Best Magnifying Floor Lamp

Best Magnifying Floor Lamp Reviews In 2023

You do not need to say to us why best magnifying floor lamp is being essential things for you. But magnifying floor lamp finding sometimes can be really difficult for you when you don’t have enough time to research on a good number of available models in the market. But you can’t invest any wrong product without knowing about them thoroughly. We hope after reading the entire article you cant to any wrong way.

These lights are multi-functional and great lighting and magnifying solution side by side. When you are reading, making jewelry, working on spa and salons, painting or other dine art you need to use both hands. In this situation, magnifying required one hand to hold this properly to move forth. Yet, This lamp equipped with lighting source and magnifying contents combined to see thing easily.

However, we have chosen and tested up to 30 top-rated items from different brand and finally recommends this 10 best floor lamp that are suitable for low vision and macular degeneration people to be efficient in viewing for different tasks he is used to.

Our Top Picks

Brightech Lightview Pro Full Page
Fulcrum LED Wireless
Brightech LightView Pro Wheel Rolling Base
Brightech LightView Pro Bright LED
Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp Full Spectrum LED Light
Wheel Rolling Base Brightech
Magnifier LED Illuminated Floor Lamp
Lumens Super-LED
Adjustable Stand & Swivel Arm LED Magnifier Light
Facial Magnifier Light with Utility Clamp

The best floor lamp are handy included a magnifying glass and bulbs incorporation to the frame of lamp to improve the vision of people who have eyesight problems. These years floor lamps are a very popular thing for those people who are working small thing like jewelry and electronic chip or hobbies, different crafting. For your consideration, we pick these 10 choices for hands-free movement of magnifying and great light for visibility. From the details specifications of each item, you will get right choice for you.

1. Brightech Lightview Pro Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro

Key Features

  • LED lighting source
  • Extra wide rectangular lens
  • 10 feet cord plug
  • Can focus from 13 inch distance
  • Hands free magnify
  • Designed for multiple uses 

Our first choice for the best magnifying lamp is Brightest Light View Pro which is sturdy and reliable. With hands-free magnifier and LED light incorporation makes this ideal for beautician tasks, woodworking, stitching, knitting paint, reading books or other professional or hobbies task when this have extra wide rectangular lens for covering the full book page or large areas. To make every customer happy with their purchase, this has a 3 years manufacturer warranty.

This device has a 24 inch flexible gooseneck which you can set any direction accurately to prove this versatile light for any situation for different needs. For more convenience of the user, this has 1.75X magnification capability which will focus the thing from 3 inch distance. To illuminate perfectly, this has a LED light source to produce 540 lumens with only 9w. Along with energy saving, this will go 15-20 years even after daily use of 3 hours.

Many of the lamps come with plastic or acrylic lens, but this has 6.5 x 4 inch genuine diopter glass lens which is scratch resistant and won’t wrap with long tempered use or heat. Like others, this does not damage frequently and makes your investment long-lasting. For macular degeneration or aging eyes, this will be helpful with its extra light beside the magnification to see the tiny things or letter. And the 10x9x1 inch highly stable base won’t kick down accidentally.

Why We Picked It?

  • Comes with 3 years of warranty 
  • Won’t take lots of space 
  • G17 inch flexible gooseneck
  • Magnification strength up to 180%

2. Fulcrum LED Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp with Adaptor

Light It By Fulcrum

Key Features

  • Adjustable metal neck
  • Included AC adaptor
  • Extra bright with 12 LEDs
  • Glare free illumination
  • Equipped 6Xbifocal lens
  • Super wide viewing area

Larger diameter lens and the even, glare free lighting is the main attractive features of Light it! By Fulcrum floor lamp. You can do anything quilting, jewelry making or reading newspaper, map or book with small text without facing any difficulties with it’s 5 inch ultra-wide viewing area for 2x magnify capacity. With professional quality optics and LED floodlight technology, this is a more dependable option than only this lamp.

Around the magnifying lens, this has 12 LEDs floodlights to ensure higher brightness, even and glare free illumination up to 100000 hours without any replacements. This light pour goof amount of light more than incandescent lamps, but it does not emit any heat which can feel you comfortable when you are doing tasks at table, desk, workbench and favorite chair for reading, painting or sewing purposes. It comes with an AC adapter to charge this. On the other hand, you can use this three alkaline D batteries for wire free light up. Those can go as early as 60 hours.

