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Best Floor Lamps for Living Room – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A floor lamp have utilitarian benefits for its mobile convenience, energy efficiency and low maintenance. To provide clean look with ambivalent lighting source, most of modern homeowner consider best floor lamps for living room. If you are one of them who think living room is the core of your home and ever single inch of the place is valuable, choose floor lamp confidently which comes with various size, style. 

Strong natural ambiance from floor lamps is enough for your living room setting whether it is office, bedroom, or reading room this glow creates instantly refreshing mood for you. With a floor lamp, you can upgrade your place without making your budget larger. The versatile placement option won’t disappoint you for any corner of your room, beside the sofa or bed or in the middle of the foyer anywhere you feel the necessity of comfortable lighting.

Offering the best floor lamps for living room we are writing this article where you will get 10 top picked choice list with specification, buying guide and FAQ which will be useful on this journey. You can choose one from here which can enhance the beauty of your home with cozy style statement itself. 

Our Top Picks

Floor Lamp Tall Standing Pole Light
Led Floor Lamp Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Lamp
Modern Standing Addlon Floor Lamp for Living Room
Remote & Touch Control LED Floor Lamp for Living Room
Dimunt LED Bright Lighting Floor Lamps for Living Room
Rottogoon LED Bulb Included Floor Lamp for Living Room
Brightech Sophia Free Standing Elegant Floor Lamp for Living Rooms
Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Standing Tree Floor Lamp
Mid Century Standing Reading Light Floor Lamp for Living Room
Pole Light Great Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room

1. Floor Lamp Tall Standing Pole Light with Remote & Touch Control

Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Spiral cable for easy installation
  • Energy efficient LED
  • Will match any decoration
  • Tall, solid and sturdy
  • Stable base for safety
  • Comes with remote control

When we are talking about the best floor lamps for living room, we love to start with JOOFO LED floor lamp which have two-way control system with remote control and build in touch control system. The remote of the lights can work from 10 m distance, while you need not leave sofa or bed to set any setting of the light. This light featured with efficient 126 LED light beads to illuminate darker corner of your living room with 60-80% less energy consumption.

With modern and minimalistic light design you can choose this for office, bedroom kitchen, college dorm, study, library and others. There are 4 beautiful colors for this beautiful lighting including brushed nickel, Avocado green, white and black. So you can choose any of them per your various decoration needs. Painted attractive floor lamp have wider study base which won’t fall over your by wobbling, or knocking by the kids of pets. Feel safe and with its stable base.

Fully customized with 3 color temperature of light, brightness adjustability, 85 and 180 degree light settings. Depending on your task and eyes comfort, you can set light head whether you are want to illuminate dating desk or corner of your home. These have easy installation with all required tools, which can save your time and effort. For lightweight, you can carry this anywhere foyer to living or bedroom up to your lighting demand.

Why We Picked It?

  • Adjustable color temperature 
  • Have memory function
  • Won’t take lots of floor space 
  • 360 degree rotated lighting surface

2. Led Floor Lamp – Adjustable Gooseneck Standing Lamp for Living Room

Led Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Equipped with 112 LED lamp beads
  • Emits 1200 lumens
  • Selectable brightness
  • 49.2 feet remote control range
  • Source of flicker free natural and soft light
  • Offers 6 scenes to meet various need

WIO-MIO designed their LED floor lamp with 6 different modes -office, sleep, leisure, prestressing, reading and entertainment. Setting of the various scenes is pretty essay with remote control which have 49.2 feet range. You can change the modes, brightness, color changes from bed, reading table, working table from one corner to another of the room without living your place. Except remorse control, you can also control the  stepless dimmer and temperature with touch control. It is not just a lamp for your home, rather than magical light which can offer accurate lighting for different need of you and other family members.

Except the basic lighting needs, this have a one-hour timer function. For your bedroom you will need a light with timer setting as you do not need to stay one dark night or shut down the light when you are sleepy. To feel your baby safe at the time of sleeping, set one hour time which turn off after 60 minutes. This light follows flicker elimination technology which provide soft, eye caring light even after long termed working or reading. It has memory function which will automatically adjust the last preference of your light.

