Best Floor Lamps For Reading

Best Floor Lamps For Reading Reviews In 2023

Whatever themed you chose for your living room or reading nook best floor lamps for reading something more than lighting for reading yet decorative lighting with a strong ambiance light which can light up the entire room. A bright light with soft amber glow for any setting floor lamp is a reliable option to set the mood with versatility.

Placing of the floor lamps for reading is not required much attention as you can set them anywhere behind the sofa or bed. Plus, you can move them anywhere depending on your need of decoration and various purpose. Modern floor lamps have adjustable head and lots of features to offer more benefits of having them.

To balance functionally and fashion floor lamps for reading picking is important and in this situation our this content will be helpful to grab best floor lamps for reading.

Our Top Pick

With various prize, design and size the market is full of countless options and best floor lamps for reading finding can be confusing and time-consuming for you. But our top picks able to fulfill your need while we complete our search with a great comparison of lots of choices. They are chosen from high quality construction, prize point and lighting emission to make your purchase trendy, efficient and decorative. Lets driving in them to get most suitable options.

1. Miroco LED Floor Lamp – Dimmable Reading Standing Lamp for Sewing Living Room Bedroom Office

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • 30 decree tilting lamp head
  • Featured with 1-hour timer
  • Offer 1815 lumen
  • Have 5 brightness options
  • Adjustable three colors
  • Height can be adjusted 

The best floor lamps for reading list start with the Miroco LED floor lamp which offer. The colors’ temperature such as cool white (5000-5500k), natural white (4000-4600k) and warm white (2800-3300k)to illuminate your place depending on your need. And 20,40,60 80, and 100 percent brightens adjustability won’t disappoint you to be comfortable with most customized lighting. The base of the light is fantastic to prevent falling itself.

Another attractive thing of this floor lamp is its 2 in 1 height adjustability as 38 inches and 55 inches to get match various table and bed flexible height. This dimmable light produce 1815 lumen which is enough for great illumination for your spotlight and the entire corner of the room. The black finish with sleek look easily match any kind of room decoration. Operation of this light is very simple with built-in 4 touch buttons.

With 1-hour timer setting is more convenient to shut off at your sleeping or reading time. Before shuts off this will start to flicker which saves energy and makes it durable. The flexible goose neck can set any direction which allows perfect light shedding angle. It works with 12w LED light which can support you up to 50000 hours of lighting. With 5 feet cord you can move this easily from your power source.

Why We Picked It?

  • Easy to operate
  • Stable yet lightweight
  • Saves energy up to 75%
  • Long lifespan LED lightbulbs

2. High Brightness Torchiere Floor Lamp – Bedrooms Replace Halogen Standing Lamps with Efficient LED Office Lighting

Torchiere Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Used premium quality materials
  • Sturdy and unique design
  • Ultra bright lighting source
  • Won’t take much space
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Available 3 beautiful finish

We truly believe that this light easily attract anyone to visit your room at the very sight. Boost your personalized room decoration with Brightech sky dome which have two reading light and one upward decorative light. This has three solid and beautiful finish as black, brass and silver to give you freedom to pick the most preferable one.

Decorative as well as trendy lighting is model is unparalleled with others. With the simple aesthetic looking this fits any types of decoration traditional to modern, contemporary to artistic theme this match any decoration superbly. This comes with three LED bulb lights which can go up to 20 years, so you do not need to worry about bulb replacement. Weather you are living in small room its fits perfectly any corner of the room

Plus, the premium materials ensure up to its warranty service period. The weighted base is safer for any home whether you have kids and pets. The two reading light design offer two people reading benefit with keeping distance. The dimmer option of this light saves energy and provide eye comfortable lighting. While you are finding greater coverage of light this won’t this appoints with 3200 lumens.

Why We Picked It?

