How To Set Outdoor Light Timer

How To Set Outdoor Light Timer

When the sun goes down, you don’t have to worry about turning on the lights. By installing a timer on your outdoor lights, you can spend less time flipping switches. See this section to know how to set outdoor light timer.

With a mechanical outlet timer, you can set your external lights to turn on and off automatically. This is an important safety precaution for the time when you are away from home after dark. Set your outdoor light timer to add convenience and security to your home. To operate any outdoor lighting, a timer is required to turn on and off the lights at scheduled times.

The main types of outdoor light timers include: From evening to dawn: This type of automatic timer turns on your outdoor lighting in the evening and turns off every morning. GFI / GFCI protection. This is a common protection when using electricity near water sources – such as pools and ponds. Other types of automatic timers are solar-powered and do not require any electrical energy source. But only work where the sun is visible, as in the southern states. The timer has two grounded outlets and a program repeat switch for on / off, off / off or on/off operating mode. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting Timers

Outdoor lighting timers are available in three basic formats: fuse, switch and digital timer. Homeowners who have little experience with electrical systems may choose to purchase a digital outdoor lighting timer. To turn the lights on and off according to a predetermined schedule. Mechanical timers do not use electricity and can provide more flexibility when setting a schedule. Electric lighting times are usually digital.

However, when creating a schedule often offers a variety of options. Outdoor lighting timers save money and extend the life of your outdoor light by turning it on and off automatically at specific times. Some outdoor lighting timers do not require electricity. To water taps which provide hydraulic power to operate the timer. You can set an outdoor lighting timer to act as a switch, a photo sensor or a digital timer. Choose a digital timer for lights that does not need to be continuous or at regular intervals. Some use the astronomical clock – an internal clock that determines the beginning of the evening by latitude and longitude. 

Turn the lights on and off accordingly. So you don’t have to reset it. Or choose a pre-programmed timer that lights up at different times of the week. Such as from evening to dawn, with random or seasonal options. These models allow you to bypass the timer when you are at home or away. Adjusts only grounded switches. Digital timers usually have an easy-to-read LCD display panel. To set user preferences at the touch of a button. There are several keys to change. Multi-outlet timers can control four separate indoor or outdoor devices, including a box, which saves time and money while reducing unnecessary power output. 

Mechanical Outdoor light Timer

Use this outdoor mechanical timer from GE to automate outdoor safety lights and decorative lights. This outdoor lighting works with CFL, LED and incandescent bulbs. The outdoor switch is ideal for balconies, patios and garages. Because it is weather resistant with power up to 1875W. This mechanical timer has a convenient evening to dawn or dawn to dusk control to increase safety and security. The light GE sensing switch is rated for one amp equipment. It has a minimized field wiring design. The GE 15312 outdoor mechanical timer is a two-polarized outlet with a cover plate so you can connect two different pieces of equipment. Enjoy a skillfully advanced front yard with this outdoor light-sensing timer.

This timer is easy to program and can control up to two external devices. Such as a fountain or pool pump. The included photocell light sensor turns on the devices in the evening. Closes in the morning, stores energy day after day. This unit is compatible with CFL / LED bulbs, 10-amp incandescent bulbs, 1000 watt resistive/general purpose load and 500-watt tungsten load. Woods 50016 outdoor 24-hour digital plug-in timer. For indoor and outdoor lighting and electronic devices.

The weatherproof properties ensure that it is protected from the material. This Woods Outdoor Light Timer is easy to program. Automatically sets your lights on and off. 8 on/off settings or 1, 2, 3, or 6 hours. Works automatically for 24 hours. Controls maximum light up to 600-watt incandescent, or 600-volt tungsten or 2 Amp ballast and motor. To use fluorescent, CFL, LED and incandescent bulbs. Includes 3 push-in and 9 cable terminals to accommodate multiple cable options. Heavy-duty rain-tight construction. 

Photoelectric Outdoor light Timer

The photoelectric outdoor light timer turns on your outdoor lights in the evening and turns off in the morning. It senses the light available with the built-in photocell. Its power outlet is 1200W resistant or 300W tungsten. Rated for a total of 5 amps. A manual override on location, automatic operation. Featuring a 12 volt socket for holiday lights. This heavy-duty device has a grounded timer plug and a 24-hour easy set dial. Features include LED indicator lighting and manual override. Rated up to 600 watt tungsten 150 watt ballast. 120-volt 60 Hz AC. Includes a rain tight standard 6-inch cable – 10-inch conductor pigtail in cord set. The ETL Security List shows that this product meets the minimum requirements for widely recognized product safety standards. In this paragraph, I will show you how to set outdoor light timer. 