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The light have 360 degree adjustable goose necks while you can bend and set this any direction to get perfect illumination. With the 112 LED, this can produce 12oo lumens with by 12 watts only. You can set brightness 5% to 100% and 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6000K color temperature. In the packet you will get all the thing including remote battery to activate the light intensely. Another thing with make you happy that is reinforced magnet in remote to attach this any metal surface to keep this front of the eye.

Why We Picked It?

  • Available 6 finish choices
  • Designed with flexible gooseneck
  • 4 color temperature
  • 1-hour timer setting

3. Modern Standing Addlon Floor Lamp for Living Room

Floor Lamp for Living Room

Key Features

  • Bulb included
  • Match easily with any decor
  • Brights up the entire room
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Different color finish and shade available
  • Eye caring soft glow with linen shade

From good research on best floor lamps for living room, we have found out that shaded floor lamps are more reliable for multipurpose. The addlon floor have blending look with modern and vintage arc for minimalist design. There are five different color combination for shade and standing rod to make them for individual choice without compromising overall matching of the light with room style and rest of the furniture.

While you want a safer floor lamp won’t fall over ages member of the family, child or pet, this comes with well-weighted base for its higher stability. It has energy efficient LED bulbs as lighting source which won’t runt out frequently. Yet ultra brightness of the light comparable to the 60W traditional type of bulbs. You do not need to purchase bulb separately while this floor lamp comes with all installation required part and bulbs for superior convenience.

Turning on /off this light is very easy with the foot switch. With this, every time, it is not mandatory to stand up to on/off the light. Soft and comfortable light shedding of the lamp makes it an ideal choice for nursery, bedroom, reading nook and more. Simple and elegant appearance of lamp proven this suitable for variable lifestyle. To ensure warm flair for the entire room this which take lots of space, yet fit any corner of your living room such as beside sofa, door or reading table.

Why We Picked It?

  • Foot switch  operation
  • Long-lasting and energy efficient LED lights
  • Weighted base
  • Great volume of money

4. Remote & Touch Control LED Floor Lamp for Living Room

LED Floor Lamp for Living Room

Key Features

  • Stepless brightness and color temperature adjustability
  • Wider and sturdy base
  • 60 minutes timer setting
  • Designs with memory function
  • LED lights will go up to 50000 hours
  • Magnetic remote can stick to metal surface

The LED floor lamp from Dimunt have choosing option of 10%-100% brightness and customized color temperature setting from 3000K to 6000K. No matter you are reading, working, breastfeeding or sleeping one press of a button offer right lighting up to your needs. For different type of lighting effect you do not need multiple light installation and wastage of lots of money. It arrived with all the need tools to assemble the light perfectly. With the manual, it’s to take a few minutes to be ready to light up your place. 

This comes with smart remote control which allow unparalleled convenience to set different function than foot switch or touch control design. The remote control have 10 m range which undoubtedly a dependable coverage for your  living room, bedroom, study room, office and other places. If you are sitting very close to the light and do not get the remote beside your hand, there is a touch control to set function and turn on/off the lamp. Plus, the flexible gooseneck of the light and memory function won’t bother you to get light in exact direction and automatically pick the last convenient setting.

However, manufacturer designed this with 112 pcs build in LED beads to offer high brightness as up to 1000 lumens. To save energy this needs only 18w to illuminate a large living area as 60% less than traditional lights. This lights can go 50000 hours whiteout any replacement. To ensure eye protection soft glow, this light has non-flickering technology. This light won’t hot even after years to lighting which provide more comfortable environment for various tasks.

Why We Picked It?

  • Offer several functional scenes
  • Two-way control system
  • Flexible gooseneck 
  • Energy efficient yet super bright

5. Dimunt LED Bright Lighting Floor Lamps for Living Room

Dimunt LED Floor Lamps

Key Features

  • Mother daughter floor lamp 
  • Three-colour temperature
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Multiple control ways
  • Provide  2350 lumens
  • Extremely easy to put together

Unlike other light solution this won’t produce 1 way lighting rather this mother daughter floor lamp from Dimunt have two different head and functions to meet your various lighting need. Main lamp need 27w to illuminate larger place and the side lamp works with 7w works as a task lighting for reading, sewing and other working. The side lamp have flexible neck which can you adjust the light shedding any direction easily.