  • Fits any types of room decoration
  • Bakes with 3 years warranty
  • Durable and energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Provide 3000k warm white light

3. Dimmable Floor Lamp Modern Standing Light Adjustable Gooseneck Task Lighting

Dimmable Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Effortless assembly and operation
  • Color temperature setting from 3000K to 6000K 
  • Can produce 100lux and 450 lm 
  • Allow 4 brightness choices
  • A great addition as task and spotlight
  • Offers  warm pleasant glow 

Before you go for any of the floor lamp for reading consider TaoTronic LED lighting with sturdy square base which won’t dip even over an uneven surface. As spotted lights this has superb illumination capacity to produce 100lux and 450 lm with only 10W. The color temperature from 3000K to 6000K in four different setting with 4 brightness you can light up your place with own comfortable zone.

The Liner design of the light offer ultra modern or contemporary home decoration style. Warm pleasant glow and simple design without taking so much space of your room offers amazing lights superbly. With the 8.5 and i.8 inch dimension this could be multifunctional for sewing work to reading very comfortably. Obviously it could be a complement option for your indoor setting with no heat and energy saving design

Usually this type of lamp have not any flexibility and adjustability and this offer rotatable gooseneck to give freedom to adjust your suitable angle to meet different need. With the 66.3 inch neck this has great coverage. In this lighting manufacturer taken 88 LED lights which long-lasting and pretty brighter option for various requirement fulfilling session.

Why We Picked It?

  • Compact and perfect sizing 
  • Made from quality materials
  • Featured with rotatable gooseneck
  • Simple  and timeless design

4. Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp – Standing Bright Light for Living Room

Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Designed with swing arms
  • Adjustable head 
  • Have 3 different finishes
  • Can be dimmer 
  • Enjoy 3000K warm light 
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Sturdy  and wider base 

If you already look the picture of this one, the first impression of the light provides a modern and study outlook for Brightech Leaf floor lamp which can brighten up the darkest corner of the room or efficient to reading books. The combination of modern material and vintage look lights perfectly fit any small space, and you can move this easily per your need. The pharmacy shade helps to keep lighting density to make it ultra bright.

The minimalistic design easily match any decoration whether it is home or office, living room or bedroom this will perform surprisingly with contemporary, rustic, urban, traditional or industrial it is exactly what you are expecting from this. Thanks to their bright and warm light emission which can be enough for make up, swing, crafting and more with 1050 lumens.

Even if you are habituated to red with more soft lighting option this has dimmer function which can seat three modes with touch switch. The adjustable head and arms provide your utmost advantages when you will place beside your table and bed. Along with LED light it can pour light up to 20 years and manufacturer’s 3-year warranty service overwhelmed you with such beautiful purchase.

Why We Picked It?

  • Comes with 3-year warranty  
  • Wide applications
  • Offer three brightness level
  • Heat free LEDs lightbulb

5. Led Floor Lamp – Modern Reading Adjustable Standing Height for Living Room Bedroom Reading

Led Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Source of eye protective and comfortable light
  • Safe and highly stable 
  • Two-way controlling system
  • Pure natural daylight
  • Able to meet various lighting need
  • Comes with remote control

Specialized reading lights needs different light shedding and to keep this thinking on mind NXONE designed this floor lighting with for different modes-leisure, sleeping, reading and office matter you are picking this for one purpose, but it can fulfill your different needs. With 4 color temperature 2800k to 6500K never let down in darkness as warm white to daylight setting.

For convenience control this comes with remote control which can set all the advanced feature without moving from seat or bed while this can connect from 49 inches. With this you can easily set your personalized brightness setting from 5-100%. On the contrary there are adjustable goose necks and flexible head easily offer the right amount of lighting in any direction. Taken LED lights can be long-lasting  as 50000 hours and energy sufficient for this lighting.

The weighted and larger base won tip so place them anywhere you want even you have kids or pets. The most attractive feature of this light is that it have memory function for memorized the previous setting to perform. You can adjust various height with the retractable design. You can easily control the setting with step less build in setting. Making with iron and silica offer superb durability 

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Why We Picked It?

