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10 Best Track Lighting (Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide)

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2023)

Modern decor warmly hooks the track lighting for home and office. While finding best track lighting is becoming bit hard as this system of lighting has versatility and manufacturers take this opportunity to launch hundreds of styles and designs of them. Meanwhile, we understand track lighting as a series of lighting which is installed in the ceiling surface.

Today, you can find variation in this lighting system depending on the materials of heads, number of heads, size, color and finish. This lighting has ultimate flexibility to set their angle and and lighting types which capable to fulfill whatever you are expect from your light fixture. Moreover like other stylish and modern type of illumination they did not required any space of your table, floor or wall even they fit on your ceiling which are mainly unused portion of your room.

Whether your room is small or larger one track lighting is an effective source to illuminate the whole place or specific area. Because of their availability of varied types and style which are being each other contrasting option, so determine the best option which match your requirements will be effortless with a handy guideline with types of them, best gallery and finally Bing guide, so stay with us to until the last and get one among the best track lighting.

Types of Track light:

If you are not able to make a difference among the track lighting you can’t find the best track lighting according to your need.

Shedding of lights

You can set demanded lighting with track lighting among general or ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. If you need lights for a large space you can set arrangements of track lighting for general, While you want to highlights specific item Ike painting, gallery or book shelf go with accent or wall washing illumination. And finally when you need overflow of illumination for small Rea like sink or kitchen cabinet task lighting is more adequate choice.


There are two types of track attain this lighting system such as linear and flexible. Being a traditional and practical type linear is more easier to install and space saver option. On the contrary flexible is most popular and stylish curvy shape and with your desired length unlike the linear have 4 to 8 foot common length. So for customizable layout flexible track lighting is always smart choice.


Types of track lighting mainly refers to their heads. Although you can consider them basically four types (step, round back, pinhole and gimbals) because another type of head, pendent have a wide range in design and adjustability. Step and round back design is alike when round back make the 2nd one more stylish to bit the modern decoration on the contrary step head notable to fit any kinds of track.

Pinhole heads have industrial appeal because of the partially exposed back. When track illumination heads come to mimic the movie camera with 360 degree swivel these are gimble heads specialized for workshop and studio.


Market is full with various style of track lighting which is another important thing to make difference among them. Modern, traditional, contemporary, rustic and Victorian are the most noteworthy style which are picked according to various type of room or office decoration style. As modern track illumination is simple and straightforward the contemporary one and rustic style is alike of traditional while Victorian style have ornamental decoration.

Design Factors

This consists of wide things such as materials, color, finish, shade, size and numbers of lights. Al this things are customizable you can choose them according to your demand. Like the head are more preferable with metal or high quality of metal which heat resistance while you can purchase them with thousand colours and finish. Ans size and layout depend on room space and require an amount of lighting with beautiful glass shades.

 Additional Features

Track lighting goes through updating with innovative modern features as dimmer switches, controlling and installing kits which can make a difference with them.

–Our top Picks–

Overall Best

Budget Friendly

Premium Pick

To save your time we get together 10 best tracking light as you can select among them which have all satisfied and functional feature to prove you investment secure. You can divide them per several topic such as illumination, track, head, style, design and additional features. Here we will provide brief knowledge about them. There are:

1. LED Track Lighting – Track Lighting Heads Compatible

LED Track Lighting

Key Features

  • Compatible with 3 wire single circuit track system
  • Comes with two adjustable light direction
  • Features in LED track luminaire
  • Simple and clean design with black finish
  • A good source of accent lighting

For enhancing your interior lighting functionality this fixture is reliable while you need to create a spotlight for any wall or artwork. Not only for home but office or exhibition. So whatever you have requirements for this lighting they are capable of attaining your place with their parabolic aluminized reflector which have high directional beam. On the contrary 2 years warranty makes you happy and tension free to purchase this.

This is illumination that has no UV and IR all the harmful radiation which allows them to safely install for anyplace. It takes 6.5 watts for each Led bulb while halogen consumes 50W and the full system works with 3 wire single circuits to produce 3000k warm white lights. To run this system AC power source with 120 input voltage for 500 lumen. 

And thanks to their light head directional adjustability which offers you the ultimate freedom to set them according to your need and task. You can adjust them using 350 degree horizontally and 90 degree vertically. As they have black finish which matches any decoration.

Why we picked it? 

