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Best Floor Lamp With Shelves – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2023)

Undoubtedly, the elegant floor lamp with shelves can be the most attractive addition for any place. Along with convenient height, various finish and handy shelves blend variable furnishing and room style. This can offer a ravishing look at daytime with shade and decorative accessories. Yet, these are more beautiful with lighting at night to create a cozy environment.

Whether you are living in a small room and these lights fit perfectly beside the reading table, bedside and corner of the living room easily. A contemporary designed floor lamp with shelf looks great in an entire room with ambiance lighting. For their sturdy and lightweight appearance, you can easily move them to easily give a statement view even in smaller space.

Here in this article you will get some good recommendation which we made research and test. So, keep reading the last of the article to find the best floor lamp with shelf which are a beautiful and cost-effective way to illuminate your place. When you will grab the right one, it will be itself a complementary thing for your residential or office setting.

Our Top Picks

For eye level space illumination, best floor lamp with shelves can bring another level of lighting and gorgeous looks in your living room, bedroom or other places side by side.

These are usually well build and sleek in look to fit any small place to illuminate perfectly without blocking lots of space and don’t affect the rest of furnishing except striking lighting. In this top pick you will get functional, good-looking and versatile style best flooring lamp with shelf which can change the whole mood of your room.

1. LED Shelf Floor Lamp – Skinny End Table & Nightstand for Bedroom

LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Japanese/Asian inspired design
  • Provide practical storage and display shelves
  • Matches range of decor style
  • Comes with several beautiful finishes
  • Long lasted LED bulb included
  • Needs simple manual assembly

While most of us thinks floor lamp are just all about flat lighting source, but we are starting with Brightech Maxwell modern LED shelf flooring lamp for best floor lamp with shelves, this skinny side table have incorporation of book or display shelves to be more attractive narrow stand light for various decor types including Asian, farmhouse, rustic, mid-century modern and more. This freestanding tall tower lamp has several beautiful finishes such as brown, rustic wood, natural wood, walnut brown and classical black to match the rest of the furniture of your room.

To warm up your place, whether living room or bedroom, the handsome and simple lines of the contemporary stand-up lamp won’t be less than your expectation. The unique combination of shelves, light and materials make you proud for having this. You can leave this any small space like the bedside or beside the reading table where you will enjoy beautiful lighting directly above the self with perfect distance. And store the needed items such as books, remote, photo, display art or plants on the shelves. It won’t kill your valuable floor space but is a great addition for your favorite space with lighting.

Nothing can be more interesting than a lamp which is compatible with Alexa, Google home and Apple HomeKit for your smart home planning. This light requires a smart bulb and smart outlet to turn on/off the lamp with Alexa. This Japanese inspired light comes with 9.5 watts LED light to produce 800 lumens and 3000K warm white light to meet your various needs of lighting. With the updated LED lighting technology, this saves energy than traditional types of lights. For customer satisfaction, this is backed with 3 years warranty.

Why We Picked It?

  • Has 3 years lifetime warranty 
  • Offers 3000K warm light
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit
  • Narrow size fits any small place

2. Simple Designs Home – Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp

Simple Designs Home

Highlighted Features

  • Easily fits any  decor style 
  • Fabric shade for soft glow                                                                                                                                            
  • Pull chain on/off design
  • Study and stands tall
  • Comes with easy to follow instruction
  • Available 6 finishes

Simple Designs Home Etagere organizer storage floor lamp model has prestige of Amazon choice for lamp shelf with up to 18.5K customer rating which easily make this reliable for your next purchase. This has clean modern lines with a light and 3 storage shelves. And this versatile storage space is great for small plants, books, vases, picture frame and accent pieces for home decoration or handy things like remote or others. Assembling of the light is very simple when the package included all the things will be needed.

There are six neutral finish option to complement any decor. The light has linen shade with an open-top which provide warm and inviting lighting for your bedroom or living room. It is a perfect choice when you are searching for a nightstand which will diffused soft glow.The light itself, a sophisticated addition for your living space with  62.75 inch tall and 10.2 x10.2 inches square shelves. When you need a lighting can be worth of price, you may consider this.

As a modern lamp design, this light is space-saving and decorative.It illuminator your place with a 100w incandescent bulb which won’t heat up the room even after long termed used. To light on/off, this light featured a pull chain design to ensure ease of uses for anyone. To be engineered from wood, this has good stability over hardwood or tiles floor. With the one-year manufacturer warranty against any defect ensure longevity of the lamp.

