Best Crystal Chandeliers

Best Crystal Chandeliers (Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide)

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2023)

Whatever your room setting crystal chandeliers are always  noticeable beauty, splendid and shine factor because of the lightening and reflecting capability. To find Best crystal chandeliers option is not so tough but time-consuming. If you have not time to match your requirement this could be less confusing.

Most of these made glass such as crystal or acrylic.Undoubtedly you should go with crystal one which can provide elegant and magnificent tough which can’t be wow factor for making your home more beautiful. These have thousands of option up to various size, designs, spark and cost. So literally it won’t be very hard to get that one which will blend seamlessly with your decor.

Special ambient is the most attractive feature whatever this works with dimmable, and other popular lights bulb option for dining room, living room, hallway, bathroom, well design or exquisite mansion toward ceiling and wall hanging this are statements illumination your place through impressive way with touch of class. In fact, you can avail your utmost match in best crystal chandeliers list of us.

–:Our Top Picks:–

As we already told you to make your investment safe in picking crystal chandelier  we consolidate several choices for more your consideration which are budget friendly and high quality material constructed. Check it out your preference where we discussed best crystal chandeliers reviews:

1. Modern Crystal Chandelier – Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Modern Crystal Chandelier

Key Feature

  • Incredibly easy to install
  • DIY unique shape
  • Adjustable chain length
  • Build in LED light source
  • Stainless steel cable and frame
  • 6000-6500k color temperature

The high quality crystal chandelier always make you proud of having such chandelier which provide brilliant shining and elegance even throughout the home.Our first product on this review comes with 3 circle rings with many top grade K9 crystals with 27.7,19.7 and 11.8 inches diameter to enlighten your place perfectly.

You can be carefree about the required specific ceiling to hang them as this can fit any ceiling as high, low and slanted sloped. This has build in LED light source which is extremely energy saving even 3 years warranty for every part of this take rick of your investment.Shading of cool white light won’t hurt your eyes which works with 110-220 volt.

Personalized shape and height of each circle offer convenience and different look of your place. Thought this has no dimmable feature  while this have 6000K to 6500 K color temperature to provide classy and luxurious lighting through this lighting fixture. Metal wire and frame with outstanding light source goes rounds of the years without damage with such beautiful light.

Why we picked it

  • Energy sufficient
  • Suitable for any ceiling
  • 3 years warranty for parts
  • Shameless match with your room style
  • Classic and modern design
  • Wonderful for the price

2. Round Crystal Chandelier – Chrome Round Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fixture Light

Key Feature

  • Dimmable with dimmed switch and bulb
  • Works with 4 E12 base bulb
  • Fixture and shade have chrome color
  • 17 inches diameter chandelier
  • 60 W for per bulb
  • Shade comes with metal and crystal blending

Most of the crystal won’t come with a multiple finish where you can’t purchase one with your required finish with an exact lighting fixture. But this lighting fixture has position 2nd on this list of best crystal chandelier offers four finishes such as black, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and antique copper as you can find best match of finish according to your home need.

Featuring this glam lighting with glass crystal with exceptional arrangement to allow more illumination with perfect decoration.Along with 4 light bulbs which have E12/14 with 60W for each bulb produce right amount of lighting for 200-360 sq. Ft large room or space through 17 in diameter and 20 inch height.And the chain comes with 39 inches which can be shortened to remove small pieces.

The unit have metal ceiling canopy with 5.1 x 1 inch dimension which hold the amazing lighting fixture which have metal and crystal combines shade.With dimmable switch and bulb you can set this cozy and mode lighting atmosphere.

Why we picked it

  • Source of comfortable lighting
  • Adjustable length
  • Suggested for 200-360 square
  • High quality materials
  • Provides great brightness
  • Elegant enough to  match any room decoration

3. Contemporary Crystal Chandelier – Pendant Ceiling Chandelier Lighting

Key Feature

  • Halogen E12 bulbs included
  • Have 2700k color temperature
  • Blending of classic and contemporary materials
  • Works with 8 lights
  •  Sturdy metal lamp holder
  • Equipped with premium K9 crystal

Meelighting always trustworthy lighting fixture manufacturer and here the another example of this which have 10 years warranty feature which is not possible for others.Because of their incredible sturdy metal construction and top quality K9 material they have such confident to ensure your investment is safe.

The modern contemporary design of this lighting offer a great match for dining room, living room, porch, hotel and more this will be eye-catching centerpiece with 3 tier pendent lights which have E12 base with only halogen. Luckily this comes with halogen bulbs as a gift. Moreover, 19.7 diameter and 13.4 inch height have wide coverage with 2700K color temperature and 60W for each bulb. Dimmable capacity is available when it set with dimmer switch and bulb.