  • Attractive warranty feature
  • Durable construction with steel,glass and plastic.
  • Uses 6.5 wattage for 3000k lights
  • Designed with parabolic aluminized reflector

2. Pendant Track Lighting – Clear Glass Shade Fitting Track Light

Key Features

  • Fits in H type 3 wire circuit track system
  • Compatible with multiple smart bulbs
  • Bulb and all installation hardwares are included
  • Needs 60 watt only to great illumination
  • Elegant design with bell shaped clear glass shade

Since there are lots of options for tracking lights, a pendant one is more versatile and elegant. This lighting have 35.4” total length with 5.12” diameter shade which is made from clear glass enough to shedding required illumination for any dark place your home. To lit up this illumination they demand H style track with 3 wire 1 circuit. Plus, for great illumination it needs 60W and 110 input voltage.

There are several reason which push you to purchase them as dimmable and wide bulb options. Through the dimmable bulb and switch it can be fully dimmable to serve you comfortable illumination. All the popular bulb like incandescent, CFL and LED compatible with this. Along with downlight bell shaped this is amazing light option capable to hold anyone eyesight.

Black cord and vintage filament provide this a blending style which is easygoing with traditional, contemporary and modern decoration.They have pretty simple procedure to install them with included all intallsion hardwares and bulbs. If you need more length you can avail them without any costing.

Why we picked it?

  • Adjustable length 
  • Use them both as ambient and task lighting
  • Comes with dimmable function
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction

3. Modern Track Lighting – DLLT Modern Track Lighting Kit

Key Features

  • Features with eco friend GU10 LED bulbs
  • Have 50000 hours bulbs long life
  • Use only 30W for each bulb
  • Provide 960 lumens
  • Easy to install

Next track lighting of our list is the most durable one which has metal construction with nickel finish. But we did not suggest to this not only for robust construction even they have all the modern feature which will not let you go down through your new fixture. Using only 3w can produce right amount of illumination which needed for showroom, dining room, hallway and laundry room.

This light is designed with back holes for dissipating the heat to make your light more long lasting without worry of overheating them. Flexibility comes with their adjustable function in dual rotation ways as 360 degree and 90 to point them according to various needs. You with get them as a set of 4 lights which are sleek in design and compatible to modern room layout.

The best part of this lighting is it works with GU10 LED bulbs which is incredibly energy efficient than others and 50000 performance time with 96 lumen lights. You can easily replace with another bulb which has 60watts. As bonus you can use them as accent light and task light. But in this illumination there is one drawback it would not be dimmable one.

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Why we picked it? 

  • Very adjustable heads with rotation
  • Comes with sleek design for modern home
  • Specially designed with heat dissipation property
  • Metal construction with nickel steel

4. Plug in Track Lighting – KimYan Three-Light Track Lighting

Key Features

  • Each bulb need 5 watts  
  • Comes with 6 feet cord and on\off switch
  • Comes with needed bulbs and hardware for installation
  • Compatible in Gu10 bulbs
  • Vivid lighting as 3000k warm whire and 400 lumen

When you want to bring a simple and bright lighting you can choose 3 illumination options with a straight track line. This illumination over you several options to install together with wall and floor mounting while most of the track lights have one ceiling mounting compatibility. So install this multi purpose one which works on plug in system.

The safety feature confirmed by their ceramic lamp holders have heat resistance property while the cage has anti defamation ferroalloy to ensure prolonged. The suggested light bulb for this lighting is GU10 base MR 16 LED bulbs which are capable to provide 3000k light with only 5W compared to the halogen 50W. From 4 light you will gel (3×400=1200) lumens overly long with 38 degree beam angle.

This lighting is designed with adjustable track heads to allow the light on your desired location. With this package you will get 6 feet of cord and plug and on/off switch to convenient access on your place. Also the crushed nickel finish offering most stylish pick to upgrade illumination which won’t be outdated even after couple of years use for living room, porch, restaurant, office and so on. All the needed hardware comes with a package for hassle free installation.

Why we picked it?

  • Solid metal construction
  • Ceramic holder for good heat rentenliisation
  • Suitable for floor,wall,flat and and slopped mounting
  • Adjustable track heads

5. Linear Track Lighting – Adjustable 3-Light LED Linear Track Lighting

Linear track lighting

Key Features

  • Excellent flexibility with adjustable track heads
  • Lit up MR16 and GU10 bulb base
  • Equipped with bipin twist lock socket
  • This white lighting system come in set of 3
  • Designed for linear track lighting

The majority of the people love to keep their illumination source clean design simple look while manufacturer launched this design for the ultimate match. On the contrary the white finish easily catches anyone’s attention for its sophistication appeal. Even still now most of the user take linear shape track light for their minimalist appearance and fastest installation system.