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Why We Picked It?

  • Elegant and sleek
  • Worth of price 
  • 1-year warranty service
  • Very easy to assemble

3. Standing Lamp – Bedroom Bedside Corner Living Room

Standing Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Crafted from high quality wood
  • Accompanied by 10’ power cord
  • Compatible with CFL, LED and Halogen bulbs
  • Pull chain switch 
  • Included 9W LED bulb
  • Removal fabric lampshade

Two in one CO-Z floor  lamp designs are backed with 3 storage shelves and light option. With the modern style of light. It can be a functional and decoration addition for your home. Whatever is your home decor style Asian, urban, rustic, mid-century or contemporary it matches smoothly without compromising anything. Warm light and shelving offer versatility as illuminating your place and storing things like cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, remote control, books or decorative accessories to your liking.

Convenient design of the light with removal white shade, you can give personalized look and light pouring depending on your need and preference. Among the lots of options, this light will be more eye-catching for its simple and sexy appearance. A wide application makes you carefree to placement even if you are purchasing this without any planning, even purchasing this just because you love it. For living room, dorm room, foyer,study room or bedroom you can stand this anywhere. It’s aesthetic look must impress you and any guest of your place.

Buyers of the floor lamp with shelves could not disappoint anyway while this comes with a lifetime limited warranty feature and 10’ power cord to place them from a good distance of power supply. So you can stand this on your bed side, corner of a room, beside the study table and others. As you can light up your place instantly, this pack with 9w LED light.If you want, you can replace with standard E 26 socket CFL and halogen bulbs option too. Assembly will take only 10 mins with following the instruction manual which comes with it.

Why We Picked It?

  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Modern design
  • Easy to put together
  • Versatile style

4. Floor Lamp with Shelves – Real Solid Wood – Shelf Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp with Shelves

Highlighted Features

  • Solid wood structure
  • LED bulb included
  • Offers 3 color temperature
  • Linen white shade
  • Equipped with 2 charging port and 1 power outlet
  • Power cord is 9’ long

PAZZO has 15 years experience of making floor lamps. And they are careful to blend style, good quality materials and practicability. This floor shelf lamp has 3 color temperatures (3000K,4000K and 5000K) with the included 9 watts LED lamp bulb to make this perfect for different locations- reading room, living room, office, bedroom and others. Three shelves have 1.5 inch thick wood which can hold up to 20 pounds of daily necessities and decorating stuff such as books, plants, vases, dolls, remote control cell phone, headphones and other.

If you are a bedtime reader, this flooring lamp with shelves will be a perfect addition for your bedroom where you can set color temperature per your need  for reading or sleeping. This was designed with 2 charging USB ports and 1 power outlet for the no 3 shelve where you can charge three devices at once. The entire lamp with shelves made from solid wood to offer stable structure, durability and higher longevity.

Easy assembly of the floor lamp with shelves saves your time when this comes with all the essential tools, manual and assembly charts to provide easy guidelines to do this. There are three-colors choices for this light such as white, brown, matte black to allow individual choice for different styles of home, classical, vintage, modern and so on. And the white shade is always elegant for any place. With the 1000 lumen, you will not feel a lack of perfect light while you need to pull the chain to turn on/off the light.

Why We Picked It?

  • Very stable and thoughtful design
  • Multi functional and elegant looking
  • Great value of the price
  • Easy to assemble

5. Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition – Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination

Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition

Highlighted Features

  • Additional drawers design
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Made of durable wood
  • Have the colors of finish 
  • Comes with LED bulb
  • Compatible with Alexa, google home assistant and Apple Home kit

Brightech Maxwell LED floor lamp with drawer is more updated and versatile for your smart home. This has LED technology to save energy cost and goes up to 20 years with the included 9.5w LED bulb which can offer 800 lumens and 3000k warm white light for perfect brightening your living room, reading room, bedroom or office. If you prefer you can choose halogen, incandescent and CFL lighting source for this light with mac 60W.

For different are placement it could be dependable such as bedside and  the end corner of the living room, beside the office table. The two in one light and shelves can hold books, photo frame, art collection, plants and more. Plus the drawer offers storage for keys, ornaments, watch, money, medicine which are small and there are lots of possibility to loss them easily. In this model you will get 4 shelves while others come with three shelf. To offer a clean look of your home, this offers plenty of storage space for small items.