Operation of the light is very simple with the press button, which is located at the top of the magnifier. To ensure higher level of convenience to its user, this designed with metal flexible gooseneck to set the needed direction of the light pouring to see everything perfectly. The overall dimension of the lamp is 53x 9 x 11 inch and 12 pound weight which allow good stability yet easy to move one place to another.

Why We Picked It?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and stable base 
  • Affordable price
  • Energy-saving and portable

3. Brightech LightView Pro Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp

brightech lightview pro magnifying lamp

Key Features

  • Wide base for good balance and stability
  • 3 diopter magnifier glass lens 
  • Can be dimmable
  • Long-lasting and energy saving
  • Integrates LED lights offer 800lm
  • Color temperature range from 3000K to 6000K

Brightech Lightview Pro 6 wheel rolling base floor lamp has modern and freestanding appearance which is useful to hobbies and professional needs for spa and salons tasks, beauticians, jewelers, dentists, sewing, reading books or small electronic repairing and so on. To bring the light particular this has flexible arm and pivoting head. While the powerful spring won’t make it wobble.This is hand free design where you can use both hand in your task do not need to hold light with a hand.

This food lamp have 53 inches standing height with 3.5  inch height x 15 inch diameter base. There are 6 wheel incorporation of the base to make rolling the lamp which is very convenient to move this even on rough surface. To offer right illumination, this lamp designed with LED to pour 800 lumens lighting with 9w. It can save up to 50% energy as well as won’t heat up the place to make you comfort with your working or reading time.You can depend on this light for 3 hours per day and able to illuminate more than 20 years.

With 1.75 x magnification quality with 3 diopters, it will help you be efficient for best performance on profession of reading small letter books or map. You will enjoy 3 years manufacturer warranty for this lamp. To be reliable things to aging eyes or muscular degeneration with easy close up focus design. Plus this has built in dimmer switch to set lighting actually you need. The 4.5 inch glass lens is scratch resistant and longer performance than your expectancy.

Why We Picked It?

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Designed with adjustable arm and pivoting head
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty service 
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

4. Brightech LightView Pro Bright LED Magnifying Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1

Key Features

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Very  easy to put together
  • Height can be modified 
  • Convenient on/off switch corporation
  • Sturdy weighted base
  • Has 4.5 inch wide lens

This is another amazing floor lamp from Brightech which could be a great magnifying lighting solution reading nook, or workplace. Everyone deserves the best piece of lighting for hobbies or professional tasks. And Lightview Pro 2 in 1 versatile for an array of professionals used to look at the small things of detail to make you more confident on your work. Plus, build in dimmer switch in head  can dim and bright the lighting types

Adjustable color temperature from 3000K warm white to 6000K day white light to allow limitless convenience for you. In the collaboration of LED light technology and real adopter lens offers 800 lumen of lights by 9W equivalent to 60W incandescent or others. Saving energy and long-lasting bright goes 20 years even you are keeping this on for 3 hors per day to read book/newspaper, artsor craft and other hobbies.

Convertible 2 in 1 desk and lamps offer your two design in one lamp. Depending on your need you can set with 79x 23x 62cm for tabletop design and 79x29x1000 cn for standing height. To ensure unperrallel adjustability this have pivoting head, neck and arm. This lamp wont regreat you for its fucnctionality while this can magnify 175% with 4.5 inch authentic lens made from real 3 diopter glass which resissys heat and search for daily and long termed uses.

Why We Picked It?

  • Bright LED lights
  • Convertible floor lamp to desk lamp
  • 3 years of warranty service
  • Versatile and durable

5. Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp Full Spectrum LED Light for Reading

Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy shell
  • Bright LED light in around position
  • Clear magnifying view
  • Comfortable brightness
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty service
  • An easy assembly process

Tomsoo 3 in 1 lamp will relieve your from handled magnifier and offer accurate lighting for reading or working. Now, with this lamp you can use your both hand in crafting, working of reading books. This lamp is designed one swing arm, two metal tubes, one base and one clamp to allow flexibility of use as floor lamp or clamp lamp per your need. With the 3 knobs and 4 spring it can set the different directions without any shaking or falling the light for hours.

Like others this have not positioned LEDs not above pattern rather around the magnifier to pour lighting without shadow. To ensure higher level of comfort, this has aluminum alloy shell of lens to make this heat dissipation and durable than plastic made ones. For the people who constantly focuses close up work, anyone with vision or macular degeneration, this performs dependable aid of clear viewing. With the 60 pieces SMD  LED can offer 960 lumens brightness to provide evenly lit viewing area to work or read the small letter newspaper.