  • Have memory function
  • Retractable design
  • Superb bigness level adjustability
  • Offers 4 color temperature choice

6. Brightech Leaf Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp Standing Bright Light

Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp Standing Bright Light

Key Features

  • Adjustable arm
  • Looks simple and neat
  • Pleasant light to eyes
  • Offer focused light
  • Various brightness level
  • Firm base and sturdy structure

This surprisingly sturdy and good task floor lamp introduced by Brightech which is suggested for best floor lamps for reading not only for its reliable construction, but it can be your foremost consideration when you are  really want to keep lighting consistency and not so much spreading to disturb your partner or roommate  for your late night reading habit. Yes this piece are specially designs for reading or crafting task.

For your stylish pick this one is perfect which clears the first glance of the lighting. The painted black finish provides it durability as well as most popular choice prestige to match any home decoration and other furniture finish which can be contrasting or matching won’t look odd anyways. The thin and skinny design helps to fit any corner of your small reading knock, bedroom or living room.

Its 53-inch height and 19 inch adjustable arm takes your attraction with its great blending of vintage appearance and modern materials. This deigned with three level of brightness and 3000k warm white light to make you glad to your purchase. To think the hassle and high consumption of energy manufacturer used LED light bulb replacing incandescent or others.

Why We Picked It?

  • Extremely functional
  • Dimmable features
  • Quietly complements for any room 
  • Have 3 years manufacturer warranty policy

7. Dodocool Floor Lamp – Bedroom and Floor Lamp for Living Room

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotation angle
  • Two-way control system
  • Remote have 15 m range
  • Four brightness level
  • Works with silent mode
  • Have 6000-50000 hours LED lifetime

When your choice is thin and tall floor lamp we suggest you to consider Dodocool presented 6inch height simple and aesthetic looking light which have an array of application like foyer, bedroom, dorm room, office and other wherever you want to place them. It allows 3000K to 6500K for brightness temperature  adjustability to make you comfortable with your chosen light color.

There are two-way control system to have this ultra flexible light with remote control and touch. The remote of this light have 15 m range control capacity to do not disturb you when your r working or sleeping to change ant setting of the light. It has equipped with LED lighting option which can brighten your place up to 50000 hours and won’t consume energy like other traditional bulb types. The height stability of the light comes from a wider iron base which won’t wobble.

Step less dimming offers you personalized lighting per your various need. To amazes its user this has 6 modes including reading, office, game, leisure, breastfeeding and night or sleeping mode to design this single light as multitasking one. The neck of the light can be rotated 360 degree angels as you do not need to compromise to get lighting in various direction. For sewing, wod work, reading or other this is the perfect choice for basic lighting.

Why We Picked It?

  • Featured with stepless dimming design
  • Choose among 6 modes
  • Very stable and safe 
  • Blending of classical and modern style

8. Industrial Floor Lamp – Adjustable Head Indoor Pole Lamp

Industrial Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Allow height adjustability
  • Energy saving and durable
  • Pour soft white light
  • Longer lifespan
  • Provides 800 lumen
  • Beautiful and sturdy 

People of the modern era a great leaning toward industrial themed home recreation while Brightech inspired this though and designed this Dylan industrial floor lamp with 3 years manufacturer warranty service to ensure 100% satisfaction. This light uses LED lightbulbs which can offer 800 lumens with only 9.5 watts. If you light up a place each day 3 hours this lightbulb can go up to 20000 hours without replacing them.

Alexa compactibility is the unique features in floor lamp and this offers you lots of convenience when you are controlling this. It also works with Google Assistance, and Apple HomeKit to on/off as a smart you smart home. You can set this a spotlight or a directional light where you need light with 180 degree adjustable head. The heavy base of the light helps to make it enough stable that won’t tip by the kicked of pet and kid.

The price of the light is very reasonable while the durability and craftsmanship seems this expensive. The soft white glow is enough to bring a pleasant environment for the darkest corner of your room for different style of home decor including industrial, rustic, vintage, farmhouse and more. With 50 degree lighting angle this can cover the major portion of your table for reading sewing and other task.