With three attractive finishes such as classical black, Havana brown and rustic wood, this Asian design skinny night stand can match with most of the popular decor styles. Through the contemporary look and durable wood construction, this will be the addition of  eye catchy corners for various locations. Furthermore, you can use this with Alexa, google home assistant and Apple Home kit to manage smart hum and bulb.The tower lamp has UL certification to be safe for your residential use. Plus, enjoy 3 years of manufacturer warranty against defects.

Why We Picked It?

  • UL certified
  • Goes with  halogen, incandescent and CFL bulbs
  •  3 years of manufacturer warranty 
  • Produce 3000K warm white light

6. LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp – White Lamp Shade and LED Bulb

LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Neutral fabric shade for warm glow
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Included  LED bulbs 
  • Sleek and streamlined
  • Offers 3 color choice
  • Made from durable materials

Next review product for best floor lamp with shelves is the addlon flooring lamp with shelves designed with 3 tiers of well-balanced shelves, each of them can hold 50 lbs weight. To offer a warm and cozy atmosphere of your living place or office surrounding this have high quality lampshade. Lights which comes through the lampshade becomes soft and gentle for sleeping or reading environment in night. The lamp itself is decorative for a different place.

For ultimate convenience to light up your place this comes with LED light bulb which can pour 2700K lights with 50% less electric consuming than traditional types of  lightbulbs. This LED has up to 50000 horse service time which makes you carefree about frequent change of the light. The light equipped with pull chain design which won’t disappoint you even after 10000 times of pulling for daily uses which is tested for your satisfaction. And the 16-inch length of the shelves accomplished a good size item

The lamp backed with a 3 years warranty against any defects. Making with high quality wood, this ensures super durability and stability on various types of floor. You can pick this confidently for the popular style of home, while this simple and modern tall lamp matches any existing furnishing style. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose this among vintage, black and white finish types. Featuring with instant on, won’t make you bother you when light is turned on.

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Why We Picked It?

  • Works well with Alexa
  • Priced properly
  • Easy to put together
  • Simple design match any decor

7. Shelf Floor Lamp – 2 Fast Charging USB Ports and 1 Power Outlet

Shelf Floor Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • 63 inch height 
  • Simple and elegant
  • Ideal for any decor
  • Pulling chain on/off 
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • TC cloth for shade

With the three good size shelves, SHINE HAI 3 in 1 shelf floor lamp is more functional  to store small displaying things like photo frame or accent pieces, flower vase and decorative plants with 10.24 x 10.24 inch square dimensions to give a personalized look in your room. This comes with 24 months warranty service to satisfy your investment.Versatile design of light fits any room setting, modern to farmhouse.

The most convincing feature of the floor lamp with shelves is a wide bulb compatibility. The light comes with E26 base which works with LED, incandescent, CFL with warm, RGB color changing bulb when this has less than 100W. Furthermore, choosing a smart light bulb and Wi-Fi socket you can connect this to Alexa for adjustable brightness and color with smart switch incorporation.

Standing 63 inch height, this could be suitable for next to sofa, fish tank, bed nook, bedside and any living space area to improve the convenience of use the light and bring the warm glow. To make the difference with others model, this have 2 fast charging 5V/2A USB ports and a power outlet where you can charge three devices at a same time on the third shelves of the stand light. With brown and black two color choices you can find the best pick for your home.‘

Why We Picked It?

  • Works with most bulb types
  • Backed with 24 months warranty
  • Fast charging function
  • Customized clip for cord

8. Floor Lamp with Shelves – Modern Dimmable Solid Wood Standing Lamp Both

Floor Lamp with Shelves

Highlighted Features

  • Good weight over carpet stability
  • Has a drawer to store valuable things
  • Pull chain control
  • 2 fast charging port and 1 power outlet
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Designed with linen lampshade

A lamp,3 way charging method  and light SUNMORY floor lamp with shelves makes this handy and must have things for your home or office. On the 3 shelve there are 2 charging USB port and 1 power outlet for charging 3 device cell phones, Tablet, wristwatch, Bluetooth speaker  and other at once. On the contrary, for small things like keys, small ornaments, glasses or remote control which are loses easily you can use the single drawer of the 3rd shelf to store them safely.