In the package of this lighting you will have track heads, track section, wires ,screws, wire connector and a readable English manual. So don’t think the  installation will be costly and problematic. Profitably this compatible with GU12 base MR16 bulb and H system as 3 wire 1 circuit track to give you preferable pattern to set them. Like most of track illumination is also suggested for indoor use only but wide application such as grocery, galleries and education institution and home.

Because of the metal construction even shade it is durable for long termed use. Moreover, this works with only 5W for each bulb with 120 volt power supply for 1200 lumen and 3000k warm white color temperature. Though it has no dimmable option but the  adjustable track head allow you the supreme benefit of have such a versatile track illumination.

Why we picked it?

  • Uses energy saving LED bulbs
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Fastest installation
  • Aesthetic lighting

6. Flexible Track Lighting – Modern Directional Led Spot Ceiling Light

Key Features

  • Capable to provide 1440 lumens
  • Suitable for sloped and vaulted ceiling
  • 2 arms have 360 degree rotation
  • Works with 3 watt for each LED bulb
  • Included  GU 10 base bulbs

It doesn’t mean your tracking  lighting should  be stereotype. Here the most stylish and updated one which you should consider before purchasing any track lighting. There are three 15.74 inches arms to offer breathtaking flexibility to place them according to your choice, among them two have 360 degree rotation ability horizontally and 90 degree for vertically. Each of the arms hold 2 track heads.

The stunning illumination fixture comes with a canopy mounting plate and other required hardware to fastest installation even taking less than 20 mins without being tension free with 6 GU10 led bulbs which run on 3W and 120volt which can save more than 50% energy even providing 300ok lights.

Matte nickel finish metal modern tube shaped track illumination takes corded electric power source to illuminate kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entryway and more whether you have vaulted or sloped ceiling with various positions.

Why we picked it?

  • Affordable fixture which have good construction
  • Surprisingly packed with 6 lights
  • Unique design with adjustable 4 leaf 
  • Matte nickel finish

7. Kitchen Track Lighting – Modern S-Shaped Ceiling Track Light

Kitchen track lighting

Key Features

  • Eye cathay with frosted glass and brushed nickel finish
  • Required Gu10 base bulb or LED 
  • Great lighting to upgrade your place
  • Structured with solid metal
  • Uses 50 watts for stunning lighting

You have no idea how deeply I have fallen in love when reviewing this track lighting. Even if you noticed them in the picture you will guess how beautiful they are. It has a curvy track shape track, frosted glass shade with brushed nickel finish, which makes the best match for any atmosphere for home, office or premises.

Overall dimension 33.8/5W and 61/2 H is reliable to cover a standard place with the right amount of lighting by using 4 GU10 or led bulbs with 50W which will not come with the package.

Ths S shaped track light will be suitable to highlight to any wall or individual pieces. But it being oneself a focal point in your home by their elegant look. Because of their minimalist appeal it superbly match in contemporary, classic and modern themed room decoration. All of these features gives this on the best track illumination list. See The Best LED Lights For Kitchen Ceiling.

Why we picked it?

  • ETL listed
  • Curved shaped tube is more stylish
  • Packed with 4 lights
  • Installation process is quite simple

8. Industrial Track Lighting – Vintage Industrial Track Light

Industrial track lighting

Key Features

  • Great fixture with head rotation
  • Enjoy adjustable track head with it
  • Uses Led bulbs
  • Produce 3000k warm white light
  • It charms your place with vintage finish

Unique designs always attack you when you are planning to decorate your new home, commercial premise or small office lighting where you need a spotlight. This have incredible illumination capacity as 3000k warm illumination with GU10 base Mr 16 bulb with only 5W and 120 volt. This have 1.05 pounds which doesn’t mean having fragile construction, it comes from high quality material to goes round of years.

While most of the this light comes with suggested track rail ,in this you will get a versatile option to decorate your palace with your desired. Moreover you will get adjustable track head 270 degree for left and right angle and 90 degree for vertical direction to set the illumination system.

Amazingly the 4 flippers are also adjustable by a knob. It has black  vintage finish which helps you to clean them easily and match even for the theater stage illumination functionality.

Why we picked it?