Black matte finish add versatility and sophistication to blend any style and background of home. Instruction manuals for correct assembly 48 inch long chain allow to hand this fixture according to your desired length. Plus this fixture has instant on feature to brighten up your place.

Why we picked it

  • Highly versatile
  • Offer beautiful lighting
  • Worth of price
  • Surprising warranty
  • Height adjustability
  • Beautiful and long-lasting

4. Crystal Chandelier For Bedroom – Gris Modern Ceiling Light Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Key Feature

  • Has 38 triangle cord crystal bar
  • 308 octagonal crystal beading
  • 51 splendid crystal balls
  • Required G9 cool or warm white bulbs
  • Real crystals decorated
  • Has warranty feature and manual instruction

The Size of any crystal chandelier is an important factor dependent the overall measurement of placing area. While this comes with 15.7 inch wide,9.56 inches height and 15.7 inch length for 5 m2 area to provide light intensity actually what you expect from your chandelier.

More interestingly this equipped with three different crystal type to makes this piece more elegant and amazing touch for your place.There are  51 splendid crystal balls  for providing more well-organized while 38 triangle cord crystal bar attached to their upper portion which create more variable light  with 308 octagonal crystal beading for amazing glittering and translucently. 

Again it has a sturdy and sleek modern plate with clear texture and silver finish which is made from stainless steel as anti corrosion and rustproof. It requires G9  8 bulbs with 60W while these bulbs won’t pack with this product. Moreover, used sparkling crystal have glass touch as these are real not acrylic. While warranty included all service for this unit. 

Why we picked it

  • Appealing design
  • Mirror chroming base 
  • Worth of your investment
  • Ensure amazing illumination
  • Blend any sense of style
  • Lightweight and flimsy

5. Mini Crystal Chandelier – Mini Crystal Chandeliers Acrylic White Chandelier Light

Key Feature

  • Fast assembly and installation
  • Ideal for 150-200 sq. ft. place
  • Included required installation tools and manual
  • Use polycarbonate crystal
  • Need 4 bulbs with E12 base
  • Can be height adjusted

In case you are finding a crystal chandelier which is more  from acrylic than you are in right position as this made from poly carbonate material which is used for sunglasses or window but spread good  amount of lighting like glass made one but not easy to break them and lightweight for fast and safe portable without compromising performance and looking of lighting.

The dimension of this light is highlight its comparably mini size such as 15 inch diameter with 17 inch adjustable chain. To produce the right amount of brightness with 4 bulbs with E12 base require 40 watts for each of them. It comes with all necessary hardware which are needed to faster assembly and installation.This could be a good option for 150-200 sq. ft.

The lamp comes with hardwired, so you need not do many things as you need to unfold the arms and attach the bread with the main unit and go for installing them properly.Through manual instructions your installation is very effortless. So this modern acrylic light is an ideal piece for dramatic statement and classy touch with glass stem and metal frame and arm.

Why we picked it

  • Luxurious appearance
  • Glow of vintage lighting
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Build to last
  • Dimmable comparability
  • Hardwired

6. French Empire Crystal Chandelier – French Empire Crystal Chandelier Chandeliers Light

Key Feature

  • Good sizing for standard place
  • Free shipping
  • European traditional lighting
  • Classy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality glass crystal

If you want to bring a lighting piece which have blending of traditional glow with accent looking this french crystal chandelier won’t disappoint you. This comes with plastic and real glass blending such as large and small sizes crystals round the beads are plastic while the small dangle and larger top one is glass crystal.So whatever is that after assemble and lighten up this have dramatic glow with beautiful shimmers.

For best result you need to choose smaller option than 40W at 25W with E12 3 bulbs which provide good sparkle for your place. Once you hung this on your place you will forget the assembling time which sometimes ca be lengthening because this comes with vogue manual instruction, but it will be easy it is for to start the task after good inspect of the pieces carefully.

A chandelier is worth when it was capable to shade good lights with authentic look. While this have amazing lighting from every angle. You can place this fixture flat and vaulted ceiling without no issue. Overall we can suggest you as a beautiful fixture which worth of money.

Why we picked it

  • Seems expensive
  • Eye catching for any place
  • Versatile applications
  • Decent prize
  • Very bright
  • Timeless elegance

7. Vintage Crystal Chandelier – LED Light Crystal Pendant Lighting Ceiling Light

Key Feature

  • Wide bulb compatibility
  • Varying heights
  • Used high quality crystal material
  • Suitable for modern home design
  • Classic finish for more elegance
  • Impressive glow comes with 8 bulbs

Here is the stylish lighting with vintage inspired design for best match while you have modern contemporary and traditional theme to decor your home or informal office andmore. It comes with 30.7 x 21.6 inches with durable metal construction and height adjustability chain can fix 0-39 inches. This beautiful and impressive looking chandelier have a black finish to meet rustic, vintage and classic requirements.

