Reading Dimmable Clamp Light for Bed Headboard

Key Features

  • Flexible neck
  • Made with aluminum alloy
  • Metal clamp with padded surface
  • Included UL listed adaptor
  • 1.6-inch USB cable
  • Energy efficient dimmable LED 

The EROCEAN designed a clip lamp for readers with 160 cm USB cable and UL certified adopter as you can recharge your lighting gadget safe and efficiently. Battery operated lamp sometimes being heady for the cost of battery which rechargeable one simply need to insert into powerbank, adaptor, desktop, laptop and USB adaptor. With LED technology it is multifunctional; gadget as makeup lamp, bed lamp and office assistance.

The manufacturer used high grade aluminum alloy which have better heat dissipation to make it long-lasting. Even the clamp is also made with same materials with non-slip pad to attach this with bed, office desk, computer table and more with 2.4 inch tension. This comes with intelligent switch to operate with 4 buttons as on/off, brightness adjustability and color setting.

Along with 3 light modes and 9 brightness choices makes it more functional for different user like student, craftsman and reader. As this is equipped LED bulbs which won’t burn out easily. Plus this has memory function to set the last usage brightness. This comes with 100% customer satisfaction with lifetime money-back guarantee. The flexible goose neck have supreme flexibility to set your best angle of lighting.

Why we picked it?

  • 5 way to power up 
  • Multi functional  
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime money-back warranty

9. Foneso LED Desk Lamp – LED Clip on Light Reading Lights

Foneso LED Desk Lamp

Key Features

  • Multiple USB port support 
  • 369 degree flexible and sturdy neck
  • Available 3 color temperature
  • Allow 10 brightness level
  • Equipped with 24 LED beads
  • Have memory function

Auto off/on function is the unique and recent added feature for the clip on reading lamp with memory setting from FONESO branded item. While the memory function can offer the same brightness which you have chosen for your last use. With USB cable you can use USB outlet, PC, powerbank and 2A adaptor which you prefer in various situation. In this lamp used 24LED chips with are 80% energy efficient and long-lasting  than other lightbulbs.

Easy adjustment of a light neck is possible with 360 degree goosenecks which can position in any direction. Furthermore, the chosen material are sturdy and durable to support your long time use. This comes with a well build clamp with anti skid pad and scratch resistance rubber mat for perfectly severe with furniture. To protect your eye or kids this light ensure glare free and non-flickering lamp even in long time of reading.

It can be multifunctional such as working light, make up lamp, laptop light, bed and desk light with 3 color modes warm light(3000k), white warm light (4500K)and white light (6500K) while each light have 10 brightness levels to meet individuals needs. It has compact and lightweight which can be folded to carry them for camping and outdoor uses. 

Why we picked it?

  • Adjustable clamp
  • Even illumination
  • Easy to use to maintain and carry
  • Energy saving and eye caring

10. LEPOWER Clip on Light Reading Lamp Color Changeable

LEPOWER Clip on Light

Key Features

  • Two different color temperature
  • 360-degree viewing angles
  • Provides eye caring lamp
  • Comes with 5 feet cable
  • Two switches for easy controlling
  • Designed with LED lamp technology

This is our last but not the least item for best light for reading at night from LEPOWER which have certification from FCC to make sure their superb quality and brilliant performance with two light setting as warm light and white light. The gadget incorporates a smart switch to adjust brightness between bright and dim. To lamp up light it takes 110 V household current with USB AC adapter.

With UL listed adapter and 59.06-inch USB cable you can safely charge your lamp effortlessly. The gooseneck design of the lamp helps to right illumination from a different direction with 360 degree flexibility. Soft and warm light won’t hurt readers eyes. If you are thinking about their stability of the clamp then you can see their sturdy construction which easily attach headboard  desk and study table.

Because of having ambient lighting you won’t regret with this purchase. This functional reading clip light is ideal for car, camping, bed and other place reading without disturb anyone with the lamp as these are designed only for you. With instant on capacity and dimmable featuring you can ensure your best lighting for reading anywhere while folded down and packed with the package makes it easy to carry.

Why we picked it

  • Space-saving design
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Metal construction
  • Multiple uses

Buying Guide of  Best Light for Reading at Night

Lights for reading at night comes with various design, types with lots of bulb types. You should know about them properly to get the most suitable choice for your shopping. Because of the availability, it is not very hard to find the any near market. But to meet all requirement, you should consider several things up to their purpose and your convenience. Have a fast glance on the best lamp for reading at night buying guide from this session.

Types of reading light

According to their purpose you will get four choices to pick which cover the full area of reading light types.