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There are two adjustable height of this floor lamp, one for workbench, table with heavy duty aluminum clamp and another for floor position with wide and stable base. Using the lighting mode adjuster on the power cord, you can ensure warm white or daylight for reading or working purpose. The 2.25X magnifier lens have authentic dipper glass material and 4.4 inch diameter to magnify clearly without eye’s distortion view which reduce fatigue and protect your eye from strains.

Why We Picked It?

  • Color temperature range is 3000K to 6000K
  • Great for any precision hand work
  • Lens made from authentic diopter glass
  • Adjustable swing arm

6. Wheel Rolling Base Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro 6

Key Features

  • Durable quality construction
  • Clear magnification
  • High quality LEDs for great illumination
  • Backing with 3 years warranty
  • Energy efficient and long-lasting
  • Aesthetic pleasing design 

When we are talking about more advanced, best floor lamps, Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling base is one of them to be a trustworthy piece for quality vision aid. And the main motto of this is providing a clear view without distortion with convenient and reliable magnifying tools. Bright light with dimmable features can be a vision aid to experience better life in different situations.

This lamp is quite helpful for not only macular degeneration, low vision, seniors aging eyes but also industrial, professional and hobbies of painter, artist repairman, crater and reading enthusiasts. To ensure smooth rolling this have 6 wheels as you can move this easily even on the bad surface for spa/salons, dentist, beauticians and others need. When it can reduce eye strain and avoid headache, this dimmable features with this you can set light color temperature 3000K to 6000K.

At the very least this floor lamp feature, this has an adjustable arm and pivoting head to place the light exactly where you want the light. And the powerful spring to keep the arms without shaking. With the 3” diopter glass lens you will get magnifying view up to 175% and 13 inch focus distance from the things. This lens also scratch resistant to save frequent cost of replacement. Integrated LED can produce 800 lumens with 9W and lit up more than 20000 hours.

Why We Picked It?

  • Largest authentic diopter glass lens
  • Hands Free and portable
  • Selectable color temperature
  • Adjustable arm for flexibility

7. Magnifier LED Illuminated Floor Lamp

Magnifying LED Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Three beautiful finish available
  • Push on/off switch incorporated
  • Convenient handle design for easy use
  • Adjustable neck from 30-42 inch
  • Brighter natural LED lights
  • Higher stability from a weighted base

The Daylight24 designed with 8×10 inch largest magnifier shade to cover the full page of book with perfect natural daylight to reduce eye strains when you are busy in reading crafting, sewing and other hobbies and this lights can ensure optimal performance to light shedding and magnifying. Magnifier build in LED integrated lights which durable and excellent than incandescent types. This brighter natural light helpful to see the color truly along with contrast and clarity to get authentic pleasure of reading or viewing.

If you choose this floor magnifying lamp, you will experience easy accessibility of the lamp with convenient handle to place the light accurately. Depending on your preference, the 17.5 inches flexible gooseneck can be adjusted where you want to place while a minimum floor height to magnifier of 30.5 inch and a maximum height of 41 inches. With the on/off  toggle switch on the magnifier turn on/off the lamp easily. A weighted base provide higher level of stability which won’t tipping anyway.

Detailed tasks needlepoint, facial and reading this lighting  provide you intense light and magnification with energy efficiency and distortion free vision for different task. This lamp has stylish and attractive appearance which easily fit any decor try of your home and professional space. Furthermore, three beautiful finish and 3 years warranty service makes any customer of this light confident and happy with this purchase.

Why We Picked It?

  • Incredible brightness
  • Cover large area with magnification shade
  • Easy to assemble
  • Worth of the money

8. Lumens Super-LED Magnifying Floor Lamp

Magnifying Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Has 4 brightness level
  • Perfect for various tasks
  • Super LED goes up to 100000 hours
  • 6 wheels rolling base
  • 3 years extended warranty offer
  • Stable base

For the next review we picked Neatfi Bifocals super LED lamps which have popularity all over the world customer. There are lots of reason to achieve such a position while market is full of thousand options. Where most of it have 750-950 lumens, this comes with 1200 lumens to make you comfortable to read small print on various products.

