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10 Best Pendant Lights (Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide)

In these years homeowners and interior designers have found a great alternative lighting as pendant lights to others for their versatile and amazing lighting, while best pendant lights allow you to think in new ways. Aside from the flair point of view pendent lights regarded as ambiance lights without adding another source of lighting in a place.

Because of the pendant lights affordability and adaptability modern any style of home or office take them confidently. From accent lighting to task or bigger space lighting pendant light wont let you down in performance and appearance. While your place is small or high ceiling pendant lighting fulfil your every requirements comes within lighting. In every style of room decoration from traditional to modern they are superb match with rest of the furniture.

So, fixture of pendant lights a great option for soft and decorative lighting which will not hurt your eyes sight and comes with so many materials, colour, size and design option to illuminate your place like your fream lighting. Plus the multiple pendant light can be a breathtaking option to provide another level of lighting of your place. Through our rest of writing you will be doubt-free about pendant lights still you have their types, buying guide and 10 best pendant light options.

Types of Pendant Light

The pendant light is a fashionable lighting among the contemporary lighting fixtures. And being inspired to launch different types of pendant lights pointing on costumes demand best functionality. Lets get a short idea about several types of pendant light:

Glass pendant light

Glass pendant lights are always most picked for their attractive looking. Through the addition of color and decorative accessory you can easily freshen up your interior look. You can place them kitchen, dining table bar counter and more proudly.

Shade or fabric pendant lights

Thousands style, size and colors available with this type of pendant light. In material option you have many option. Simply spend time to find the one which most matches your decoration.

Multi light  or liner pendants

For different types of celebration like Christmas, birthday or weekly party multi light pendant is a great choice to bring a festival atmosphere. While you can choose them for usual decoration to highlight any area or exhibition.

Mini pendants 

With a group of mini as actually mean smaller than a standard of a pendant light easily create an aesthetic look and source of lighting for your living room. While you have a small bathroom beside mirror they are superb even single piece.

Inverted pendant  

Upward lighting is the most functional and space saver option when you prefer soft lighting for large areas. To make a perfect layered of lighting this types of pendant light are more compatible and versatile.

Downlight pendant 

As they have lighting through the downward  intensely for any task this is suggested opting for an office desk or kitchen island. They have smart design and variation of light bulbs lighting capacity.

Exposed bulb pendant

Your room can follow industrial or rustic exposed bulb pendant is a smashing trend from several past years. Through the diy product you can install them according to your own preference with a small budget.

Abstract pendant

Idea of these type lights is a newer one which is hanging from the ceiling and the most stylish option in the lighting field. They are a superb option for hallway or foyer with spread of lighting.

Globe pendant 

To bring bold statement this type of pendant light are unique picked. While these have mid century touch in appearance you can hang them at average height with a good numbers light according to your area and required light with a dramatic effect. 

Bowl pendant 

These types of pendant light are specially designed for specialized lighting for specific areas as the task lamp does so while they are simple byr functional lighting for any room. They come in the market with various textures, color and size. 

Our Top Picks

Here are some great picks for your consideration for your next upgrading of lighting or new home. We get together them in a list with key features and the reliable reason to place them in this top 10 list. So save your time we choose them from every customer point of view. These are the best pendant lights for you.

Overall Best

Budget Friendly

Premium Pick

1. LED pendant lights – Modern Galaxy Round Rings Crystal Chandeliers

Key Features

  • Equipped with high density K9 clear crystal
  • Works with only 40 wattage
  • Included manual and hardwares
  • High quality ceiling plate to support the fixture
  • Structured with sturdy stainless steel

We are starting with the most gorgeous lighting which is equipped with K9 clear crystals in modern neptune design. It comes with 2 rings which have 3 color-changing light strips for giving another level of lighting at your place. If you bit confused about their good construction, then let them go with this as the crystal is secured by double-sided stainless steel material to pronged their use.

The overall measurement of this light is 15.7 and 23.6 inches ring diameter which attached with a 10 inches diameter base by a 59 inches cord length which is adjustable per your demand. Surprisingly it have 5500k to 6000k cool white lighting option. These are good lighting for the living room, dining room. foyer and office with very easy process of instalsion.

But the only drawback of this lighting is it has no dimmable option. You can’t be dissatisfied with this great reflection-like mirror with high-density K9 crystal and stainless steel materials.

Why We Picked It?

