How to Remove Light Fixture Cover

How to Remove Light Fixture Cover

If you want to update a room you need to change the light fixtures. Are you wondering how to remove a light fixture cover? No need to worry anymore. You can easily wear these guidelines to know how to do it.

Children need open space to play. Every children in house can make a mistake while playing, the illumination fixture cover is damaged for any other reason, it must remove. Here is a nice guideline to remove the illumination fixture cover.

Need To Know about Light Fixture

Remove Light Fixture Cover

You can hang the light device a little farther away or keep it out of your reach. But the switch will be on the wall. It will need to be pulled. illumination fixtures require electricity or batteries. Each lamp has a portable illumination fixture. Any socket has cords and plugs. The reflector of the fixture illuminates certain areas.

The Tools You Need

Let’s get into the process of what it takes to do this and how to remove a light fixture cover.

  • A Flathead screwdriver
  • A stapler
  • Safety glasses
  • Circuit tester
  • Step stool or ladder

Step 1

First you need to turn off the power in the fuse box. Make sure it turn off. If there is no doubt, you can go ahead for the next work. If there is any doubt then turn off the electricity in the whole house.

need to turn off the power in the fuse box

The surface needs to clean. If the cover is too high, use a ladder You will see the fuse box. Open the fuse properly. Carefully secure so that you can know how to remove the illumination fixture cover.

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Step 2

Two or one clip can pull back. Find out which clip is doing this. It can pull back half an inch. Dip the rim of the fixture under the clip. Use to slide the clip to the specified location.

Step 3

You need to find two machine screws. The machine screws are in the fixtures in the junction box. Keep rotating the fixture as needed. You will see that the slots have come to a point. Slowly pull the ceiling and fixture. If the wires connect, do not take any steps at the moment.

need to turn off the power in the fuse box

Step 4

Remember that not every wire has the same power level. Use a non-contact tester to make sure which wire has power. If no wire is to caught after the test, remove the nut.

Step 5

Each clip should pull gently to cover. Replace the damaged area. Now see that it fits properly.

Step 6

Sometimes it happens that you do not understand the whole work. But the lights need to replace. Then professional help is needed to handle the matter and get the job done. Call them for help to handle the risky work.


If you are not confident or do not like to work on electrical circuits, you can call a professional to upgrade the fixtures. This task can be a little difficult for you to master. Some money is needed to remove the light fixtures. Here are some simple guidelines on how to remove a illumination fixture cover after removing an unwanted illumination fixture. You have to think about safety before doing any work. So you should not remove anything without understanding. You should work after understanding all the instructions well.

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