To make this most efficient this has both near vision 20-diopter a bright beam of vivid light without any glare and large 5-diopter lenses to offer professional level of performance. With the four level of brightness level it can meet your different need reading to various tasks. Another must have feature is adjustable arm of the lights which helps here like third hand to keep the light accurate position to do your task comfortably and make your both hand free.

For amazing brightness this has LEDs those won’t burn even after 100000 hours performance. It won’t heat the light for hours lit up. To ensure unparalleled stability, this has 5 wheels to roll over carpeting, hardwood floors and other surfaces. With the 3 years warranty service, you can make you satisfied with the investment. Between the two colors, black and white, you can pick your superior match color for your decor.

Why We Picked It?

  • Very easy to set up
  • Practical size on lens
  • Inexpensive and worth of money
  • Adjustable swivel arm

9. Magnifying Floor Lamp Adjustable Stand & Swivel Arm LED Magnifier Light

Magnifying Floor Lamp with Clamp

Key Features

  • Saves 80% energy consumption
  • Backed with 3 years warranty service
  • Magnification capacity up to 225%
  • Offer convenient height adjustability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Real glass diopter lens

TOMSOO lamp is our next suggestion which can be more accurate choice for reader jewelry maker or hobbyist who works with very small things where they need ultra bright light and efficient magnifying capacity. With the 3 in 1 design, you can make this food lamp to clamp lam and desk lamp. To make ultimate convenient for user, this has two height adjustability through the thicker and sturdy material structure helps it to the stable and safe.

Whatever your purpose is, this lamp has professional grade lighting with 78 LEDs to pour 1500 lumens and consumes 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. This goes up to 50 years lifespan even after its 3 years warranty service. This light has 3 light modes- 3200K,4200K and 6000K to meet your different needs with single light. Along with 5 degree diopters and 4.4 inch glass allow 225% magnification effect for clear field of vision.

Moreover, It has stepless dimmable from 10%-100% each of color of light to personal demands such as reading, relaxation and work. There are 4 flexible spring and 3 knobs to make the adjustable swing arm adjustable without shaking or falling which is essential feature to keep your hands free and provide full concentration on reading/work not light holding or magnifying lens.

Why We Picked It?

  • Can be converted clam and desk lamp
  • Stepless dimming (10%-100%)
  • Adjustable swing arm
  • Three-colour temperature choices

10. Magnifying Floor Lamp Facial Magnifier Light with Utility Clamp

Magnifying Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Provide 2 different heights
  • Adjustable 3 color modes
  • 10 levels of brightness
  • Sturdy base won’t fall 
  • Offers glare free soft lighting
  • Ideal for observe tiny details

At the very end of best floor lamp, we will review Addie 3 in 1 daylight super bright it. This is designed with 15 inch plus focal range. With the 3 diopter glass, this can magnify up to 300% like a professional pieces. As a greater solution of vision problems like aging eyes or macular degeneration, this will be helpful to anyone who needs to constant focus close up though the magnifying tools.

White finish of it provides elegant look which easily match any room decor. To experience more powerful and user-friendly lamp, this has 1-12 watts dimming system without any glare and eye strains when this have 8x magnification tools. Now you can read book, kindle, iPad and newspaper.

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Lamps with patented design like Addie have three poles which can allow different level of height for floor and shorter for workbench and stool to meet different need. Enjoy three-colour temperature warm, natural light and cool white with 1500 lumens light shedding. To ensure smooth performance, this has soft and comfortable lighting to assist you in any project, keep protecting your eye from harsh light.

Why We Picked It?

  • 5-dioper magnification
  • Energy efficient powerful LEDs 
  • Larger focus area
  • Safe and durable

Buying Guide of Best Magnifying Floor Lamp

There are lots of complexities that you will feel to find these lamps when you are not enough learned about important features and consideration factors of them. Though we have already attached a well-researched recommendation for you, but we want you will be capable to compare between our top picks and other popular products before purchasing anything. And here our buying guide which help you to know which is best out best for you.


For successful purchase of the best magnifying floor lamp, you should first check into the magnification ability of the lamp as how much your lamp actually magnifies an object. Though they are not designed for super high level of magnification but able enough magnification to help aging eyes, macular degeneration and low vision people in reading or sewing project.

Depending on your task type for it lamps can provide right kind of magnification for your job. To complete the home task, try to find at least 5 times magnification. Yet, some magnifying lamp comes with more powerful magnification for detailed work.