Book light

When you are hunting a small lightweight and portable lamp for reading at night you should find this into a book light section. With this you are worried free even for travel time or outdoor and nighttime book reader because these are made from metal or good quality plastic which are undoubtedly sturdy materials with s robust clamp, so you can attach to the table, book and other supportive items like your palm of the hand. They fit in your backpack to move with you anywhere with their compact design.

Beside reading lamps

There are available with a great range of style which are covers from traditional shaded lamps to modern look and features like adjustable gooseneck as example flexible, long and thin depending on their brands and model. For these type of lamps body and base mostly constructed from durable metal while the head should be enough steady to focus the beam of light. Basically you can choose these items from freestanding or walmouted categories.

Floor lamps

People who are feeling better to read in ambient lighting who always prefer these type of lamps. These type of lamps creates a bright focused beam of the lamp which can be adjusted to the desired height and angle to meet different need. Because of their adjustability and some floor lamps have two in one model which can also serve lighting like a task lamps.

Desk lamps

Another name of the desk lamp is task lamp. Because of having extremely adjustable neck and swivel arm offers hundreds continence to position the lamp in exactly the right spot where you need. In most cases the body of the these type of lamp can be plastic and metal made with neutral color including white, black, brushed nickel and more while have a good height over the desk. The main factor of this lamp its head should create a bright and focused beam like floor lamps to read the book without shadow and fatigued.

Corded or cordless

It is an important factor to consider before purchasing a lamp for reading at night while you can choose cordless and coded style whether it is portable or full sized. If you choose the plug in style it does not require any recharging while the need to simply plug in the outlet. These are designed for home setting and easy to access. These have advanced features like timer  and so on.

On the other hand cordless requires rechargeable batteries. These are most popular for their long-lasting charges with lithium-ion core and compact size. Most interestingly these are comes with sleek look and very portability. In these days’ desk, bed light and floor lamp also come with cordless to gives more flexibility.

Bulb type

To ensure comfortable reading time choosing the right types of bulb for your light. Though LEDs bulb are universal choice as reading lights, yet some prefer incandescent bulb which are not energy sufficient and burn out faster than LED. CFL bulbs also highly efficient and user-friendly options for this type of reading light. But these are not long-lasting, brighter and versatile for various sizes and design like LED. So, our recommendation is always LED for save money and good lighting with durability.

Other features

Whether it is corded or cordless and portable or other types some features can experience better with a decent light for reading. You shock check the adjustability features like brightness, color temperature and neck to focus the lamp anywhere depending on your need. You should give priority to amber colored lighting  than blue  to choose the color of lighting which may be the reason of damage to your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Light for Reading at Night

Before choosing your best light for reading at night you should have a clear idea about some matters. Though we want to clear all the considerable factor thing about these with can be reliable for fulfilling your needs. Furthermore, we add several interrelated question to make you enough learned about these products.

Which type of bulb light are good for reading light?

We are always suggesting choosing LED light bulb lamps than incandescent and CFL. Though some people prefer these type of  bulbs, yet they are not energy saving and long-lasting. While LED lights bulbs  have adjustable capacity for brightness level to meet individuals needs.

What is the best color for reading light at night?

Though most of the people prefer the blue light, but it is proven that after several years use this could affect on eyesight. On the contrary amber color or warm lamps are considered the best light color for reading. While cooler white lights are good for daytime reading. Modern book lights have several choices of color in one model.

Are wide beam are preferable for the best light for reading at night?

 Of course. For book light you should choose wider beam light which allow good coverage to reed varies sizes of book with two pages properly. So choose one which have minimum two-page coverage beams.

What is the cost of good light for reading at night?

It depends on which type of reading light you are choosing. If you want a portable and handy clip on design these have reasonable price from 10 -30 dollar with great feature whether you are choosing USB rechargeable or battery powered.

What is the best light for reading at night?

In this writing describes each light are reliable options among all the models available in the market. Among them LOHAS book lamp is charge with USB cable which is portable, lightweight and flexible with lower price point like PERFECTDAY’s one. On the contrary FULCRUM and WITHit  has battery powered light with brightness adjustability and long-lasting performance.


Many of us have a habit of reading a book at night, and they are always having curiosity to find of best light for reading at night as we have left the age reading with flashlight for reading very past. Here in this content we have already introduced 10 modern reading lamp to keep you eye safe and offer you more pleasure when you are reading.

To make this list we have researched 25 similar items of them from various brand and model. Yet these are the high quality lamp up to their versatile use, adjustable brightness and colors choices. Plus we consider them from lower price point and durability.

For good quality of light all the lights here described have LED light technology and good rating from real customer as you can be more confident about them when you are want to purchase.

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