  • Come with excellent cool white LED light
  • Super design with 3 colour changing
  • Adjustable height by pressing wire locker 
  • Easy to install and clean

2. Industrial pendant lighting – Ecopower Industrial Pendant Lighting

Industrial pendant lighting

Key Features

  • Dimmable with dimmer switch and bulb
  • 47.2 inches long cord
  • Compatible with variety of bulbs
  • Featured with E26 base socket
  • Ships with 3 pack and require installation hardware

The single pendant light is always beautiful when it has a  clear hand-blown glass shade and bronze metal finish. This light has a simple appearance that also can deal with industrial and retro styles. On the contrary, this has smooth lighting that won’t disturb your like another lighting without decreasing the capacity of illumination.

The hanging cord length is adjustable through 47.24 inches which can change the single press on the canopy. This works with E24 medium base for LED edison bulb which support only 60W and 110 volt. Because of being dome shape shade it look elegant to in itchen, office living room and more. You can purchase them if you thinks about reliability as the have ETL certification

Dimmable is another feature that must attack you toward this light. With a dimmable switch, you can make this light fixture as a dimmed one. Luciky this comes with 3 units for providing you with more illumination options.

Why We Picked It?

  • ETL listed 
  • Hand blown glass shade
  • Adjustable cord
  • Provide classic and industrial appeal

3. Vintage pendant lighting – Kitchen Island Farmhouse Chandeliers

Vintage pendant lighting

Key Features

  • Process of installation is very simple
  • 4 lighting  source
  • Adjustable chain
  • Comes from high quality material
  • Ideal for kitchen island and bar counter

While some pendant lights mesmerizing with single pieces on the contrary few are breathtaking with couple lighting source. This lighting being authentic for combo lighting when it have 4 distinctive bulb to shed lights. The cage or frame of the light bear a touch of vintage design with oil rubbed bronze finish. Using of traditional type of led edison lights bulbs with sleek design industrial appeal effectively.

This product has 32.28” Lx8.46” Wx 8.46 H with 4.72 inches diameter of the glass shade. You can adjust the chain length max 59 inches according to your need. It illuminate your place with E26 base 4 bulbs each consumes 60W and 110 volt.

For carefree installation this comes with all required hardware and instruction to save your time. Because of this beautiful design you won’t be confused to hang them in the dining area, kitchen area, office and so on. This arrival with one  year warranty to make you satisfied.

Why We Picked It?

  • Excellent finish
  • Quality vintage look
  • Farmhouse inspired design
  • Superb warranty feature

4. Globe pendant lights – Modern Globe Pendant Lights

Globe pendant lights

Key Features

  • There are two hanging pole
  • Suitable for both high and low ceiling
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Globe design with stylish modern arms
  • Multifunctional design

Simplicity is the most common feature of this lighting. This comes with a perfect blending of etched or opal white round glass with rich brushed brass arms, a reliable source of soften light for the dining room, bedroom ever small size bar. This light have two pole as 34.5 inches for short length and 54 inches for larger one while 13 inch length and 7.9 inches width  for main light.

This lighting is a great example of less consuming energy as 4W withE26 or G16.5 led Edison bulb. This has 3000k lumen capacity which is perfect lighting for wide applications. Manufactures ship this light with all mounting hardware and instruction that you can easily hand this with taking any help from expert electrician.

Certification and warranty feature helps to make you tension free to purchase anything about its quality and safety. Amazingly this light comes with 3 years warranty feature and UL certification.

Why We Picked It?

  • Build to last with anti rust materials
  • 3 years warranty 
  • Ul listed
  • Opal glass offer warm light

5. Kitchen Pendant Lights – Lucera Glass Kitchen Pendant Light

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Key Features

  • Customizable height
  • Suitable for varied bulbs
  • Compatible with vaulted and sloped ceiling 
  • Greal pendant with durable construction
  • Easier installation with included hardware

New modern pendant lights have wide application by their neural designs and finishes. Like this pendant lights can be the best match your kitchen island while dining table or foyer can be a suitable place to hang it. This have hand blown glass shade to provide it more natural appearance with durability from metal construction for going years use. With 11inches diameter and 8.25-inch height of the light, they proved good coverage for your selected space.

There are 5 individual hard stems to allow you the desired length of your light fixture from 15 inches to 54 inches. The full lighting fixtures hang from a 4.25 inches round swivel canopy which fits a sloped and vaulted ceiling. In this modern-day dimmable is most convenient lighting you can choose dimmable switch to convert this lighting system.

