How to Install Track Lighting

How to Install Track Lighting

Track lighting being popular in the last few years because of their multiple use and convenience of use. But people has a curiosity about their set up which generate how to install track lighting on the ceiling, though most of them feel better to leave this responsibility over the expert electrician. At a glance it’s seems that it is crucial but we are confirming you that you also can complete this task with our guideline except calling an electrician.

While you have standard or vaulted ceilings track lings will be a super flexible choice for you from kitchen to living room because of their stunning look and easy mobility. Amazingly these lights are comes with outstanding features such as dimmable, adjustability along with ambient, functional and task lighting according to your room’s need and your preference. Without changing position of lamps earning capacity of illumination of specific things quality make this lighting undeniable in your home.

However, rearranging your home with this light is quite easy. These light  have two main part a track and another id track head. Track works to hold conductors for the heads and wired to power. On the contrary track heads has illumination contents. Most this lights are straight pieces of to  attach the ceiling together with track head with a canister to hold a single reflector floodlight bulb get designed to throw light for specific are.

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How much track lighting installation is easy?

How much track lighting installation is easy?

Once you have fixed the place where you want to install your new fixture of track light as well as how much brightness you need, you are almost ready to go to the next level of the fixture. Star removing the old fixture and going for ready the rest of the process. Make sure you have chosen collared wire and respective screws which will be required in this task. And all these small things will provide steps to go ahead of how to install this lighting on the ceiling.

Required tools

Several tools and materials need to install track lights while supplies for this depend on your choice. These are tools that help you to complete the task perfectly.

  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A drill 
  • A 1/2-inch spade bit
  • Screwdrivers
  • A wire stripper/cutter
  • Ladder
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Fish tapes

Installing Track Lightings 

Here we discussed the whole method of “how to install this lighting on ceiling” step by step for your clear understanding. So start reading carefully.

Step-1: Turn off the power supply

Ensure your safety from electrical shock, turn off the fuse box or main circuit panel while you are working to fixture new one or remove the previous one.

Step-2: Open the light bulb cover and take aside all things

Remove the wall switch that controls the existing light fixture if you have other types of fixtures before.

Open the light bulb cover take aside all things

Track lighting has convenience wall switches sometimes which are different from the other fixture. So remove them if it is being necessary.

Step-3: Make holes

Use a drill to make a half inch diameter hole into the wall make sure it is very close to the wall. Read the instruction carefully which comes with the this light fixture for perfect match with the system.

Step-4: Set the switch box at the ceiling.

Set the switch box at the ceiling.

Set the switch box with the right measurement and tighten the screws to tuck it securely. Use long fish tape through the switch box up to the wall. Anther that hook the end of  long tape at the ceiling by a short fish tape and finally pull the long tape inside the room to fit it perfectly.

Step-5 Join the electrical cable

After pulling the cable through the hole attach the electrical cable to the long fish tape and bring it down off the wall out of the switch box. Then insert this electrical cable into the end of the first length of the track smoothly. Dont be hurried to do this.

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Stp-6: Connect tracks and screw them

Now It’s  time to connect the tracks which you prefer to keep length of the track. You can use flexible coupling to the end of the first track to bend it like 90 degree. Then, use a reciprocating saw to cut the next track too add extra length. Keep repeating this process to get desired length. Screwed the tracks to the ceiling with plastic anchors or choose option of screwing them directly into the ceiling joist.

Step-7: Attach wire correctly

To move this step you should again read the instruction from the manufacturer and arrange the kits properly such as tuck the black wire under the dark colour screw and white color wire under write or light colour screw while keep the bare copper wire under the green grounding screw respectively.

Step-7: Mount the head of track and switch on the light

This is the final step of installing a this light. Select the most effective track head  and attach it properly. Recheck all the setup from installing the switch box to track and turn the flowing of electricity before flip on the wall switch. Adjust the lighting if think necessary to get right amount of throwing lights on needed area.

 Is It Possible to Install  Track Lighting Without a Junction Box?

Yes. There are available of plastic made junction box that can be used to install this lighting if you have not adequate junction box, though they are not much deep as the conventional type but works great which have only two connection as its anchor lies to the drywall so you are getting full of freedom to install them anywhere per your need.

 Is It Possible to Install  Track Lighting Without a Junction Box?

But this type of remodeled junction box are not designed for the outdoors. With the help of screwing a surface mount box to the sliding which has rated exterior and perfect sealing per manufacturer recommendations, you can use them on the spotlight.


Track lighting is a premier choice for them who do not want to cut into the ceiling to run wire for its simple adaptability. While how to install react light follows several easy steps than other fixture. These lighting is capable to allow aesthetic touch in any room with minimal controlling system. With so many color and led bulbs you can easily save your cost with warming atmosphere anywhere. In few cases track living fixture might be bit expensive so you can take idea from expert.

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