how to remove bathroom light fixture cover

How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

Replacing the lighting in the bathroom is a very easy task. Are you very worried about how to remove the bathroom light fixture Cover. If you want to get started, you need to take some precautions. There can be no negligence. Because it is the work of the circuit. And for this, you have to switch off the breaker. Remember not to turn off the wall switch just because anyone can turn it on unintentionally at any time. So you need to see if the power is off. You can use a machine to see the power. Non-contact voltage detector. Check it all. You need to see if something wants to change the color of its wiring. You need to make sure to use insulated tools. Don’t forget to wear insulated gloves

You can easily follow our toilet light fixtures removal instructions. I am highlighting it step by step here.

How to Remove the Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

Remove the Bathroom Light Fixture Cover
  • Turn Off Power. Before doing anything that involves electricity, turn off the facility at the mains.
  • Remove Bulbs.
  • Unscrew Light.
  • Pull Out Light.
  • Check for Power.
  • Remove Fixings

Step 1

By removing the light bulb that gives the current illumination, you can learn how to remove the toilet illumination fixture coating. Remember that the fixture with the bulb should be removed. These can be hot at any time. So you always have to be careful.

In addition, the socket base can be damaged. Different steps have to be taken to remove it to keep it separate. Some lights are spelled with multiple nuts to keep it safe.

There may also be small screws. When the light is separated from the base. Then all the wires should be checked. Check the voltage. If everything is safe, remove the wire nut. Now screw the nut to the back of the wall. There will be a illumination base with the walls. To remove any screws as needed.

Step 2

Now remove all the old lights completely. Choose an electric box. Not every home has a junction box. Some have to work with smarts for electrical safety. The fixture may be too far away to become a wall stud. Which may be far from the center.

use a structural unit with ceiling boxes.

You can use a structural unit with ceiling boxes. If you do not see the illumination in the wall stud, you can take the help of the swing-out tab. Remove the drywall using a saw. Use the wiring to clear the path. Cut deep so that it is used only in the drywall.

Step 3

Adding a base plate with a new junction box will not leave you wondering how to remove bathroom light fixture cover. Install the plate with the new illumination base in the box you used earlier. You need to make a knock-out hole. In this circuit wires have to be used. Take a good look at the lighting style. Depending on it, place the base plate in the plane according to the horizontal position. This is a good time to fill in the old holes. Make the most of this time.

Step 4

Then the black wires. Put everything neatly in the junction box. Inside the wall is a copper wire. Here you will find a green screw on the base mounting plate. Add new wire nuts to the white wire you see. Then add the black wires. Use the junction box to hold everything.

Step 5

  • Mount and level new fixtures
  • Loose wire pieces may be needed at any time.
  • So you have to carefully mount the new illumination on the base. You need to adjust when mounting on the base plate.
  • Then the nuts can be installed. Give the level of illumination. Before that, make the final hardening. Remember, you should not just mount it, you should also level new fixtures.

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Step 6

You have to use the new light to install it. Check the condition of the wall switch. Carefully reverse the breaker that was off.

use the new light to install

Now try to come back to the light. Be sure to watch for 12 to 14 seconds. Check the illumination with the switch you have.

Step 7

Now it’s time to be enlightened. If the light is bad then no one likes it no matter it the bathroom or any room.

With proper planning, you can easily forget to update the illumination fixtures as you like. Now you rest the fixture for some time.


Today’s discussion was on how to detach toilet light fixture cover. We have described the different steps.

If you want to remove the fixtures properly, you have to use the right method. You have to open the illumination bulb. There will be different collars around the bulb socket. So you have to remove them.

The screw needs to be detected by fixing it. Remove the wire nut so the fixture can show off. Understand all the steps above and keep working.

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