Safety and reliability comes with UL listed certification. Moreover this is an energy saving option which has an E26 Base bulb with 60 W to shine your place with comfortable lighting by any kind of smart bulb option.

Why We Picked It?

  • Available 3 distinctive finish
  • Dimmable compatibility
  • Ul listed product
  • Dome shaped glass shade

6. Rustic Pendant Lights – Bohemia Wood Beaded Chandelier

Rustic Pendant Lights

Key Features

  • Equipped with more than 1000 beads
  • Wide bulb compatibility
  • Excellent design for girl room,dining room and foyer
  • Wood bead and bohemian hemp ropes collaboration
  • Eco friendly

When it comes to decorating your place you are being carped at to pick artistic pieces of lighting. And frankly speaking, this got designed to match your recruitment. They come with wood beads and bohemian hemp ropes to make it sturdy and eye catchy. In this design of lighting has 5 sizes of wooden beads with a great number of more than 1000.

This downlight required an AC power supply and 3 light sources which need 60W for each bulb and 110v. This fixture comes with E26 bulbs socket with fits most popular types of bulbs including LED and incandescent. With the dimmable switch you can dim this light fixture.

White-colored beads hold a sophisticated look all over the furniture. This has a versatile size with 16.45” H x 12.56 W which perfectly fits the most of location for lighting. While the adjustable cord have 35.43 inch to provide all desired lengths for individual preference. Don’t worry they comes with all installation hardware and instruction while you need not to connect the beads.

Why We Picked It?

  • Straightforward assembly
  • Fully dimmable capability
  • Adjustable cord length
  • Durable and aesthetic

7. Farmhouse Pendant Lights – Zeyu Farmhouse Pendant Light

Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Key Features

  • Farmhouse appeal
  • Mounting accessory included
  • Adjustable height
  • Works with E26 base socket for 60w light bulb
  •  Ideal for sloped ceiling 

Dome shade are good choice for farmhouse because of their consistency and solid construction which have a distinctive look and functionality. Oil rubbed bronze finishing provide ultimate touch for retro and industrial lighting option for your place. Though it is you who can choose their placement position according to your need among dining room, corridor, entryway, bar and more but we suggest this foy your kitchen island which will be really commendable.

This vintage light is an ELT listed item with 11 W x 8.5 H with  89 inches adjustable cord to hang them on various heights per your need. This works with E26 base any types of bulbs among CFL, LED and Incandescent which have max 60 W and 120 volt. This are ideal fixture for sloped ceiling with 4.7 inches round canopy.

It is smart pick for modern farmhouse with 1 year warranty feature which is hard wired and comes with all the required hardware to install them in your place easily.

Why We Picked It?

  • ETL listed 
  • Compact design
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Elegant with proper metal shade

8. Wood Pendant Light – Wood Pendant Lighting Farmhouse Hanging Fixture

Wood Pendant Light

Key Features

  • Farmhouse inspired design
  • Follow lantern style
  • Eye cathay with clear glass shade
  • Installation takes only 10 to 15 minutes
  • Compatible with vault and sloped ceiling

In recent times for farmhouse-style decoration give priority to the wooden lighting which matches the wooden furniture. Among then lantern style is more eye arresting one. And this product is structured up to this popular demand which have rectangular wood frame in lantern shape with clear glass shade to make this more perfect choice for rustic glow. 

The pendant lights have ELT certification with 72 hour lighting tests because of their great combination of high-quality material, cord and glass. Yet this has a 2 years warranty from the manufacturer to be satisfied with the customer. With the great versatile option for hanging them as vaulted and sloped ceiling on your desired height as they have adjustable height length from 24 inches to 75 inches through 6 rods which have 10.3 inches length.

Hung this light anywhere because of their standard overall measurements of 10.3 x 5.5 inches with 5 inches swivel canopy. This is compatible with a wide type of bulb with E26 socket. The bulb need  60w and 120 volt to throw the right amount of light. It has dimmable option with dimmable switch which you have separately purchased like a bulb.

Why We Picked It?

  • ETL rated pendant light
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Offers country glow
  • Reliable source of lighting for large space

9. Modern Pendant Lights – CHYING Modern Pendant Light

Modern Pendant Lights

Key Features

  • Designed with high quality acrylic  
  • Aluminium structure provide durability
  • LED lighting option
  • Easy to install
  • Height adjustability

The modern home deserves simple but functional lighting such this light can offer you excellently. It comes with 1 ring which is made out of high-quality acrylic and aluminum extractions. This ring have 11.8 inch diameter which is sufficient to cover even a large area as dining space, kitchen, bedroom and more with 1000 lm. It will be wrong if you think the material lightly as manufacturer confirm the anti corrosion, heat dissipation quality even they won’t be yellow after rounds of the year use.

