How to Change Light Bulb in Outdoor Lamp Post

How to Change Light Bulb in Outdoor Lamp Post

You live in a city or a village. If you live in a village, you will see fewer lampposts. And if you live in a city, you will see a lot of lampposts. You are very interested to know how to change the light bulbs in outdoor lamp posts. There are change light bulb in outdoor lamp post.

You will get increasing security anywhere if you can do it. It is not possible to keep the lamppost on at any time. It usually keeps on the lamppost every night. But it is very difficult to keep it running every night. For this, you have to use a timer. Always be aware to save the light.

Light work can control with sensors. As a result, it burns automatically as the sun sets. Remember it is not so difficult to do it the right way.

We will discuss some steps so that you can know how to change the light bulb in an outdoor lamp post.

Step 1

You must first inspect the circuit breaker in the room where you will be working, then turn it off if it is on. You must turn off the switch if you want to control it. Note that your lamp post controls the timer. Use breakers properly to turn off the lights.

Step 2

You need a ladder and a friend for this job. Take a good look at the base. Make sure it is on top of the lamppost

Place the stairs well under the lamppost. Without stairs, you cannot reach heights for this work. Remember to keep the stairs stable during work. Ask your friend or someone else to hold the stairs.

Step 3

Notice the topper of the fixture.

Use tap on Wind Pan fixture

Use the tap on the wind pan to open it. Bolts or screws are used when the top is off. The screw has to be removed if it is stuck. You need to use the plinth when opening the knot at the top. Whenever you see a threaded post, you will think that the point is that the threaded post is not in a good position. This will allow the fixture to be removed and closed. Once the bolts are loose you can take the fixture from the post.

Step 4

To make proper use of how to change a light bulb in an outdoor lamp post, you need to look at all aspects of the bulb fixture. Also, check the voltage. You can then touch it with your hands.

make proper use of how to change a light bulb

If the fixture looks rusty, use abrasive tape. Touch the tip with the wire to check if the circuit is good or bad. If the light comes on, it’s still alive. You can take different breakers if you don’t get the right breaker.

Step 5

Pull the wires to the post again and again. Find the wire connectors. You will use a removable glass. Don’t forget that you have to slide outside. When removing the bolts, the wires need to be disconnected. Bend the feed wires and make sure they do not fall off.

Step 6

We need your help here. Use a stripper to remove the new fixture and its insulation on the post. If not, you can carefully place the fixture on the stairs. You can also float in the sky with the help of wires. Now you have to use the electrical tape so do the job with the help of the screwdriver. Lamp post fixtures should keep closed so that rain and snow do not cause any damage. This should do if you want to protect the wires inside the poles.

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Carefully place the fixture

Step 7

Remove all cable connectors. Now take the new light fixture in hand. Open it and remove the glass. All kinds of accidents have to be avoided. Attach the ground wire from the post to the new fixture. After all the work is done well, try turning on the power in the circuit breaker.

Step 8

You should join the black wire with the black wire and the white wire with the white wire. Make sure you like her roses well. Use electrical tape to keep the wires well away from moisture. Remove the screwdriver.

Step 9

Use bolts to protect your light fixtures. Prepare and use the material that will be in the glass. Set the topper of the fixture in the right place by screwing on the properly rated light bulb.

Step 10

ed wire from the fixture to the black wire

The sensor needs to connect to the red wire from the fixture to the black wire. Turn on the breaker to test the light. The timer in the circuit needs to reset to stop. Turn off the circuit because the light has gone to the lamp post. The illumination will turn on in a few seconds and turn off again after a few seconds.


By doing each task beautifully you will understand how to change a illumination bulb in an outdoor lamp post. Some maintenance is requiring as the bulbs need to replace. In the above discussion, I have highlighted how easily illumination bulbs can make in outdoor lamp posts.

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