To provide great illumination it has 8 heads which have E12 base and takes 40W for each bulb among incandescent, energy saving, halogen and move which you prefer most. Clear K9 crystal which is more gorgeous than you imagine or looking in picture.

Mid century character is more eye catchy in these days to create trendy look while this pieces have sparky rainbow which can go for kitchen, foyer, hallway, living room and bedroom through its ambivalence and appearance even whoever looked at once in light up with love this. The only drawback of this product is it have not dimmable capacity.

Why we picked it

  • Add brightness with comfortable lights
  • Fashionable and elegance outside
  • Mid century arrangements
  • Great for the price
  • Idea for home restaurant and informal office
  • Good coverage

8. Antique Crystal Chandelier – Light Antique Bronze

Key Feature

  • Single bulb lighting fixture
  • Beautiful antique finish
  • Simple to install and assemble
  • Wide applications
  • Long-lasting metal and crystal craft
  • Simple yet decorative

Mesmerizing decoration of this fixture will force you to purchase and hang them in your place. The durable construction and incredible performance of this antique crystal chandelier confirm with UL listed and energy star certification. This antique finish and transparent shade offers best match for your home whichever you picked.

With 11x11x 15 inches dimension and unique craftsmanship this provides a hundred possibility of positioning them. This works with 1 light bulb which required 60w to make perfect brightness with complacent and lightweight design. This originated from China to allow more overflow of style of creativity and crafty. As this comes with hardwired you can assemble them faster.

It will surely satisfy with their reasonable price and extraordinary design and lighting. While the small size fit any small corridor staircase or room to brighten up thought it has excessive darkness. Utmost ambience and luxurious lighting comes with reflection of top quality crystal. Through a dimmer switch you can enjoy soft lighting.

Why we picked it

  • Good choice for small place
  • Soft lighting
  • Absolute for any decor
  • Transparent and neutral color
  • UL listed
  • Energy Star certification

9. Gold Crystal Chandelier – Antilisha Gold Crystal Chandelier Light

Key Feature

  • Use boutique selected crystal
  • Durable stainless steel frame
  • Gold painted beautiful chandelier
  • Dimmable bulb included
  • Cake tired pattern
  • Clear tassel raindrop crystal

For great look in larger solace round chandelier unbeatable ans Antilisha presenting a beautiful chandelier with good coverage from 17.7 inches diameter with height quality stainless steel frame which have up to 85 percent crystal attached.To make a great blending of shadow and great lighting this has different arrangement of frame and glass. Don’t be doubtful about this sturdy construction and performance while this have 5 years warranty to use them care freely.

Convenience installation is another feature of this fixture which have video and clear manual instruction. Ships with 12 E12 base bulbs which works with 40W.This fits any ceiling from slanted to high correctly with out affect of lighting. Use dimmer switch and bulbs to set as dimmed lighting source.

Is more ornamented chandelier is attractive? This piece make you if you have this thinking till now. As this have cake tired pattern and with simple clear tassel  rain drop crystal to fit any popular style included mid century, post-modern, luxes, Paris, French empire and more throughout the art deco style. This comes from 5.5” round canopy with 59 inch adjustable height chain to hang this per your desirable length.

Why we picked it

  • Instant on feature
  • 5 years warranty 
  • Touch of art deco
  • Fits most of the types of ceiling
  • Unique and gorgeous
  • Adjustable length chain

10. Globe Crystal Chandelier – Bronze Chandeliers Globe Crystal Chandelier Light

Globe Crystal Chandelier

Key Feature

  • Height adjustable
  • Suggested for 120-160 sq. Ft space
  • Can be hung for any ceiling
  • Ideal for foyer, restaurant, staircase and more
  • Need 100 watts to light up
  • Compatible with any standard bulb with E12 base

This beautiful chandelier build with metal frame with globe design quite different in look from a casual crystal chandelier. It has two finish as black and  antique which are considered the most neutral finish for these type of crystal chandelier. The compact size of this has 7.5 x 15.7 x 4.72 inch round chandelier have good coverage as 60-120 sq. ft.

If there is a curious mind to bring industrial look in your café or home staircase, villa or dining room this could be lightened up with this UL listed lighting.You can choose this for farmhouse style through a vast option of light bulbs among LED, CFL, halogen and more with one E26 base which takes 100W and 120 volts.Visual appearance and mode with cheers with dimmable compatibility with regarding switch and bulbs.