This lamp designed with remote control and touch control capacity. You can set any function from 32.8 ft distance of the light with remote. Now, no more living warm bed or sofa to changes setting of the lamp. With the magnet design you can stick on with any metal surface or lamp itself. If the remote is broken, and you won’t get in hand control with build in touch control.

Depending on individual lighting need you can set 3 color temperature from 3000K to 6000K and stepless 10%-1000% brightness. This light has equipped 126 and 28  high brightness LEDs which can emits 2350 lumens without burning out after years of uses. To ensure long-lasting and safe performance this is tested and certified by  ETL. Furthermore, this has 3 years warranty service from manufacturer against any defects.

Why We Picked It?

  • 3 years warranty service
  • Certified by  ETL
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Eye protection skylight

6. Rottogoon LED Bulb Included Floor Lamp for Living Room

Rottogoon Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Comes with extra shade
  • 9W LED bulb included
  • Needs easy assembling
  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple colors available
  • Good height and brightness

Whether you are looking for a vintage lighting source for your place consider Rottogoon floor lamp which comes with an extra shade to offer you more decorative purpose up to the different locations. There is 7 color choice for shade with a combo. It won’t be difficult to find the best floor lamps for living room among these. With the simple look, you can choose them for ant decorative style modern, contemporary, classical, farmhouse and more.

This lamp offers soft 3000K warm white glow for reading, relaxation and other needs. This eye protective light is great addition for nursery and living room. It is designed with long-lasting and energy efficient LED lights which won’t burnt out or damage frequently like others. Being space-saving design it won’t take lots of space of your small reading nook, living space and others. You can comfortably place this against sofa, reading table dark corner of your room or bedside to get satisfying lights.

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Adjustable lamp head and foot switch are the most convenient features of this foot lamp. You can set the right angle of light shedding actually where you need. Pedal switch allow standing or bending free turning on/off of the light. In the package you will get all the essentials tools to assemble. Plus you will get a 9w bulb to instantly light up your place. For the darkest room this is a reliable lighting source as well as a decorative thing for the entire place.

Why We Picked It?

  • Simple to assemble
  • Very sturdy and well build
  • Incorporation of pedal switch
  • Adjustable head

7. Brightech Sophia Free Standing Elegant Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

Free Standing Elegant Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Safe with sturdy base
  • Pull chain design operation
  • LED technology safes energy
  • Great for any decor schemes
  • Eye catchy and sturdy design
  • Takes only 2 mins to assemble

Our next review is Brightech Sophia freestand elegant floor lamp which is a great source of ambient lighting. The most interesting feature of this lamp is it is compatible with ECHO/ALEXA when you have managed a smart plug. To make this versatile it also works with wall switch. So getting cozy, comfortable is pretty easy this our this suggestion. Not only for home perfect lighting but also office, café and for other indoor place you can choose this.

Undoubtedly you do not want to invest money on floor lamps for living room several times for their low quality. Brighter designed this light with study material and LED technology blending to make them long-lasting and durable. This lamp can pour 800lumen as 3000k warm white which can bright up any corner perfectly yet not for entire large size room. Without any replacement this LED lighting can go up to 20 years even after3/6 hour of illumination per day. Plus this light won’t overheat to uncomfortable for long termed reading or working.

No worries about the kid and pet having when you are choosing this light with weighted base nonetheless knocking or placement over any types of carpet. The first glance of the light stuck your eyes on them for their eye catchy look with warm bronze finish and elegant detain one pole, base and shade. Though it has vintage glow but easily match with art deco, modern and other decor style.

Why We Picked It?

  • Sophisticated and relaxing lighting
  • Compatible with ECHO/ALEXA
  • Backed with 3 years of warranty
  • Can be dimmable

8. Dimmable Farmhouse Industrial Standing Tree Floor Lamp

Dimmable Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Easy to put together
  • Tree lamp design with metallic construction
  • Right height and size 
  • Package includer all required assembling tools
  • Excellent brightness
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty service

When your floor lamp is more than just a standing lamp you will be more happy with your purchase. The Nintiue floor lamp have unique look with simple metallic construction and three specially designed birdcage lampshades. This multi-head case lamp shade design will provide soft warm light as 800 lumens for each of them. Such the tall tree minimalist lamp won’t odd any style of decorations- industrial, mid-century, industrial, vintage, farmhouse and so on.  

