How to Install Outdoor Flood Lights

How to Install Outdoor Flood Lights

All the people in the world want the security of their home. The look of the house can be improved by installing floodlights. The installation process is quite easy and fast. But you are wondering how to install outdoor flood lights and why?

You can improve the look of your home by installing floodlights. Not much is involved in the process, but it is not done in a short time. Installing is a great way to illuminate a home very nicely. Nowadays these lights have become a well-known item to many homeowners. According to them, floodlights have become a reason to display safety. I will say the easiest steps to install outdoor floodlights.

Learn how to install outdoor flood lights using the necessary accessories:

  • Screwdriver
  • 1⁄2 inch metal duct connector
  • Extension box with mounting plate
  • Hacks too
  • Screw (as required size)
  • Measure the tape
  • Electrical metal pipes
  • Drain hanger
  • Right-angle duct connector
  • Drill
  • Duct elbow connector
  • Straight coupling
  • Box junction
  • 7⁄8 inch spade drill bit
  • Round outlet box
  • 14/2 non metallic Romex wire
  • Cable connector
  • 14-gauge copper wire
  • Silicone collar or wall putty
  • Usable knife
  • Electrical tape
  • Fish tape
  • Floodlights
  • Pliers
  • Its cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Switch
  • Wire nuts

Location selection:

Location selection in Install Outdoor Flood Lights

To understand how to install outdoor flood lights, you must first select the location where you want to install the floodlights. You can use these lights in any situation.

You can get good results if you install it where there is a power source because you can access it to get a light connection. If you do not have a suitable space and floodlights may need to install, make sure to keep the lights as high as possible above the ground cover.

Floodlights give a lot of light. High-intensity light lasts for a long time. It is better to install them at high altitudes for bright light. This makes the effect more noticeable. It is best to install it on top to make it work better. If you have any doubts, you can hire a skilled electrician.

Turn off the power:

Before starting work, you have to turn off the power. Check again during the installation whether the power is off or not. At this time no current should flow through any open wire. If so, there is a risk of injury at any time. So you have to follow all the instructions including general safety. If you have good skills, you should not turn off all the energy in all the places in the house.

Go to where the circuit breaker is in the box and flip the circuit during installation. Of course, ensure maximum safety. Although this process takes a short time, there is no risk of damage if you switch off the breaker box. You no longer have to spend money to take more precautionary measures.

Turn off the power in Install Outdoor Flood Lights

Are you working with the old wire? Take a good look. If so, all power must be turned off. Check the circuit to make sure it is good or bad. Install flood lights if the current in the circuit is off. Now you have to install the actual. The most difficult part of how to install outdoor flood lights is the actual installation. If you follow the instructions carefully, there should be no problem.

Flood light test and installation:

Make sure your floodlights are good or bad. If it works well then no problem. It is best to choose an outlet to make flood lights easy to install. The outlet should be as close to the door as possible. It needs to be loosened now so a screwdriver is needed. Remove the screws on the side of the outlet using a screwdriver. This allows the wires to be released. Screw the plate to keep the electric box in good condition. Fit the plate so that you can use the screws and fasten it to the wall.

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Now you have to put the connection in the extension box. So you have to find a metal tube. Find a circle in this box, also known as a knock out plug. Plug up. Use the tip of the screwdriver for this. Away. Place a 1⁄2 inch metal tube in the hole. Screw the extension box on the mounting plate well using a screwdriver. Here you will see 2 long screws. There are separate holes in the box and plate. Align the screws by tying the two holes. Once installed you need to go back to the circuit breaker box. Try turning on the circuit switch again. It is your turn to flip the floodlight switch. Flip the switch to make sure the floodlights are on properly. You will see that it is working properly. Now you can enjoy them. If you see any problem again, call the electrician.

Solar Floodlight:

Solar Floodlight in Install Outdoor Flood Lights

Solar floodlights are comparatively the newest in the current market. It is not at the cost of floodlights. It is a solar-powered floodlight. Completely eco-friendly. It requires batteries to run. This solar-powered light stores energy from the sun and gives light. This energy is stored in the battery.

Some of the disadvantages of this light are that it needs a suitable place. It is a place where there is a lot of sunlight for light. In addition, if it is a rainy day, it cannot receive good sunlight. As a result, there is less light. Again, it requires a lot of money to set up a large factory. Not very good security. But solar-powered lights are available as a friend of danger.

CFL floodlights

CFL floodlights

You will be amazed to know how to use each 500w incandescent halogen floodlight. This floodlight uses half a kilowatt-hour. It uses a lot of energy. This user is not a good consumer. Especially in light accessories. Apart from this, you can think of CFL. This floodlight is eco-friendly.

A 24w double-ended CFL will be your favorite thing for lighting. Also, the floodlight of a 150w incandescent globe is quite good. It takes less energy. Will save electricity. Globes are long lasting. Using a 9w double-ended CFL is much better than a 50w incandescent replica.

LED floodlight

LED is the most readily available to customers. Although these are very expensive lights, there is a lot of demand. These lights are now the future for everyone. R4 000 is the most top and range of LED. It saves light and money in the long run.

Discharge lamp floodlight:

Want to get maximum lumen output. Then you need to use the discharge lamp floodlight. This light has the highest output per watt. These globes are gas-powered, so they have a very long lifespan. They are popular in industry and commerce. It takes some time to start working. It takes at least two to four minutes. If you want to watch day and night cricket matches then there is no other option. You can use it for small business or big gardens.

Discharge lamp floodlight:

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The advantage of floodlights:

Many homeowners want to keep their valuables well-lit at night. At the same time, a sense of security is ingrained in them. Floodlights are reliable for this purpose. It has become a popular means of installation for everyone. Because everything can be seen clearly. So it is not possible to steal.The lights themselves are supposed to be a pedestrian patrol for safety. Economically quite useful. Gives great benefits to any party in the evening and also gets the same results when getting together.


You know how to install outdoor flood lights. These lights provide cheap outdoor lighting. Avoid wastage of light by tilting the floodlights in the sky or in the surrounding property. Cover the area of ​​the light using beams. Keep the floodlights high according to the use. Make sure that the intruders do not distort. You can save by installing low wattage bulbs if you want.

Remember that motion sensors are very useful. They help to trigger the light. Motion sensors are needed to reduce costs. You can install additional floodlights in the remaining dark areas outside the house. Also under the roof overhang. As a result, the life of the fixture will be much longer. If you want to extend the light, place the floodlight fixture on the garden post or tree.

A switch is needed for each floodlight. This on/off switch has to be included. Don’t make such a mistake. It is better to keep a light switch in front and back of the house including the bedroom.

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