Whether this seems small one for large space but adequate for highlight any small are like kitchen island and dine take. This offer comfortable lighting without hurting your eyes. Using of 39.37 adjustable chain you can hand this on appropriate position which is needed per your cheating type and application.

Why we picked it

  • UL listed
  • Farmhouse inspired design
  • Easy to put together and hang
  • Hardwired
  • Can be dimmable
  • Two finish available

11. Outdoor Crystal Chandelier – Chandelier Solar Multicolor Clear Crystal Wind Chimes

Outdoor crystal chandelier

Key Feature

  • Made with acrylic and metal
  • Elegant looking
  • Reflection of sun
  • Super easy to hang
  • Accent lighting
  • Suitable for garden, patio, lounge and more

Lighting of outdoor have several benefits but when it is not accomplishes with electricity even solar power undoubtedly it is more fun than others. This chandelier is designed for outdoor applications such as garden, foyer and lounge for spreading glow with multicolor crystals. This color will change automatically with consistence timing.In dark night or going sun down this will start its magical work.   

You will get unlimited compliments from your neighbors when you hand this on your garden. It comes with 6 inches diameter and 19 inches height while this acrylic jewel comes in different length around the chime for more dashing and charming look. This had metal construction with beautiful two shaped acrylic with craftsmanship silver frame best crystal chandeliers.

More interestingly this is a combo pack as chandelier for night while source of musical peaceful sound maker as wind chimes. Through a shepherd hook you can easily install this anywhere in your garden which capable to shimmer for outdoor accent pieces by reflecting the sunlight. To enlighten your backyard this is best adding such friendly budget which goes long times except any damage or gull.

Why we picked it

  • Solar chandelier
  • Changing color
  • Properly illuminate outdoor living place
  • Gorgeous and very functional
  • Create musical note
  • Small but effective

12. White Crystal Chandeliers – Surpars House White Feather Crystal Chandelier 4-Light

Key Feature

  • Adjustable cord length
  • Easy to assemble and hang
  • Real glass crystal
  • White feather shade
  • Works with E12 base bulbs

Our best crystal chandeliers list won’t be delicate except we are not reviewing such a wonderful lighting.You have already been viewing the picture which comes with white feather shade as well as two shaped crystal for the purpose of decoration, the snow-white feather allow mid century arrangement in your pace undoubtedly here the reason to considered it as the most gorgeous and glamorous lighting fixture.

The lamp use E12 base 4 incandescent bulls to product good numbers of lighting. For any standard size room 59 inches height and 19.68 inches diameter is practical enough through candelabra. To create warm feeling and elegant looking this has versatile placement while its living room, girls bedroom  or make up room which match and decoration and background which are already existence.

Sturdy painted base and metal wire provide best support when hung this from ceiling and utmost matching for modern home through unique ambivalence while it has not dimmable capacity with 120 watts for best lighting. This requires manual instruction to faster assembly and hang as this comes with half finished.

Why we picked it

  • Source of warm lighting
  •  Unique and elegant
  • Crustal are quite sparkly
  • Wonderful to the price
  • Glamour of mid century
  • Wide application

13. Traditional Crystal Chandelier – Grey Glass Candle Crystal Chandelier

Traditional crystal chandelier

Key Feature

  • Glossy chrome painted finish
  • 21 inc diameter chandelier
  • Equipped with K9 crystals
  • Adjustable height
  • Blending of modern and contemporary style
  • Operate with E12 bulbs

Elegance and classic design blending is the charming feature of this traditional crystal chandelier. The elaborate decor must come with this lustrous lamp piece. This is a beautiful chandelier with gray crystals arrangements with gray glass shade to give which have versatile fit for any decoration of bedroom kitchen living shop hotel and restaurant.

It follows European style which able to utmost fit in style modern to traditional with quality illumination through 21 diameter and 6 lightbulbs which works with E12 base of  any standard types of bulbs. This has sturdy build with chrome paint for durability and eye catchy appearance.Furthermore, the height adjustability from 0-39.37 inches makes chances of best height for your demand.

Other than this, it has strong export package and free damage replacement as this manufactured  from professional lights factory. This uplight has comfortable light which won’t hurt eyesight but provide the right amount of lighting for 30-40 room size.Candle shape light allow great featuring of mid century with art deco style for keeping home decor personalized and unique.