Photoelectric control to save energy by turning on the light when it is dark. Light level detection automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions. 125-volt AC 15-amp outdoor photoelectric control. Single outlet, outdoor lighting timer. There are 52 on/off operations per week and a manual override switch to turn the lights on or off. Protected by a 2 years warranty MyTouchSmart Outdoor Photocell Digital Timer makes programming your outdoor lighting easy. With an astronomical clock, you no longer have to worry about saving time in daylight. Features a large LCD display with color-coded buttons to easily accommodate the most complex settings. The heavy-duty housing protects the timer from inclement weather. The photocell ensures that it automatically turns on in the dark and shuts off in the morning.

Switch Timers & Smart Switch Timers

Smart switch timers are great for electrical equipment. Because they protect against the rise of electricity. Prevents interference of electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. There is a hold-on feature to keep the lights on during night power outages. They will automatically turn on the lights at user-scheduled times. Turn off to protect against thieves and save energy. Smart switches can reduce timer power consumption. Can provide security and help avoid peak-hour electricity costs. Reliable replacement timer for indoor or outdoor lights and appliances. For other uses, you can program daily or weekly timers. Daily 7-day timers offer an on-and-off setting every day. Weekly 7 day timers have seven sets of on / off time settings per day. Create a balcony lighting schedule that turns on in the low setting in the evening. And the program closes in the morning, or every time the program lights up at 5:00 p.m.

Smart Outdoor Lights timer

The smart outdoor light timer is perfect for balconies and patios. For a simple but sophisticated option when it comes to outdoor lighting. This kit has a stainless steel wireless switch that is weather-resistant. Gives you the flexibility to install it anywhere The timer has a built-in photocell that automatically turns on the light at night. Closes in the morning. If you decide to change location, or go on vacation, Smart Timer can come with you! Smart Outdoor Light Timer lets you control your outdoor lights.

Lets you manage them all over the world through your smartphone Link up to 3 timers for easy use on a telephone. Set up a schedule for when your lights will turn on and off. Fully automate their activities by pairing with the Light Master app. This smart outdoor light timer lets you easily schedule outdoor lights to turn on and off automatically. You can set your outdoor lights to turn off in the evening and early morning, or turn them on for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours every night after dark. Two grounded outlets turn on and off lights and decorations at your desired time. No hubs required, works with most Wi-Fi routers. Protect your home and loved ones! The wireless home alarm system has 4 sensors. A control center. You can set up up to 30 alarms individually with different sensitivity levels to meet your own needs

Unscrew Existing Switch.

Installing a timer for your outdoor lights is not as difficult as you might think. Here’s how to set outdoor light timer. Take a very brief look at just a few steps. 

1. Remove the existing switch.

2. Switch the swivel to the left and snap it from the mounting bracket. 

3. Attach the black timer wire to the brass screw on the dual-wire side of the switch

4. Attach the red timer wire to the other brass screw on that side

5. Screw the wall plate into the gang box, if used, and snap the new switch in place. 

6. Rotate the dial until the arrow indicates the current am / pm time

7. Set the desired on and off time using the 24-hour clock 

8. Program for random light activation 

Turn off power at circuit breaker.

Turning off the power to the circuit breaker is the best way to avoid electric shock. To set the lighting timer, first, turn off the power to the circuit breaker. The timer has six on/off settings that you can use to turn the lighting on and off. The timer can be programmed to turn on and off each light outlet up to eight times every 24-hours.

Attach Wires To The Timer Switch.

Before you set it up, familiarize yourself with the contents of your outdoor light timer package. Connect the black wire from the timer switch to the feeding black wire in the fixture. Connect all the white wires in the same way. If your wiring has a ground wire, connect it to the green terminal of the switch. Connect the battery by combining positive and negative connections. The polarity indicated on the battery, and then connect it to a power source. 


This is a convenient way to maximize your outdoor lighting. When you can plug a light into a timing device indoors, you may find that it is more convenient and helpful to plug it directly into your outdoor lighting. When the timer is hardware, you don’t have to worry about making sure the indoor timer is plugged in. In addition, when the power goes out, your lights will automatically turn on again as soon as the power returns to your home. Woods Outdoor 24-hour digital plug-in timer 2 outlet turns on and off indoor and outdoor lighting at specific times.

It is digital with 3 grounded outlets, ensuring maximum security and a perfect fit for most devices. Digital Readout has a large display screen with a stylish look and feel. This 120-volt plug-in timer comes with two grounded outlets for stable operation.It has a light sensor that does not illuminate daylight. The timer uses photoelectric technology to monitor sunlight, so your light only shines when you need it. The exterior light sensor timer has a 24 hour cycle function with two grounded outlets. I hope you have a clear idea of how to set outdoor light timer.

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