How to Change Outdoor Light Fixture

Outdoor lighting fixtures need help to do all the work well at night, including the security of each room. But you do not know how to change an outdoor light fixture. So you can read the whole paragraph carefully. It is not difficult to replace fixtures with one type of light. Some areas need to be upgraded with security lights.

If you want to brighten up space then the easiest way is to replace the old light fixtures. These lights are often seen over the backyard, back porch, or garage entrance. Replacing rusty light fixtures can get really great lighting. Also much easier to replace light fixtures. You will need electricity no matter where you work outside the house. It is not possible to run without electricity at the moment.

Replacing rusty light fixtures can get really great lighting

If you do not know how to change outdoor light fixtures, you should seek the help of a professional. First, choose a clean day for this work. Before starting work, make sure that the fixture is completely dry. You need to plug in an outlet to know if the power is registered. That is to plug the ends of the tester into the outlet on the inside.

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The retaining covers that are being used on the outer wall, which have been holding the light for so long, need to be removed. Through this, you can know the expression of all the wires. You have to see what is the condition of each of them. Take a good look at whether it is different or not. This happens when all the wires have to be put together. Set up and stop the wire on the illumination. Now use nuts on both wires. Make sure you use the cable properly. Did not connect to wires of different colors. You used white and black.

Any wire can be loose so you need to check. Especially the light switch. Maybe it’s a faulty illumination switch. Turn off the running power and remove the switch-plate cover. Pull it out after removing the screws. There will two color wires inside. One is red or white. Separate screws are to attach to the side of the switch. Screwdrivers may use to test the voltage. Touching it indicates whether the electricity is going or not. Take a good look at which wire you are holding the screw on. By attaching the screw to the black wire, you can understand who to connect it to how to change outdoor illumination fixture can understand by attaching the red wire. Hook both of its screws. Tighten it using a screwdriver. Turn on the switch.

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see a broken globe of light fixtures

If you see a broken globe of light fixtures, you can use it to replace it. Remove the unnecessary part from the old globe. Measure the globe. Take a shape that matches the threaded of the new globe. However, the size may vary. If you want to see it new, you can draw metal illumination fixtures. Use any steel wool to clean rusted areas or remove sand. Wash off all dust. Exterior primers are to use for a variety of metals or metals. You can also use a coat of exterior paint.


A good light requires the final arm. You need to see if the fixture can buy with mounting hardware in any way. Most fixtures use a universal mounting bar. You can use your previous fixture if you want. Some fixtures have their own hardware. And specific bolt spacing is using to fit it. Perforated ends of each wire: “to 6” is very good.Using cables makes it easy to learn how to change outdoor illumination fixture.

Black wire will be hot wire or sometimes red wire will be hot. Remember white wire is always neutral, sometimes green wire is using instead of empty copper. It is very safe to make wire nuts. Different uses for different colors. If you don’t get ground wire, make a loop. Strip the cover with electrical tape.

Once mounted, keep an eye on the bolt and tighten it with illumination fixtures. Finally turn on the electricity and see if the lights are on.

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