Why we picked it

  • Impressive appearance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Features with flush mount
  • European style

14. Best Crystal Chandeliers Lamp – Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Crystal chandelier lamp

Key Feature

  • Use 24 sparky crystal
  • Require flush mount
  • Antique black finish
  • Crystal attached by metal twist
  • Handmade antique piece
  • Excessive robust metal shade

As lighting fixture decoration pieces crystal is always praiseworthy while if you have to choose metal frame for durability and versatile option for this is a popular pick.If you really want something new in your place you can look this one. This comes with 24 sparky glass to offering shining effect instantly.

With the 12 cm round ceiling canopy it requires semi flush mount while you did not need to more drilling of your ceiling. To give different and ambulance lighting for home remodeling or other purpose this could be reliable in foyer, bathroom and hallways. Also, black finish for this antique lighting gives sophistication with E26 base varieties of bulbs.

The handmade frame with 18 cm width is specially designed for creating crafted double twisting design around the crystals which make shadow on the ceiling which is incredible to make something different in your home. A single bulb with 60W offer dazzling bright whether you are trying to bring modern or antique look in bar, office balcony and more. glass chandeliers.

Why we picked it

  • Flavor of farmhouse theme
  • Good for modern home lighting
  • Rustic look match any style
  • Suitable for both residence and premise
  • Comfortable lighting
  • Accent addition for room decor

15. Industrial Crystal Chandelier – Industrial Crystal Pendant Ceiling Light Fixture

Industrial crystal chandelier

Key Feature

  • Recommended only for flat ceiling
  • Can be dimmable
  • Three layer metal frame design
  • High quality crystal incorporate
  • Included installation hardware and manual

Sparking lights comes from 108 crystal strips and one vintage filament light bulb for best result to light up your selected area. Moreover, 3 layers of inner metal ensure utmost sparkle from every angle of your lamp. Durability comes with their construction of 3 layer and mesh frames which also a successful attempt from manufacturer to bring industrial vibe even in modern decoration.

Ceiling light fixture with dimmer option always makes you more comfortable with new lighting option when you will have use dimmable switch and bulb. To ensure comparable small coverage is comes with 15 inc Dia x 23.5 inch height for kitchen island, commercial location living room and more. This light have 4,75 inch ceiling canopy which suitable for flat positing.

Oil rubber bronze finish offers this hanging piece classic and timeless look which it’s you can think best match for your place and in which decoration. But certainly this crystal chandelier is an elegance option for any place.

Why we picked it

  • Industrial vibe
  • Romantic lighting
  • Wide location to place
  • Removal mesh shade 
  • Quick  and easy installation
  • Oil rubber bronze finish

Frequently Asked Question Of Best Crystal Chandeliers

What are crystal chandelier made of?

Basically crystal chandelier made from glass are which different from the usually used for windows and eyeglasses as this have lead oxide to make is more sparkle and brilliant. While acrylic are made with poly carbonate which offer super cutability and lightweight.

How do you clean crystal chandeliers?

Cleaning of crystal chandelier depends on how often you’re cleaning and which method cleaning is choosing to apply.You can clean with crystal on with available cleaning product of market with spraying bottle and clean perfectly, or you can go with crystal off procedure with you need to apart the crystal and other parts of the chandelier to clean them overly. We suggested to this method when your chandelier have worsened dirt or lost its glam.

What style are crystal chandeliers best for living room?

Various style of chandelier makes it is a more popular decorative fixture from informal office to your bathroom. Waterfall or raindrop, big and spiraling are most attractive for your living room which capable to provide elegance with flair of enough bright.

What is the difference between Royal cut and elegant cut crystal?

A great combination of high quality lead free machine cut which have machine polished to give it authentic desirable showmanship while the invisible coating ensure easy cleaning and more shining defined royal cut of crystal.On the contrary Elegant

cut crystal have higher end cut with most faceted which is the reason of greater shine and sparkle. So only cut makes difference between Royal cut and elegant cut crystal.

Are crystal chandelier outdated?

No, crystal chandelier is still popular like it was before as timeless but modern chandeliers are more updated with power source and different style of pick. These have a dramatic look for bedroom, living room, bathroom and so on from traditional era to modern. Moderately several of them is had theme base design like farm house mid century or Bohemian which can blend decoration and being a focal point of your entire house. 

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For more spark and shine anyone cant deny installation of best crystal chandelier no matter it is home or commercial place restaurant or bar setting this can easily being a centerpiece once you select them perfectly actually which material shade and lighting type you need.

Choosing the right  chandelier depends on the position of placement with its size if you wanted to hang on a large room you can purchase a larger. On the other hand for smaller room standard size won’t disappoint you with noble design and style.

Here the large list with different dimension layer, colors of crystal chandeliers from Amazon with reasonable prize and good rating which are helpful to update your place lighting with this glamorous and functional options.

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