This lamp has solid wood construction to ensure durability and stability.And the wood grain can be seen on the lamp stand and shelves to give a more attractive look when you place this in your living room, bedroom, office or study. You can stand this Asian style light with shelves by the sofa, bed, desk corridor where you want perfect lighting without blocking a large area of your valuable floor. Easy assembly and uses won’t disappoint you any ways. To put together at the parts takes only 10 mins and turn on/off and light color change with pulling chain.

Japanese style vertical lamp designed with off-white cloth lampshade to offer elegance and simplicity together side by side. Third light comes with 9watts LED bulb to offer 800 lumens, saving 50% energy and longer lifetime of bulb. With the 3 color temperature adjustability 300oK, 4000K and 5000K to be perfect lighting source for various task reading book to night light with single light. For your smart home requirements you can connect with smart outlet to compatible with Alexa, google Home Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

Why We Picked It?

  • 3 years warranty
  • Very reasonable price
  • Contains a bulb with 3 color temperature
  • Made of solid wood

9. Standing Lamp – Simple Modern Floor Lights with LED Bulb

standing lamp for living room

Highlighted Features

  • Available in 3 finishes
  • Lightweight  yet durable
  • A LED bulb included
  • Flax made removal lampshade
  • Combination of modern and tradition style 
  • Aesthetic appealing 

It is a self standing and dependable floor lamp from CO-Z with shelves from prize and size comparison of the other existing model of the flooring lamp with shelves. If you have seen already the pictures of the light which is available in three-colours, you will get them so pretty for your different style of home and furnishing way. Assembling of the flooring lamp with shelves is very easy that anyone can do that even without following any instruction with all the included installation tools. Pull string design makes this convenient to use for any user.

Expecting more from this floor lamp with shelves than any other stand light. This is designed with 3 shelves to provide a cleaner look of your bedroom or living room where you can store books, accent pieces, photo frame, remote, flower vase and other. Whether you are keeping this foyer, door side, den or anywhere this will be itself gorgeous among lots of furniture. Because of having high quality materials’ construction  goes up years while this comes with 1 years warranty service from the manufacturer. With the included LED bulb saves you energy and goes up to 30000 hours without replacement.

With the minimalistic look and wooden structure, this can be an outstanding match for  Asian, urban, modern, mid-century or farmhouse theme of your home. Double purposes of this light ensure warm lighting and shelving makes this worth of price. This modern light have fabric lampshade and ambient uplight diffused design to cover the entire area where you want to illuminate. This light has ETL certification, which means it passed all the test or that organization to be proven safe and long-lasting performance for your living place.

Why We Picked It?

  • Certified by ETL
  • Sturdy and  space-saving
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Crafted from high quality wood

10. Outon Floor Lamp with Shelves – LED Column Modern Floor Lamp

LED Column Modern Floor Lamp

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 9.5 feet cord 
  • Open-top white linen texture shade
  • Assemble takes only 5 mins
  • Included LED goes up to 25000 hours
  • Modern and minimalistic design 
  • Very sturdy and stable

Multiple shelves to store things are common things, but good height and other excellent convenience features of OUTON floor lamp with shelfoffer position in best floor lamp with shelves of our reviews and being Amazon choice for tall flooring lamps for living room category. This has 63.7 inch height while 10.25 x 15 inch shelves which you can easily access for storing different things such as books, art, photo, remote and flowerpot when you placed this beside your bed or sofa, corner of living room. Instantly this ensures clean look and elegant.

Add something more in your decor without making you budget larger with OUTON  floor lamp with shelf. This offers three-colour temperature adjustability with included LED bulb by pulling the chain twice. To ensure best performance, this LED power saving bright light won’t be less than your expectation. Spending 9watts it can produce 800 lumens, warm and soft lighting to be reliable for different lighting needs. This rectangular shape flooring lamp with shelves won’t take lots of space, rather fin in a small place to highlight the area. Build in AC outlet and USB port offer more convenience to charge you devices.

White linen texture shade keep the light comfortable with the eye level height. There are two neutral finish for this modern, sleek and beautiful floor lamp with shelf such as black and walnut which are could be completing for any style and furnishing for your home. You can choose most of the popular bulb choice such as RGB, smart, CFL, Incandescent with this fixture’s E26 base. Assemble and maintenances pretty easy when this has manuals and plastic clips.

Why We Picked It?