  • Durable metal construction
  • Compatible in 5 watts to great illumination
  • Brilliant coverage
  • Holds premium quality

9. Black Track Lighting – Grayson 6-Light Adjustable S-Shape Track Lighting

Black track lighting

Key Features

  • Appeal of contemporary design
  • Source of 2700k soft lights with 50watts
  • Adjustable track heads
  • Accompanied with MR16 bulbs
  • Bulbs has 3000 hours longlife

The contemporary design lighting have always some specific features as solid colors like black, white and more. A great combination of past and modern trend with curvy lines and unique forms. In this fixture you will get all these things loaded, so if you want to pick a contemporary design illumination i must say it unbeatable choice for you.

Required GU10 bulbs come with a package which has 3000 hours longevity with 463 lumens and 2700k soft lighting from only 50W which is comfortable for your eyesight. With 52.36inch width and 8.66 height with S shaped arms for 6 lights are more functional with satin matte black finish.

You will find a product which has great material and convenience. As this light wont dishearten even in this matter too.It is structured from high quality metal with tons of used friendly features. Firstly comes the adjustable track heads to make your personal focal point to a great extent. Secondly the dimmable feature can be activate with dimmed switch.

Why we picked it?

  • S shaped design for personalized your style
  • Comes with all mounting hardware and bulb
  • Matte black satin finish match all kinds of decor
  • Fully dimmable with dimmer switch

10. Rustic Track Lighting – Grayson 6-Light Adjustable S-Shape Track Lighting

Rustic Track Lighting

Key Features

  • Antique finish lampshade
  • It is a H type track system
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Follow vintage style
  • Works with only 60w for each bulb

Simple installation is one of the considerable issues before purchasing your new track illumination fixture. And when you will go to judge our product surely satisfied you by this lighting’s fastest installation process. After that it has dimmable adjustability with most led dimmers, while the whole system runs with H type 3in 1 circuited system.

Together with a black cage shade and most popular traditional style this lighting must be reason for so many compliments from your guest. This comes with a set of 3 lights with adjustable cord length. Even per your need you can avail them with various lengths.

For the best match in your next upgrade this will be a super addition by its simple design with vintage touch fits with classic, traditional even industrial look.

Why we picked it?

  • Have a wide application
  • Dimmable with most LED dimmers
  • Bright lighting with great coverage
  • Adjustable cord length

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Buying Guide of Best Track Lighting

Consider track lighting for your place while these have good coverage for large indoor places and perfect lighting for small places without exaggeration or hurting your eyesight. Let’s start our this illumination buying guide.

Tracks types

Particularly you will find 3 types of rails such as H system, J system and L system per their working procedure. While monorail and cable track system also have the same type functionality with varied tracking light rails.

Track fixture

In modern day adjustable fixtures are the most demandable option while you can have them among 3 to 6 heads for one fixture. While this part is considered mainly tracking lights to upgrade the whole system. Step, pinhole, gimble and round back choose one which matches your needs and demand.


Track lighting comes with several styles such as contemporary, transitional, traditional, rustic, craftsman and industrial while these have different appeal and specification to focus individual style as traditional for past and craftsman mimic craftsman home design.


On the track lighting choosing you have two options as high and low voltage to run the system. And 120 volt is for high and 10v.12, and 24v is converted one by a transformer which is greatly picked for modern this illumination.

Powering system

Usually there are two ways by which you can provide power to your system. Choose one which is more convenient for you among an electric box and standard outlet. Here over an electric box is aesthetic and clean but difficult to instal. On the contrary standard outlet is convenient but not professional look.


Find a connector which has flexibility with most common types as X, L and T shaped for most track lighting. And each connector should have longer or non linear design. In this day have variation by custom connector for unique design.


If you want to buy them for functionality go with a focused beam for effective tasking light. While with a wide beam with decorative kits which are built for decorative purpose.

Customizing features

When you choose tracking light for their tons of customizable features you should know about them as dimmer, compatibility for various ceiling, cutting liner track end up and cutting and finally the spacing among the track heads. 

There are the most considerable things which make your investment safe and illumination of lighting will be amazing. So be sure about them before purchasing your this illumination.


As you can see, we tried to break all the related terms which are needed to find best track lighting in every directions to serve a list of 10 suburb tracking illumination, a buying guide in summary that saves your time to learn fully about this illumination with great features while we have shared with their types.

So, are you not more confident to purchase a this illumination with our selected list and outside of this? We know you are a more learned buyer now than before you were when you have not read our writing.

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