How to Set Intermatic Outdoor Light Timer

How to Set Intermatic Outdoor Light Timer

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2022)

A timer that combines the two functions of a photocell sensor and a mechanical timer. That is the intermittent digital timer. Learn how to set intermatic outdoor light timer. It works on landscape lighting systems so it depends on the geographical location. The result can adjust to sunrise and sunset. This timer is more than 300 watts and works on all VOLT® transformer requirements.

Many people think that you have to break the bank for a good outdoor light switch. In fact, this is not true.

You can easily set the light timer switches if you want. They have the ability to withstand wind, fire and flood in nature. Self-charging backups can last a long time. On the other hand, I think bad bad outdoor light timer switches are not just a problem but a nightmare. The mind will fill with joy.

Outdoor Light Timer

To understand how to set intermatic outdoor light timer, you need to see if the timer is analog or digital. Intermittent timers are usually of two types. Installing it will turn on and off at certain times of the day. For this you have to connect to the power source of the light. It is very easy to set up both analog and digital. Learn to follow the steps and set the time.

Method 1

Setting Analog Intermediate Timer 

Step 1

Open the door of the room where you will set the timer..Now use your hand. With the help of this, open the door in the gray box. This box surrounds the timer. Among the different models, it is the Intermatic Mechanical Time Switch model. Many call it an all-metal construction.

Step 2

The large arrow on the clock indicates the current. The yellow clock should rotate the hand using the hand. Turn the dial clockwise. Keep the large arrow pointing to the current. It is very important for the timer to set the time accurately. If you can’t set the right time, it won’t work at that time. The dial hand only rotates clockwise. So keep spinning it until you get there at the right time. Spacing between numbers on the clock. Each line will be 20 minutes apart. Never leave the arrow open and drop the timer, especially for the current time.

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Step 3

Now it’s time to loosen the arrows. For this, you use your fingers and pliers. Turn them on and off again and again. Bend the arrow knobs to the left to loosen. These are very hard so it will be difficult to loosen them with your fingers. So you have to use pliers. If necessary, buffer a full set. Be sure to set the arrows manually when turning the timer on and off.

Step 4

Need to set on or off arrows. So you slide them. The arrow needs to slide when the timer needs to turn something on. The same rule if you want to stop. That means then show the slide that closed arrow. Many people want to turn on the light twice. That time is the time of dawn and dusk. Take the help of the fast internet to set the time for this and set the arrows accordingly.

Take the help of the fast internet to set the time

Step 5

The arrows need to be sharpened so that they can turn on and off. For this you use the fingers of your hand. Remember to tighten the place where the arrows will screw. Tighten the knobs with your fingers, but if they show slides, the alternatives will work. Then use the pliers after tightening them well.

Setting Analog Intermediate Timer

Method 2

The second method shows how to set intermatic outdoor light timer. This method is called a digital intermittent timer.

Step 1

Press the button first to start this programming. Hold on by pressing on or off. Take the help of a paperclip to press the reset button. Now cover all the buttons. Flip through those doors where the button can hold for 3 to 4 seconds. Remember that you can only hold the on or off button by pressing the reset button when using the paperclip.

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Press the button first to start this programming

You have to hold them off or on the button again for a few seconds to make sure. As a result, you will get a clear memory. You will see that the timer will program from the very beginning. There will be a mode. Keep pressing it until you can set up the screen. Then continue to turn it on or off again. Set the current time well when you can go to the setup menu. At that time you will see the clock flashing on the digital display.

Step 2

Set current time such as hours, minutes and seconds. Set the time using plus and minus. Try pressing the on or off button after using each key properly. After setting the minutes to the current time again, press the Off or On button. When setting the time, pay close attention to whether it is AM or PM.

Step 3

Set date, month and the current year. Use the plus key for this. Press the on or off button to move forward. There is no need to work differently for months and dates. Numbers need to be changed very quickly. So hold down the minus or plus keys. Once this is done you can take a look at any one day of the week.If you set the date incorrectly, set the date incorrectly. Though anybody can set the correct date again, you can go ahead and press the on or off button.

Press the on or off button to move forward

Step 4

After selecting your zone, set Auto Daylight Savings and Manual. Many people love to use daylight savings so they leave the daylight saving setting in auto. Again, those who do not like the use of daylight savings, they change the manual.

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You need to change the daylight savings or manual according to your area. If necessary, look at the map of the instructions for accurate information. Always press the OFF or ON button to get better at the next step of programming.

Step 5

Morning and evening times should be noticed. Keep a balance between these two periods. Do this as needed.

If you want to get the approximate or correct timer of the timer, you have to wait for the next hour. If it is off, adjust it with a fork. From then on, keep an eye on it in the evening and move forward. Use the time you have to turn the timer on and off. Now the work you have done is the basic setup. You will see then the start of the setup screen.

Step 6

You keep pressing the mode button until the PGM is displayed. Keep pressing the on or off button again. This task will help you navigate to the main menu or program menu. As a result, the timer can do the job. Now it’s time to set the on and off event.

 mode button until the PGM is displaye

Set a timer to turn off every morning and evening. This will continue to happen automatically during the week. You can change the settings to your liking. Leave the previous settings if you like.


How to set intermatic outdoor light timer correctly requires the use of sunrise and sunset. I have mentioned some instructions above. Unboxing the controller that will work will show a four-button input control face. The paper battery that the controller has will have to take out. Spin the command dial then the month flash will start. We have tried to show all programs on and off. There is no doubt that if you read the whole paragraph you will get the right type. Also read Home Guide.

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