Various brands and models designed their floor lamps with different brightness level. While one is brighter than others with variable numbers of light and their lumens. You should choose 950-1200 lumens. If you need brighter light, grab one with more lumens.


Adjustability is a must-have feature for lamp. Without flexible neck, your investment will be completely waste on your various project. These lamps with flexible neck are easy to use while you can set any directions-up/down, led/right to look the things perfectly and conveniently. If you do not need magnification, you can aside this to get lighting only. 

Flexible swing arm

When you want to make your both hands free to be full efficient for your task, flexible swing arm works as a third hand on a magnifying lamp to keep the light stable and accurate place per your task. Gooseneck arm are very use, though you should pick one study metal swing arm for optimal performance.

Quality of LEDs

Most of lamp comes with LEDs which are energy efficient and long-lasting lighting and conventional choices. To make you investment worthy, LEDs projected these lamps are all time recommended. From are researched we have found that average of LEDs for this light have 20000 to 40000 lifespan which can go 15/20 years of illumination. If your budget is more you will find them 100000 which are really a good number of lights longevity. As these are not replaceable, choose one with decades lifespan.

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To make a usual lamp in a professional grade dimmable feature is required one. Usually this light have built-in LED which has comfortable light. They are rightly designed for various task. But when you are serving a versatile one for sleeping, reading, or detailed mechanism need different light pouring. So find one which dimmable dimmer switch to set the lamp how much light will emit per your task. With this feature, your light can not be much or less bright in your any project.


You cannot be careless to marital and sturdy construction of a floor lamp. But don’t choose a piece which heavy weight, which makes it harder to carry this one place to another safely and conveniently. There are 5o6 well design lamp which is great for different surface rolling. Manufacturer designed this with long power cord when these needs electric power supply to run them. Some of them have battery system to make this wireless to be versatile.

Frequently  Asked Questions About Best Magnifying Floor Lamp

In the frequently asked question session, we will list some researched question which can be helpful to use, assemble, maintain and find this lamp. If you are set mind to purchase magnifying floor lamp these answers must be helpful to know this product entirely. Read carefully, which takes two minutes but will help your confidence to go to the next level of purchasing.

What are the benefit of magnifying floor lamp?

This lamp is specially designed for providing close-up views of tiny object and these qualities make it versatile thing for salons and spa where beautician used this to magnify skin, nails, scalp to give treatment. Dentists, jewelers and crafted also use this in their profession. This light provides plenty of light which are good to see things perfectly. When you are working with tiny things or habituated to reading books for long time, there are lots of possibility to hurt your eyesight, yet this lamp prevents eye stain. 

What is the best magnifying floor lamp?

Each of the this lamps from our top pick list is good on their own performance. They are good in magnification and illumination at a reasonable price. Among the Light it! Fulcrum this light, Tomsoo it lamp, Neatfi Bifocal LED lamp, Brightech LightView Pro glass magnifying lamp, and other popular models of Brightech LightView won’t disappoint you when you have purchased them.

What type of bulb is used in a magnifying lamp?

We have already suggested that you pick a light with an LED lighting source. These are dependable for long-lasting illumination and energy-saving qualities. The LEDs for lamps are pouring lights evenly, soft, and comfortable for all projects. Furthermore, this won’t heat the shell to create a hot environment when you are taking this for professional purposes.

Does magnifying floor lamp come with a warranty?

Good quality lamp comes with a good periodical warranty against any damage to craftsmanship and lighting or magnifying tools. Most floor lamps have a 2 or 3-year after-sales warranty to make their customer satisfied.

How do assemble magnifying floor lamp?

Assembling this lamp is very easy while these are packed with manual instructions. This won’t require extra tools to put together. And this will take only 10 mins to make ready for use.

What is the most reliable magnifying glass for a floor lamp?

The answer to the question depends on the task type and how much magnification you need. We suggest you pick the magnifying glass with up to 225%. While few models have 600% or more to give this professional level of magnification.


Hopefully, making the right decision to buy the best magnifying floor lamp won’t be hard now that you have read our reviews. We trial a lot to make our favorites with the best of the best available lamps in the market. To suggest the name, we have researched and tested up to 35 products and recommend 10 with specifications so you can make an appropriate comparison among them.

These lamps are hands-free design and able to illuminate large size areas without any glare. Along with adjustable height, arm and neck, these are a complete package of convenience. Even you can purchase one with a backup battery system to carry this anywhere.

So we are ensuring that you won’t be wrong with our top picks.

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