Types of Track Lighting Heads

Types of Track Lighting Heads

With types of track lighting head you can categorize them easily by the side of rail types. Yet these will help you to find the right piece for your place and the most essential part to this fixture. Track head works by the direct fixture of the track bar. They comes out from the rail at the top of the ceiling while most of the decorative things and finish done with this part.

To get the best track lighting fixture it is needed to match the truck rail functionality is compatible for those track heads which you wanted to purchase. Otherwise, they are not work together. Holding bulb is the main functionality of this part. Luciky a truck rail can accept even 10 truck heads once so you can choose the number of  them according to rooms requirements.

In modern days this is a super flexible lighting option  which can change different positions to alter or redesign the layout of furniture in a room without adding or removing. It offers individual required lighting specifically for your interior space. You will get tired of counting their versatility. Such a single track circuit can support LED lights for a very big working area. Moreover, they can be used for any type of lighting application like ambient lighting, accent lighting or task lighting with several light fixtures on  single rail and lit up on 3 different circuits.

Types of Track  Lighting Heads 

In general, the four main types of track heads such as  step, round back, pinhole, and gimbal. Sometimes, you can also use a pendant fixture instead of a head fixture. But for their large variety of designs of these type  mostly track lighting head can be divided into four major categories. These are:

Step Head

Among all types of tract heads step head track lights are the standard and stylish one that works with any  theme décor type. Even this is the most common type of track head which has a simple design with aesthetic appearance. Particularly it works well with the majority of tracks and décor styles, which most commented one to create a clean look.

Round back Head

Rounded back heads provide these types of track heads more modern design as well as sleek appearances. A round back head mostly looks much like a step head while round back makes the difference which is a really exceptional touch for a lighting fixture. And this unique designs makes the opt choice for any they of home style as contemporary, traditional even modern

Pinhole Head

While this comes with following common designs of step and round head types of track light heads but adding off the back of it which is visible to give a distinctive look for industrial decors for studio, garage and more. With their appearance and functionality they are authentic choices for your home and commercial premises.

Gimbal Head

The idea of gimbal head  lighting is mostly driven from the movie camera which has a flat surface. And this one is can be seen by you in a movie set. Amazingly this have 360 degree swivel feature and gives the honour of most flexible and stylish addition of the types of track heads. They works efficiently for home and longer workplace for their captivating adjustability even much narrow space with be illuminate by their flexibility. They are raw addition in lighting system to give a industrial vibe in your place like art studio and workshops. They also esamar choice for modern to traditional style.

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Majority of track lighting have industrial looks. But if someone want to give a touch of something more decorative they should consider a pendent option as they have so many option for designs, size and materials. On the other hand they are very simple pattern to attach the track rod. Undoubtedly, pendent lights are best option when you want to bring a general or ambient lighting together with LED bulb options which helps to save energy.

Best Track Lighting For Kitchen Reviews

Types of Track Lighting Heads

Tips for the best track lighting heads for different types of décor?

For modern bedroom ornate few glass pendants which is a superb idea, maybe you did not think about it before or don’t have enough confidence to place it. Yes, such unique thoughts can be effective to move your new light fixture with having concern to their functionalities. So, here some new ideas for your upcoming home redesign which are we highly recommend of your room in order the existing decoration. Lets have a look


Though all the types of track heads are suitable for any setting such as modern contemporary and others but rounded back and pinhole heads are unparalleled ideas for achieving more compliments.


Comparable to the others  monochrome white or black track heads are perfect for keeping your decor simple but elegant.


Don’t hesitate to pick the pinhole type of track heads if you want to bring the industrial look for their outer back design.

Types of Lighting Provide Track Lighting Heads or Pendants Illuminate?

When it comes to track lighting heads and pendants topic, there are three different types of lighting that they can be useful for:

Ambient Lighting

If you are planning for a small room track heads can be enough to illuminate. On the contrary, you should consider  to choose pendants instead of including additional lamps undoubtedly they’re going to be your reliable source of light in a larger space.

Accent Lighting or Wall washing

To highlight any specific piece or shelves in your room or commercial space track lighting is a reliable choice even performance superb in your garage and studies where needed accent lighting.

Task Lighting

Functional goal is another examined feature when you wanted to add new fixture of lighting. Through these type of heads you can increase your lighting sources, as most of them have adjustability. You can choose them for your kitchen with a longer pendent which stream a good amount of light where you need. To sum up, Track lighting is extremely versatile with their types of track heads. 

When you have a lack of space you can use it to add illumination with aesthetic atmosphere of your not only the room but also entire home. Interestingly, it will not look out of place no matter where you choose to place it, and the multiple fixtures provide a significant amount of illumination while you think your room have not sufficient lightings. We strongly believe that our ideas will be effective in your next lightings planning.

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