How to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture

How to Replace a Ceiling Fan with a Light Fixture

If you want a room to look very fresh you can use a light fixture to replace an old ceiling fan. Take a good look at how to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture by turning off the power in the fuse. If it is on, it is off. Make good use of each cable. Connect the required black wire to the switch terminal.

After the voltage tester, extract about 120 volts from the black wire Mark the guy with tape for safety.

Do you know what a three-wire cable is? If you don’t know, find out that there is a red wire and a black wire going towards the fan/light fixture. A fixture gives light to the part attached to a black wire. The other black wire is connected to the blue wire of the fixture, this part goes to the fan. The white wire part of the fixture is connected to the white wire.

Replace a Ceiling

You Will Need

  • Circuit Tester
  • Ladder
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Tongue & Groove Pliers
  • Mini Hacksaw


  • Electrical Tape
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Cable Clamp Connectors
  • Electrical Box 
  • And/or Fan Hanger Kit

The luckiest person who succeeds by paying attention to all his work. Read on to know how to replace a roof fan with a light fixture with a ceiling aerator and what obstacles can be overcome.

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Step 1.

Usually like carrying fixtures. These are not very heavy except for a few things. Now you have to work the aerator-rated box। Because you have to do this to hang the ceiling fan. Bringing the electric box to the joist is a little difficult. All you have to do is carefully remove the fixture placement.

Everyone loves attractiveness. If practical things are attractive, then the old hole will be big enough to cover the mind nicely for this reason.

Step 2.

It is not possible to connect all these wirings alone. Because when you install a ceiling fan, you need someone else to help you. However, all the fan motors that have installation hooks must hold the aerator while working on the ceiling aerator.

install a ceiling fan

It will be very easy to work in this way. When connecting the wiring you swing the motor in place with your hands. Set in the electric box after rocking in this way

Step 3.

If you think so, you can wire the fan motor and lights separately. When installing, you need to connect the wiring cable to the house from the motor. Make the light fixtures the way they were placed. In most cases there is a good quality grounding screw to use all the wires together. Use nuts to protect the wires well. You can do this in other ways. It depends on the light fixture of the aerator.

Step 4.

Mount the fan in a tight bracket. Ceiling fans are a little heavier than other fans. For this reason, you need to mount well. Make sure it is mounted well. Can be installed with three to four-inch decking screws. If you want to support the weight of the new aerator, you can install three or four of the joysticks.

You need to buy expanded metal brackets because you can’t access them.

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Metal brackets can be used through the hold. You can extend these from the bottom if you want. The function of the metal brackets is to stabilize the brace

Step 5.

You need to choose the right size fan. If the room is a groom, the big  fan and if it is small, you have to choose a small fan. Remember that there are both advantages and disadvantages. So choosing a fan means creating the will of the wind. Too small a aerator cannot give good air to a large room. On the other hand, a very large fan does not fit in a small room, because it occupies the room. On the other hand, a very large aerator does not fit in a small room, because it occupies the room. The fan must be carefully mounted so that the aerator can breathe effectively.


Replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan is considered by many to be quite easy to do. It’s a little difficult again. Because things can happen that you didn’t expect. There are several important things to keep in mind when doing this. Do not touch the electrical panel. Remember you are working with bare wires.

Replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan

Accidentally turn on the circuit breaker at any time. Also, you need to be careful about using safety gear to know how to replace a ceiling roof with a light fixture.


To better understand how to replace a ceiling fan with a illumination fixture, you must first know the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Knowing the method of fixture replacement can increase the comfort level of the house. I have tried to present an excellent article about the fixture replacement method

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