Why We Picked It?

  • 180 degree multi-way direction lights
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistance
  • Seems expensive
  • Baked with 3 years warranty

9. Joofo Floor Lamp – Reading Standing Light with Hanging Lampshade

Key Features

  • Match with all types of decor
  • Source of soft and gentle glow
  • Painted black finish
  • Effortless installation
  • Pulling chain design
  • Offer 3 color temperature setting

This lamp has pretty cool look with humanized pulling switch design with fabric shade. This is a light choice from JOOFO which can you purchase without thinking the room decoration theme as this can be perfect to match weather you have traditional to modern style. No matter keeps this bedroom, office or living room this won’t miss your guest attention. The metal lamp pole is a heavy-duty one to support your couple of years.

If you want to a source of light which produce warm glow this is an amazing option which shade prefect light to fall your eyes  which makes it safe for nursery placement. The tall pole can great looking and lighting for any corner or side of the sofa and table. To ensure best safety this has a wide and sturdy base to make you free from tension of  tippling. Painted thick and elegant pole of light look attractive with rest of furniture finish.

Easy installation of this light won’t take time more than 5 minutes. Together with the Universal Standard E26 medium base bulb and UL listed puling switch it is more reliable to its customer. The LED lightbulb have longer life with low energy consumption. There are three color temperature settings as warm nature and cool with 3000K,4000K and 6000K to meet different needs.

Why We Picked It?

  • Eye caring function
  • Very decorative and elegant
  • Provide 1000 luminous flux
  • Bulb included

10. Addlon LED Floor Lamp – Reading Pole Lamp for Bedroom

Addlon LED Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Ease to control with touch button
  • Perfect height for reading room
  • High stability base 
  • Linear design 
  • Used high performance LED lightbulb 
  • Four level of brightness

The Addlon LED floor lamp is our last but not the least recommendation for best floor lamps for reading top picks. This comes with two build in button to control the light as short press for brightness and color temperature adjustability and long press for on/off. When you are sitting or standing you can easily set the light per your need.

When you are searching for a stable base this has a square base which won’t fallen down even knocked down of kid and pet. Along with 3 years manufacturer warranty and metal structure with high performance LED lightbulb this can go even after you imagine. As an eye protective light source not worry about placement in kids bedroom or living room which won’t disturb you in your leisure time.

Adjust any angle of light pouring with 360 degree adjustable goosenecks. Plus the four level of brightness allow dim to daylight for different situation’s demand. The LED light can save your energy bill up to 40 percent per year. As reading light it provides glaring and flickering free light with three lights color temperature from 3000K to 5000K. With one light you can fulfill your needs.

Why We Picked It?

  • Color temperature from 3000K to 5000K
  • Provide glaring and flickering free light 
  • 360 degree adjustable  goosenecks
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty

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Buying Guide of  Floor Lamps for Reading

Depending on various user need and comfort zone, yet there are some tricks you can follow to make your investment profitable. And purchasing floor lamps for reading won’t be tough when you will follow a handy buying guide. We have already promised to help you to reach the absolute option even after having a hundred options available in the market. So, read thoroughly to get an idea about consideration factor to buy best floor lamps for reading.

Color Temperature

There are different options with various ranges of color temperature. While most of the cases you will find 3000K to 6500K which are considered best floor lamps for reading for providing comfortable and warm glow for your living room or reading nook. Where you want to place the depending on this range can be chosen for living room you can go with 3500K to 5000K. And warmer cool lighting you can pick 3000K to 3500K which won’t make you regret on your buy.

Warranty Feature

To be satisfied with your purchase you should be careful about the warranty feature of floor lamps. Different well known brand for this light give various periodical warranty features depending on their prize, additional features and more. While 3-5 years is standard one even you are not investing much more on them. As example Brightech gives 3 years warranty service for their different lighting model to make them you’re trustworthy.