  • Three-colour temperature adjustability
  • Traditional built in pulling chain for turning on/off
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google home
  • Convenient charging station

Buying Guide of Best Floor Lamp with Shelves

When you are deciding to purchase best floor lamp with shelf that must have the quality to make your obscure place perfectly brightening. To bring life, into the dark corner of the living room or bedroom, flooring lamp with shelves are a smart and affordable choice with soft and warming glow. However, there are several considerations which can fulfil your requirements. Before investing money, you should check out the highlighted things with your selected option.

Switch types

For floor lamp with shelves pulling chain, most popular and common design which is also traditional.When you are placing this nest to your bed, sofa, reading nook or desk this switch type helps to on/off or color temperature adjustability easily. Some have remote control or smart hub compatibility to maintain the unit smartly without moving your place.In these cases, the lamp can be pricey.

Shade materials 

Most of the floor lamp with shelves have linen textured shade which is great for warm, diffused light for brighter glow. As this are not task light, this can add a good level of ambience lighting for reading a book, sleeping time or just illuminate a dark corner of your living place. You can not depend on this type of shade to brighten up large area or very sharp lighting.

Bulb type

It is the most important consideration when you are floor lamp with shelves. Because of LED light technology’s energy saving capacity, most of the lamp are compatible to LED lightbulb. Yet, finding the fixture which also works with all the traditional bulbs, RGB and smart home devices must be expensive rather versatile to meet all requirements.


To ensure durability, hardwood made  floor lamp with shelves are always favorite for homeowner.Wooden grains which are visible on the  stand and shelves provide classical glow for this addition.Even well constructed lamp have super stability to place over any kinds of floor and carpet.

Style and Adjustability

Floor lamps with shelves are a neutral choice for any decor. Whatever style you pick for your room without changing furnishing, this lamp match your room setting.But most of the  flooring lamp with shelves have several finish choices for individual preference.

Color temperature adjustability and dimmable capacity is very stunning featured  floor lamp with shelves when you wanted to use the light in different context. Some  flooring lamp with shelves comes with remote control or smart device via to set the changes.

Warranty and price

Price being a matter of consideration when you want to keep your the budget reasonable without compromise in performance quality. This comes with good price even with fast charging system,2/3 shelving and drawers to makes this more convenience for different need. For longevity, these have various period of warranty. Among them, a good number of comes with 1 years, while fewer have 3 years or more against any defects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Best Floor Lamp with Shelves

Except choosing best floor lamp with shelf, there have possibilities of wasting money within years. Because of their lots of color and shade types, yet this also offer a thousand choice for your room’s style and decor. To be enough learned about them frequently asked question reading is essential for any review readers. Among them size, shade type, lighting capacity are very common question which comes to your mind very first when you are made your mind. You should check into these questions to satisfy you with straightforward answers.

Which is perfect height for floor lamp with shelves?

For eye level of floor lamp with shelf usually have 58-63 inch height. Thous some has more of less depending on different customer need and purpose. If you choose the right kind of lampshade, this could be a great source of soft and diffuse light to create a warming glow with 60-64 inch height of  flooring lamp with shelves.

Why do you need a  floor lamp with shelves?

Choose a floor lamp with shelf for storing small and handy things properly on the shelves. If your flooring lamp with shelves have a drawer you can store small ornaments, glasses and keys without losing them anymore. If your  flooring lamp with shelves have charging system, you can change multiple devices and access them when you are 

Does a floor lamp with shelves match in your living room?

Usually floor lamp with shelf has modern and minimalistic look to match any room decor. To illuminate the corner area, door side or by the side of sofa flooring lamp with shelves won’t go any wrong way with various finish and size of them. They have neutral finish to go any theme such as rustic, urban or contemporary living room.


All model of best floor lamp with shelves have double purposes- brightening up your room as well as unique accent piece which will be statement with existing furnishing for most of the popular choice of decor. From breaking the stereotype thinking that  your flooring lamp can be one purposeful lights for reading nook to illuminate table-top or bedside as spotlight rather a decorative multi functional piece for various place.

Our listed best flooring lamp with shelves can change the entire atmosphere of your place whether it is bedroom, living room, study, den and other places. As your light can create perfect ambience, we consider the key factor when we are researching to recommend them with full proof.

So buying the best flooring lamp with shelves won’t be so tough for you as ours buyer’s guide, FAQs and top list won’t go your wrong way to reach them with least effort and time.

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