Even if tree design floor lamp you can dim this 0-100%  to make you comfortable with different schemes. You just need to twist the knob to adjust stepless dimming capacity to meet different lighting needs of living room, bedroom, office, café, reading room and others. This industrial floor lamp have satisfying height with 9.8 inch base and 6.17 ft long power cord. For stability this wider base and strong holding pole won’t make the lamp wobble, bending and leaning after years of use.

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By the wonder of LED included bulbs you can save up to 60% energy consumption and long-lasting performance up to 25000 hours. This light featured with no flicker or buzzing quality to experience pleasurable lighting. On the contrary you can choose E26 base CFT, Incandescent and halogen bulbs which can be dimmable per your preference. To make you happy with this beautiful and multifunctional light this comes with 3 years warranty service and the package included all required assembling tools.

Why We Picked It?

  • Simple and elegant
  • Worth of money
  • Fits perfectly any corner
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

9. Mid Century Standing Reading Light Floor Lamp for Living Room

Retro Wooden Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Slim size save valuable room space
  • Soft lighting won’t hurt your eyesight
  • Wide application
  • Foot on/off switch
  • Can not knock over easily
  • Bright luminance

Who does not want to keep classical glow in living room decoration? Nothing can be better than LEPOWER Wood tripod floor lamp. This has mid-century appealing with high quality Flaxen lampshade and natural rubber wood tripod to increase durability, aesthetic glow for any decor and indoor place. Because of their sturdy design it won’t shake or damage in years of use. Classical retro wooden floor lamp itself is a decorative thing in the room.

No matter you want to it up this lamp for long time with LEDs it won’t overheat and damage the fixture anyway. Whether you can also choose incandescent other energy saving bulb per your requirements for this lamp, in this case you should pick the E26 sized screw base. This lamp is designed with foot switch to turn on/off the lamp without living your study table.

If your floor lamp produce harsh light it could be a total waste of money. Here with this lamp with flaxen lampshade you will get pleasing light for living room, bedroom, office, sturdy room, kids room, foyer and more. This has to finish choice to be perfect for your room decor. Because if having removal shade you can change the shade with same standard.

Why We Picked It?

  • Made from high quality materials
  • Well priced
  • Ideal choice for different home decor
  • Esthetically pleasing

10. Pole Light Great Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room

Industrial Floor Lamp

Key Features

  • Straightforward easy assembly process
  • Sturdy heavy-duty base
  • Long lifespan
  • Superior quality
  • Durable excellent arms
  • Convenient step on switch

Amazing Lakumu 3 light industrial floor lamp is the last recommendation for best floor lamps for living room. Along with superior high quality material and black paint this will ensure fading, rust and other long termed used damages. The tall floor lamp with 3 elegant teardrop cage design creates a fantastic look lovely blending with modern line and rustic shape. For any kind of style this could be a minimalist and neutral lighting addition.

This is a perfect additional light for your living room with warm white glow which instantly make your place cozy, welcoming, relaxing and warm for reading, decoration purpose, watching movie and other activities. To make the installation process very easy this comes with a user manual with required tools. No need to use other tools at the time of assembling.

You can take the full advantage of having floor lamp in your place with the excellent arms of the lamp. The sturdy heavy-duty base of the beautiful lamp won’t let fallen this over kids or pet by knocking them. Along with a convenient step on switch you can easily on/off the lap per your lighting need. Three lights lie on 90 degree to illuminate the place perfectly.

Why We Picked It?

  • Reasonable price
  • Can work with Alexa with smart wall outlet
  • Energy saving LED bulbs included
  • Designed with elegant teardrop cages

Buying Guide of Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

Being confused to buy best floor lamps for living room is common while you are not well known about the key factor of this which should you consider before picking anything. Several things like amount of light shedding, size, height, color and brightness adjustability, shade and bulb types, switch design weight, base type and more. As a handy guideline with our buyer’s guide you can easily choose the ultimate one for your home of office.