Did you know this pendant light has height adjustable by pressing a pin which is situated on the canopy. So you can set your light according to your desired length. This stunning light is accompanied with LED bulbs which have longer life along with AC power supply,15w and 86 to 265 input voltage.

It has 2 types of lighting such as 3000k for warm whites for kitchen, restaurant and 6500k for cool white lighting for office, study room and basement. For hassle free installation they come with all installation hardware and manual instruction.

Why We Picked It?

  • 6500K cool wight lighting
  • Works with only 15W
  • Simple and aesthetic
  • Multifunctional design

 10. Mini Pendant Lights – XiNBEi Lighting Pendant Lighting

Mini Pendant Lights

Key Features

  • Unique design
  • Adjustable heights
  • Excellent chrome finish
  • Bulb included
  • Use least energy as 6.5 wattage

If you’re looking for unique and beautiful pendant lights for your place whether kitchen, living room, the bar even coffee shop you can choose this one which have clear glass cylinder shade and a crystal cylinder with amazing bubble shade. While the chrome finish provide this mini pendant light shiny look that doesn’t miss anyone’s eyesight at a very fast glance.

Adjustable cord length is the most concerning feature of modern pendant light,while this have 50 inches coad which can meets individual needs with adjustability with 5.⅛”round canopy. Though it have only 12.¼ inches light height and 4 inches wide apparently seems small in size but adequate to illuminate any place perfectly single or group of them according to personal preferences.

This is an ETL-listed product that ensures product quality with one-year manufacturer warranty. It comes with GU10 base socket and bulb which works on only 6.5 watts and 120 volt to offer stunning lighting in modern decoration.

Why We Picked It?

  • This can be placed in different position
  • ETL listed
  • Have manufacturer warranty 
  • A great source of accent lights

Buying Guide of Best Pendant Lights For Your Home

In most cases you can face a dilemma to find the best pendant light because of these lighting various style and types. But if start your task step by step following several interrelated things to go purchasing pendant lights. Finding will be completed when you consider these factors before buy pendant lights. These are:

Lighting trends and functionality

You won’t do any backdated or unfit choice of lighting for your place. So with good research, you should find out the current lighting which is going with the pendant. As the installation of pendants not only for their appearance but their superb functionality. To think overall functionality before purchase.


Choosing the right style which matches your home or office decoration in a task among touasand options. Though these types of lighting comes with blessing style with each other. As example you can choose a single pendant lights for industry and modern style because of their sleek design. With right colour, texture of pendant lights style makes a difference on your home decoration.

 Location and placement 

Decorating with pendants depends on your right positioning of them. So set a plan according which purpose you want to install them and which type lighting is you need. On the other hand a wrong pick can be a total waste of your investment.

Size of the pendant

If you have small place you should go a standard size pendant lights while a big size or gropb of pendant light can be a good choice for a large room. Again on the point of ceiling type you can choose right size of these type of pendant. Meanwhile you should use your commonsense and eyesight to find the right size of pendants which matches best in your room.

Installation method

While most pendant lights of modern days require a simple installation process,  you should be careful to select the pendant light which can DIY installation which saves your money and time.

Bulb types

Find a pendant light fixture that has a wide choice of bulb types among LED, Incandescent, CFL and others. Some of them have halogen bulb options too. 

Finish and material

Not only for pendant light but for all types of fixtures should be solid and durable. Though in these years you will find a wide range of finishes and materials is available in pendant light fields. Plastic, fabric metal even concrete also take the material of them with varied finish.

Ranges of cost

Among all the vibrant reasons to purchase pendant lights, the reasonable price of them is the most considerable one. You can set a tour budget per these lighting types, brand, number of lights and style. Yet if your pendant light needs experts or not to install them it could be a matter of cost.


Your home or place deserves amazing lighting with best pendant lights as it bears your personality. And to become your dream-like lighting with right pendant light we spend so many hours to make a good guideline with pendant light types, buying guide and finally 10 best product from amazon which are launched from best brands with striking features and quality.

As we know without layers of pendant lights your lighting seems incomplete, while except proper knowledge about this you can’t overcome your dilemma. We strongly believe that this guide makes you sufficiently learn and satisfied with the right amount of information.

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