How to Replace an Outdoor Light Fixture

How to Replace an Outdoor Light Fixture

Every home needs adequate security. Not only during the day, everything needs external lighting fixtures until everything is done at night. Do you want to learn how to replace an outdoor light fixture in your home? Then read this paragraph.

Necessary Equipment

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Phillips driver
  3. Non-contact voltage detector
  4. Auto Meter (Optional)
  5. A cable stripper or player.

If you want to give a new light to a place, you have to replace the old light fixtures. It is very easy to change the light if it is the same type of light. This type of illumination is easy to switch.

When working with electricity, you have to be very careful. So you have to keep in mind that the electric light, the electrical box, and the main circuit panel are switched off.

Before starting the exterior process make sure the old exterior lighting fixture is off.

Size and Value Selection

Outdoor Light Fixture

There are a few things to consider when replacing an outdoor lighting fixture. First we need to see the location of the junction box. As if it is well placed. The style you choose will play a huge role in using the junction box.

You will then see the size of the fixture.

Fixtures come in 3 shapes, small, medium and large. You have to choose which size is better. You don’t just have to judge the size, you have to judge the quality. It needs to have a good idea about all the fixtures on the wall.

By mounting the brackets and closing the ground how to replace an outdoor light fixture.

Each of the junction boxes depends on the experience of a different electrician.

Electricians install it in different ways in homes of different ages. It is a single gang box or a shallow round. Or it could be something completely unimaginable. Usually the mounting screws are visible in these boxes. It is a process of rotation. So it needs to mounte and. Brackets are essential regardless of type or orientation. All this is to do to secure the fixtures.


Now you can imagine what the bolts of the old bracket will do. You can use these if possible. This keeps the bolts secure in the box. 7-33 machine screws are needed to bring new light. You can use the old one if you want. But you have to see if it took 9-33 seconds for protection. If you want to make new illumination fixtures, take a look at the long wiring system. There are two jobs for making ground wire nuts 1. Housing of fixtures 2. Hanging new fixtures from screws

Understanding Electrical Work

Understanding Electrical Work

You can work indoors or outdoors to replace light fixtures. You must have some electrical skills. If you do not have some skills, you can call a professional for this job. If you are not confident enough, you should not do electrical work.

You can get an electrician for a small amount of money to work on illumination fixtures. Need to choose a good and dry day. Plan well for the entire work in advance. Always remember that the fixture must be completely dry before starting work.

Think of Replacement Stability

If you look closely at all the outdoor wiring, you will see that there is a three-wire pattern. So you can switch when using the light. Using this wiring, you can also use the security illumination smart. You may need to run a data cable at any time. Doing it through a mounting plate. Installation is a complex process.

Think of Replacement Stability

Only professionals can do the installation well. You can change the outdoor lighting for yourself or others using the normal wire. Match the mounting bars and the models to see if they match. If you want, you can replace the illumination on the siding with new drills.

Disconnect the Power

Go to the house where the breaker box is. Close the circuit for work. Now you are working for the outside light. Concentrate fully on the work. You need to do it safely so it is best to turn off the electricity in the whole house. Be aware of each appliance.

Make sure that the connection is disconnected. The fixtures do not have electrical zen. Now find all the screws. These are a little difficult to find for many people. If you remove the rhinestone covers and trim, you will find the actual mounting hardware.

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Wires Mounted Nuts and Lights

Wires Mounted Nuts and Lights

You will be surprised to know that light spreads illumination by supporting its own weight. Now the wires need more exposing. So tear off the wires. So that after supply and fixtures have the same effect. Separate the sets of wires that match.

Start twisting well around the wire. If each wire is a good mix, skip the twist. The fixture wire should aim as if it is stuck. Prick the wire 1/9  before twisting. When all the wires are nuts, leave them. Make sure no one interferes. Then you have to take steps to mount the light.

New Fixture Test

If you see that the light gives illumination instead of a switch, check the sensor. Check the covering using your hand. Shake it while checking. Be the smartest to solve the problem. If you are unable to work a certain fixture, try hiring an electrician, plumber and carpenter.

Hopefully you will learn how to replace an outdoor light fixture using some interesting new security lights. From now on you will get new illumination using broken or interesting external illumination fixtures. You can now enjoy the new light.


The simple steps of how to replace an outdoor light fixture are discussed above. If you read the whole paragraph carefully, I hope you will understand. Always remember that wire nuts are very easy and safe. Repeat and check for each colored wire. Be careful not to mix black and white. If there is no ground wire, make a loop as an alternative. The green ground screw needs to be wrapped well. Strip using electrical tape. Mount and tighten. Turn on the electricity and turn on the new lights.

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