To get your floor lamp not only decorative rather practical find high quality materials of shade which can emit good amount of light with least energy consumption. For living room we suggest picking glass or linen shade while glass shade ensure brighter glow and linen shaded light are reliable for ambience lighting which could not be reliable for large area perfect illumination.

Types of bulb

You cannot go to any choice of lightbulb except LED when you want long-lasting  efficient and warm illumination. This bulb won’t heat up hours of lit up. Than any traditional type of bulb LED goes 25 times loner and up to 80% less energy.Some lamp has different types of bulb including smart, incandescent and halogen.

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According to interior lighting specialist you should pick floor lamps for living room up to the space you have. For small room you can consider tree, swing arm and rod types floor lamp. On the contrary lamp with shade and tripod style are great for standard size of room. Choose flooring lamps for living space up to your lighting need or purpose. For reading or tasking you need to tall and rod type light. Shaded and tree types of light could be attractive and functional to illuminate the entire place.

Weighted base

A floor lamp without sturdy base can not  be dependable for safe user. But a heavy base can stand any kind of floor even over carpet. So, check out the base and total weight of the floor lamps  to be comfortable to carry this or place anywhere without thinking of tipping over you accidentally.


It is an important factor when you are finding a perfect floor lamps for living room. Though most of the modern floor lamps comes with rotary switch, touch control or remote control to adjust brightness, color temperature and on/off the lamp which all are very convenient to use this when you are placing this beside working desk, reading nook, sofa and other areas. Yet pedal switch is a good way to keep your hands free and easy to reach which is also a popular switch type for  floor lamps.

Various brightness and color temperature

Whatever the size and height of your floor lamps without various brightness and color temperature setting you cannot enjoy all the advantages of your invested money. Find  floor lamps for living room which has at least 3 setting of brightness and color of light for different needs.

Additional features

Adjustable neck and head, memory function, timer are convenient features of floor lamps. To emit light accurately and save energy these features are amazing. If you are made a good budget you should look these features into your next purchase

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Floor Lamps for Living Room

For best floor lamps for living room these questions and answers are very useful. Here we picked all the quests which are asked several times by the customer through different website. We hope you will get satisfying answer to read the entire session about placement, types and others related queries.

What is the best height of floor lamps for living room?

You should the light lower than eye level. So, we recommend you to buy a floor lamps for living space with 58-64 inch tall.

Where should you place floor lamps in living room?

When it comes to placement of a floor lamps for living room beside the couch and fire place helps to focus the area. Again, beside or under of the art piece highlight the place. Between the two chair or any center of the living space makes the living space cozy and welcoming. If you are  a book lover you can keep this beside a reading chair which helps to reduce eye strain.

What size shade you need of a floor lamps for living room?

The rule of the thumb is 18 inches to 22 inches shade for floor lamps. Depending on room size this measurement can be higher and lower. But our suggestion can be considered the most favorable one.

Does floor lamps work with Alexa?

Not all the model of floor lamps compatible with Alexa or other smart application. But some of them are amazing with smart plug and switch. If you want to buy floor lamps for your smart home you should know in details before purchasing anything. In this case this could be a little pricey.

Which type of floor lamps should you buy?

At the time of choosing  floor lamps for living room you should find one with ambient lighting which can be versatile for watching movie, reading book, relaxing, breastfeeding and more. This type of lighting won’t be harsh for your eyesight even after long term uses of this light. Soft lighting make your mood as well as create warming environment instantly turning on the switch of the light.


You can depend on the best floor lamps for living room for an aesthetic look and amazing lighting performance. Furthermore, these are the perfect choice for almost anywhere such as bedroom, office, outdoor patio and so on. Comfortable and cozy lighting of floor lamps are great for larger and small areas. We tried here to put together all the popular designs to match individual requirements.

We are assuring you that these are quite durable and reliable against their lower budget point. To make your purchase for years and low consumption of energy we also examined their materials and bulb types and adjustable features.

Hence, buy the most versatile and functional floor lamps for living space with our top picks.

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