how to remove track lighting bulb

How to Remove Track Lighting Bulb

When we are talking about track lighting, of course it generates how to remove track lighting bulbs while will stop working or did not produce the right amounts of lights. You should replace the bulb to work it like a new one. But before going to changing the track light’s bulb you should determine few points as what  type fixture have already and which bulb is needed for replacement.

To make sure practical use and eye comfortable lighting track lighting is unperilled. Plus with Led bulbs they are energy saving picks for home and commercial space. Moreover you have the option to control over the lighting illumination. Though this system you can easily create a spotlight where you need lighting.

The track lighting system has its unique fixture with distinctive bulb design. So replacement and removal of them seems weird than other types of conventional lighting. There are few specialized option of this lighting bulb MR bulbs as screw and two pin base bulb, turn and lock type corm which are mostly multifaceted type bulbs. To run your track lighting fixture you need to purchase and change the dead corm and place a new one, while you you need to follow our guideline on how to remove this lighting bulbs.

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How to remove track lighting bulbs

Remove Track Lighting Bulbs

The procedure of how to remove track lighting bulbs can be a bit different according to your corm and fixture type , but not complete. To make sure you are going the right way you should check the manufacturer’s instructions. The rest of the articles offer you adequate knowledge about how to remove track illumination bulbs. So read carefully and follow them strictly.

Safety protocols

Calling the expert for replacing the bulb of your track light is really something ridiculous. While you can install it within a few minutes. Here the foremost safety precaution is turning off the power supply. Double-check the system before touching the fixture. Wear gloves to hold the halogen corm to prevent burning your hand. Set your ladder if necessary) perfectly.

track lighting

Remove two-pin base or halogen bulb 

Step-1: Turn the light off

Ensure you have turned off the light switch to prevent the risk of coughing electric shocks. And tape the switch to anyone who doesn’t know that you are working on the switch.

Step-2 : Wait for coming bulb at handling temperature

Experts say that you should wait 5 to 10 mins after turning the light off to get it cool enough to handle, while this step is not for LED bulbs.

 Step-3: Remove the wire clips

To prevent the inner content from spilling out there is a wire which ends with a curve handle. Removing this wire you will need a set of pliers which helps you to grab the handle securely, while you get that put out the wire carefully in the circular motion until it completely comes out. You should be careful to complete the full task because your faster or careless move can damage the lens.

Step-4: Remove the lens

After completing step 3  as taking out the protective wire you should move towards removing the lens. Mostly this time except protective wire lens easily comes of your hand’s palm. If it doesn’t come in such way for the gripping one the end, use a pair of pliers to disengage the metal clip which holds it. Now secure the lens by your finger and keep it onto a safe place as it is an important part of this lighting, any damage can create wattage of money and time.

Remove the wire clips track lighting

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Step-5: Put off the porcelain base

Look there is a wire placed back of the canister, try to grip it and start pushing forward until the bulb will come out from the fixture of the front.

Step-6: Remove the bulb

Make sure You are using one hand to hold the base of the fixture and the

Remove the bulb

other to pull the bulb from the track as the bulb has no assurance after removing the lens out the bulb. Be gentle with the corm, otherwise, it will break into your hands. 

Step-6: Install and test  the new one 

This is time to install a new bulb, actually what you wanted to do. Be carefree about their interchangeable feature. Replace all the things as lens and clip to set here the corm. Turn on the power back and check out.

Replace the turn and lock type bulb 

Replace the turn and lock type bulb 

This type of bulb replacement is much easier than halogen. Let’s find out the full procedure:

Step-1: Make lose the bulb

Shut off the whole system before starting the rest of the work and press your finger against the front of the bulb which helps to loose from the socket.

Step-2: Remove the old fixture

When you have loosened the bulb by pushing it back off the canister and rotating it anti clockwise mostly about a quarter which helps to come out the corm from the canister.

Step-3: Place new bulb

Structure of these types of bulbs makes it very easy to install. Use your thumbs to push on the corm and rotate it clockwise to secure it perfectly. And test the new corm by running power.


To provide you more clear ideas you discussed this topic how to replace the track lighting bulb” in two distinctive part for halogen corm as well as turn and lock type bulb. If you follow our step while you have halogen or other, this process will work. Though in recent day second option is most popular choice because of their  Led corm  which reliable for 80% cost efficiency and faster installation. But some of the people love to pick the halogen corm color temperature and durability.

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