How to hang string lights in a camping tent

How to Hang String Lights in a Camping Tent

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2023)

Winter is a favorite of almost everyone. Especially those who are camping want to use a warm tent. Winter days are a little shorter than summer. And the evening comes down quickly. Then you will not be able to see your surroundings clearly. Many people cook again in the evening. The night is very dark. So you need light in camping. So you have to learn how to hang string lights in a camping tent.

It is not necessary for everyone to light the tent or its surroundings. But everyone wants to see clearly at night. Besides, if there is no light, anyone’s safety is also at risk. You will see the beautiful environment with the stars in the sky and the views will feel dreamy. Very good background lighting is available in a small tent using 1 string light.

That thing is Needed

  • Zip fastening
  • Coaxial main 
  • Charging cable
  • Yarn or yarn
  •  Battery
  • Main gun 
  • Magnet 
  • Storage bags to store your lights, and of course

Selecting A Safe Place

First, you have to find the place and select it. In case of an election, you have to keep in mind that pedestrians should not have any problems. It is very important to have clearance space around the light. Do not disturb any kind of thing or tree branch.

These things should be kept in mind while camping in the area of ​​heavy trees. Also, if you want to camp in a storm-prone area, you have to buy exceptional lights. That is the waterproof rope light. Because no one in the world wants to lose their light during a storm.

Head Lamp

If you want to provide good lighting, you have to use headlights. This has to do inside the tent. You do different camping activities, such as cooking. Headlights are two types of brand and non-brand. Non-branded luminescence are cheaper and will light up for a long time in a few batteries. There are different types of luminescence and different settings. Etc. The brightness level of their light also varies.

String Light

String Light

If you can use a zip tie, then string lights are a great light. RV users, including homeowners, know very well how to hang string lights in a camping tent, because these people initially bought the luminescence. Rv string lights are best to get a beautiful environment inside the tent and enjoy the background light.

Because other lights do not have off-setting but there are string illumination. There are many benefits to these luminescence except manual shutdown at night. You can mount and operate solar panels outside the tent as needed.


Battery-powered lanterns are beautiful to look at. You can use them if you want. You can hang them from copper using a zip tie, frame, or rope. There are different types of lanterns, big or small. If you put a lantern on the floor of the tent, the whole tent will illuminate.

You can also place it inside or outside the tent. Placing lanterns around the picnic table gives a different pleasure while eating.

External Campsite Lighting

External Campsite Lighting

You can get light by installing propane, butane-powered lights. But keep in mind that you can’t expect comfortable light from Agul because they are noisy but give bright light. There are some lighting arrangements by fire such as natural lanterns. Flame is used inside the lantern to get light. There are also smaller candles but larger than lanterns.

No animal can tolerate the speed of light. Obstacles to animals. Wild animals are very scared to see a bright light. So they stay away from it. If you do not want to bring some animals around, set up motion luminescence. Only a few small-sized lights will do.

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Choose the Hanging Method

hang string lights

Make arrangements to hang lights in harmony with your environment. Make sure that no hooks or nails are attached to the tree. Don’t hang luminescence in a way that can damage someone’s trees. Keep reading about how to hang string luminescence in a camping tent. You can gently show the beauty of light if you want. For this, attach the rope to the hanger. The place of illumination clipping to clean. Select an accessible place and keep the battery pack. You should start the work of wrapping the light around the tent pole. Change the design if necessary.

Is your tent dome-shaped? Then you need to make an archway. It is better to spread the illumination evenly before you run out of light. You can use a magnet, thread or velcro band to clip the lights. In addition, the light can tie with a zip tie.

Test of Light

Once your tent is set up, the string lights need to turn on. Now get an idea of ​​the length. If you want to decorate the area with illumination, you need to measure it. You need to check the illumination. Check if it is perfect before hanging. It is very important to check carefully. Check for defective or broken bulbs in the front luminescence. It is best to replace if possible before hanging.

Now look at the batteries. See if the charge is good. If not, charge before installing. The luminescence may go out unexpectedly, so you have to do these things. After checking your luminescence and batteries, get them ready to hang.

Get rid of cross traffic. Don’t let your hanging lights get stuck in anything long. If there is a vehicle moving near the campsite, make sure you don’t turn on the luminescence where they are likely to get caught. Make some bright colored markings so that you can go longer.

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People Like To Hang String Lights and Where ?

String lights are a means of illuminating an area without the hassle of fancy equipment. People want to spend time chatting while camping. So I don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a rush campsite. You will be happiest if you can enable any of your activities. There are many ways to enjoy hanging luminescence. Such romantic evenings with chats with the kids, including sports. Whether you are fishing or doing any other work then you need a secluded pleasant quiet environment to relax. In addition, the string lights are hung in the camping to remove various obstacles and dangers in the dark. Common injuries are trip, slip or fall.

Identify the Power Source

Some string lights are battery powered or solar powered. It does not require an electrical source before lighting the string illumination tent. After finding the accessible location, think of hanging the luminescence. Many again choose electric-powered string luminescence. They need to consider the source of power. Many tents have an electric port to use the USB charger to hang the illumination to test accessibility. This is a waste of your time and effort. Measure a considerable distance from the power source to avoid pressure. The best way is to use the yarn properly. Stretch to the edge.

Remove Trip Hazard

If your string lights are already fixed. So remove all loose wires to avoid accidents. You need to cross-check the luminescence that are working. Never place the remote control in the wrong place. Any small child can choose to turn on the color of the camping illumination.

So you need to keep the remote control at a very high altitude. The camping illumination is wrapped in a waterproof pack. So it is quite safe in the rain. Therefore, rain or rain can not damage your string illumination. Once all your lights are on, turn them on and enjoy the colorful scenes. Learn how to hang string luminescence in a camping tent and watch the colorful, beautiful and dreamy scenes.


Extensive discussion on how to hang string lights in a camping tent is given above. There is no problem in using string luminescence. Lights are illuminated quickly and easily at very low cost without innovative equipment. Having a flashlight or headlamp is essential if you want to go camping.

I think these are ideal for camping trips. Having some background luminescence inside the tent will give you a feeling of comfort. Winter camping is the most fun. Because camping is very nice in cold temperatures at this time. Besides, the tent is illuminated nicely at this time. Then only the cold outside comes and the buffer appears inside. It takes very little space to arrange the lighting.

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