 Multiple Brightness Setting 

When you want to replace multiple light this capacity must have in your floor light. Yet most of the floor lamp have this feature with various numbers and with reasonable price tag 3- 4 brightness level are available which can make perfect your light on various need. On the contrary some have 5%-100% an array choice of brightness from daylight to lowest dimmer options. For cozy mood you should choose one with various brightness adjustability. 

Highly Stable Base

Floor lamp needs  to be weighted and wider base which won’t tip over you and others. Even you should be pick one that one can be stand even the kicked down of kids and pet. Round and square base are great to support you with great safety. Our top picks including 10 products have wider and heavy base with reliable dimension as you can place anywhere foyer, beside bed or sofa and very corner of the table or room.

Ease of Operation

A floor lamp with remote control offered supreme convenience to operate this. Yet you can choose them with   control system built in touch control button and remote controlled. You need to find one which have a wider range of remote. Without leaving your warm bed or sofa this higher range remote can be  most overwhelming for anyone. Some manufacturer design this light compatible with Google Assistance, Alexa and Microsoft Home Kit for your smart home.

Bulb Lights

Because of having various types and design of floor lamp you can pick them with several designs and themed while you need to choose bulb light per your requirements. Yet most of the model have LED lightbulb which are long-lasting and provide ultra brightness without consuming a higher amount of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Floor Lamps for Reading

When it comes to choose the best floor lamps for reading some questions answers should to be very helpful on this process. We have been spending our time to get together them and try to provide an answer of them s you won be in hesitation at the time of buying one. Let check the question and answers which are given below where you can find your expecting answer to experience you more learned journey with new shopping.

How much cost needs for best floor lamps for reading?

It is not essential to spend a good amount of money to find a standard floor lamps for reading while you can get the reasonable price. Different brand introduces there unique and high quality floor lamp with $30-$100. In this list has Brightech, Miroco, TaoTronics, Dodocool and more which are popular brand for their superb products.

How do I choose a floor lamp for reading?

We have already attached a buying guide to help you in the journey to buy best floor lamps for reading. You should consider few factor like brightness adjustability, color temperature, price, warranty feature, additional feature and more. In this way you should find out the purpose, placement area to get best much. The market near you or online have lots of options, and we made a list with a top-rated item which can be a perfect one for your home.

What is the best floor lamp for reading?

It is you who can find your best option for your reading time among lots of popular option. What types of floor lamp you prefer and how many lights you want for your reading purpose and other tasks. As example Miroco LED floor lamp have height adjustability, three- color temperature selection and multiple brightness. On the other hand Brightech allow and skinny style floor lamp with three beautiful finish and 50000 hours LED lighting performance. Also, this has satisfactory warranty. And Addlon introduces Alexa compatible options for your consideration.

Are LED lamps good for reading?

Of course LED  lights good for reading lights and that’s why most of the brand designed their different model with LED lightbulb with warm white types of light. These are very long-lasting and energy efficient. On the other words LED lights are designed as directional light which won’t impact the eye even after long time reading experience.

What is the additional feature should have in best floor lamp?

To experience you more chilled some features like height adjustability, tilting, Alexa compatibility, remote control, various bulb replacement option and so on. These features are available in reasonable priced choices as we get together in ours top to help you without wasting time and energy to read a hundred reviews before purchasing one for your home.


Which lamp you think perfect for you among our top picks of best floor lamps for reading? Hopefully finding one will not be confusing when you have read the entire writing which is written to read different reviews on this same product and after recharging on the most popular online shop rating  base. Except the light shedding to read and other task this also help to make amazing changes to a room.

Most of the floor lamps are designed to fit any small place with easy installation steps. Plus these are super addition to upgrade your place with right amount of illumination with wide applications.

So, to create a relaxing atmosphere for reading and working in your living room or bedroom com reading place confidently choose one from confidently from our top picks or following buying guide.

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