How to Choose Track Lighting

How to Choose Track Lighting

Track light can make you confused easily as they have so many options for their designs and configuration. So, how to choose this lights able to bring a creative style and versatile uses. With the installation of this light you can create spotlight for any place with eye catchy arrangements for any place home or commercial premises. Plus you have choose then with adjustable angle, temperature setting to perfectly fit for wide range of place in you home as bathroom, kitchen and living room. They are excellent option for eye comfortable lighting convenience to operate and install.

To find the right types of  this light there are so many websites and catalogs available to provide  hundreds of models, shapes and finishes to help you without wasting so many times. But we are here to guide you with more advance and descriptive thoughts as you can go any wrong way with this lighting. So, read carefully and be confident to purchase your this lighting.

Styles and finishes of track lighting

Styles and finishes of track lighting

Luckily, manufacturers offer many shades and finishes of this lighting, so it’s very easy to get them according to your requirement.

These days fixed and flexible this lights with glass shades are popular for their decorative appearance while linear track head comes with metal components that match the most go track rail. Besides these, there are some popular shades you can consider.

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Colored Glass
  • White 
  • Black 
  • Amber Glass
  • Tiffany style Glass
  • Frosted Glass]

Best Track Lighting (Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide)

On the contrary, there are several existing finishes that cover any types of decorations with your place hardware sets like doorway handles or cabinet hardware. Through the selection of contemporary finishes such as white, you can build a blending look for your room. So get a cue from our listed finish with are light and classy. There are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Brushed nickel
  • Polished chrome.

How to Choose The Best Track Light

You should have considered a few things when you are trying to decide on the best this lighting system. Among them firstly comes number of lights according to the place where you want to install them. Then determine the accurate lamp size and finish which match rest of the system and arrangements. You have options of single, three, four and more according to fixture layout. When you have finish this chapter confidently now you should think those  four essential topic which are given below:

  1. Track type 
  2. Layout and components
  3. Fixtures
  4. Accessories

Types of Track

Generally type of track array with several things such as a line or low voltage type or single or two circuit one and finally straight or flexible  options which are most stylish and effective on their own position. Moreover you can be get puzzled when you are walk round to the accommodation of these lights to various purpose as overhead lighting for living room too task lighting in kitchen. But besides all the types flexible and straight are most pick  pieces for their convenience in use depending on types of fixtures. As flexible type easy going for for home or commercial space boldly while straight track is best for long hallway or kitchen design.

Overhead lighting for kitchen living room overhead lighting

Layout and Components

Track light system comes with a basic straight, flexible, single and two circuit layout, while you can choose them with connector and creative track length. Because it is the track, in which depended on the system of installation directly or suspended from. Another aspect can impact on this system that is way of providing power to the track system. Power running from the middle or the end of the canopy create a difference among them 

Choose  the right Fixtures

Fixture for this lightings completely depends on your preference. You can choose your fixture with only track heads or pendants. Again you can mix them according to your likings and demand. So choose your fixture per how much you need illumination or which purpose you install them.

You can do a great job with these lights as highlight any art pieces which you want to make a focal point in your entire house. While you make them as task-completing light for a kitchen table or sink area which requires a great number of lighting they are super arrangements. Another important thing you should know about this lighting is most of the cases manufacturers offer adaptors with this system.

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Voltage is another consideration factor to choose the fixture of the this light system. You should make a balance with the track and chosen heads. If you prefer the low voltage track head on the line voltage track, in this case, the inline transformer will be needed of making an internal power balance near the point as the fixtures places to the track. This small box has the capacity to convert voltage as 120 to 12 which demands this fixture.

Add Accessories Make it Versatile

Different options as

Among various options as accessory of a track lighting depend buyer preference. In few cases these can be effective to modify for multiple appliances. You can specially design these light shapes with lenses with mixing of color and designs. You can add accessories to make your fixture more user friendly like pulling chain switch and more.


At the ending of our learning episode of how to choose track lighting we just want to clear doubts about tracking lights fixtures such as need adapter kits costing which seems unusual but they make this sister stunning in function and elegant looking. We have made a few specialized topics which can help you to take the right step on purchasing and installing the best this light. One more thing, If you are having trouble deciding on the best lighting system, speak with a lighting professional for expert advice.

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