How to change bulb in outdoor wall light

How to Change Bulb in Outdoor Wall Light

Every human being wants to ensure the safety of life. If you can put light on the outer wall, you can get a good night’s sleep. Because there is a lot of relief from the fear of thieves and robbers. The light bulb on your outer wall is broken. Wondering how to change bulb in outdoor wall light.

It is more difficult than usual to change the bulbs in the light of the outer walls than in other works. This has to be done with caution. First you have to work to stop all types of circuit breakers. Remember that changing light bulbs is not an easy task. Danger may come step by step in this work. It is not so dangerous if you understand the work of fixtures. You need to have enough idea about the work of fixtures. This work is very easy for those who understand fixtures well. Depending on the style of fixture you will remove the cover of the light bulb on the outer wall.

Below are a few steps on how to change bulb in outdoor wall light. If you read each step carefully, you will easily understand.

Step 1

Take a good look at the light housing. If the light bulb is a little above your balcony, arrange a ladder. Stand at comfortable heights. Think about what process you will work on. Turn off the lights on the circuit breaker when working in automatic mode. Examine the light fixtures thoroughly. Many times the light can come on. If this happens you will have to wait a while for the bulb to cool.

Step 2

You can have lantern style porch lighting. Take a look at each point. Remove the glass fixtures well. There are different types of phenyl. Check them out. If any one turns around then it has to open. Open until the bulb is replaced. You can change the lighting depending on the type of lighting you like. This will change the style of fixtures profoundly. Light fixtures can open just like removing a few screws. Make sure that the glass does not break after opening the fixture.

Step 3

Carefully remove the old light bulb. Now you need to see the inside of the light fixture. Take a good look around each head of the screw or bolt. To know how to change bulb in outdoor wall light you now need to examine the light fixture.Turn on a flashlight while working inside the porch light fixtures. If you use lantern-free lighting, the fennel will no longer be able to rotate. Inside, various types of bugs, dust or debris can be found . Dirt should be cleaned using a clean rag.

Step 4

Keep turning the screw using the appropriate screwdriver. It should rotate counterclockwise. Also turn the head of the bolt. Rotate in the same manner with your fingers. Usually each fixture has one to four screws. Now you need to use glass cleaner. Clean the light glass with a glass cleaner on a piece of paper.

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Step 5

Carefully remove the light glass after the clean laura so as not to cause any kind of injury. Use the cover to break the light bulb. Now take the new light bulb in hand. Bring the new bulb to the socket and replace. Re-attach the cover using screws. Turn on the power to get new light. Make sure the bulb has changed well.


In the paragraph we have discussed how to change bulb in outdoor wall lights. Remember that if you do not understand all the electrical work, there is a risk of great danger. Many times you have to do electrical work for maintenance of the office or home. So if you want to work with electricity at any time, turn off the power in the breaker panel. Doing so will prevent electric shocks. You can enjoy the light for a few years if you replace the new and any brand name bulbs.

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