How to Install Bathroom Light Fixture

How to Install Bathroom Light Fixture

Turn off the power

Light fixtures are one of the many things that are needed to make a bathroom beautiful. This beautiful thing is often defective. As a result, various problems occur in the bathroom. So today I will tell you how to install batha room light fixture.

If you have bought a house in a desert area, you may not get electricity easily. So it is better to learn some electrical work. There is no need to try hard for this. You can learn this with illumination work. Bathroom light fixtures have to be maintained along with the maintenance of every item. Using just a few tools you are going to step through the installation process very simply.

If you want to get the light of the brightest design then find out how to install bathroom illumination fixture. Below are all the tools needed to make the bathroom aesthetic.

  • Screwdriver
  • Voltage tester
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A drill
  • Junction box and a base plate
  • Wire stripper
  • Level
  • New fixtures

Step 1: Location

install bathroom light fixture

How to install bathroom light fixtures, you need to determine the location first. 58 “- 70” and at least 26 “wall sconces should be installed away. This should be done above the floor level. The switch will be well labeled, so you need to make sure everything is in good condition. Check again and again to find the right electrical panel. This way you can avoid errors.

Step 2: Turn off the power

Turn off the power

If you work in the bathroom separately, switch on the light in the breaker box. Again, if a house has the same power line in the bathroom, then turn off the power to the whole house. As a result, you can be safe. Then remove the old illumination fixtures.

Step 3: Replace bulbs

Replacing a bulb is not a difficult task

Replacing a bulb is not a difficult task, but it is not easy for everyone. And even though it is easy, you have to be very careful while removing the fixtures. After removing all the bulbs safely, check the wires with a voltage detector. If everything is safe, remove the nut and remove the fixture.

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Step 4: Remove existing fixtures

Remove the bulbs and these from existing fixtures. Remove the plate using a drill. Pull the wire connectors to move. The plate has holes in it to hold through the wire. Once the plate is installed in the box, the circuit wires have to be run this has to be done depending on the style of the new light. It is most important to connect the wires properly after installing them properly. Now keep the wires separate. Remove the mounting plate.

Remove existing fixtures in install bathroom light fixture

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Step 5: Connect the wires

Cut the wires using your wire cutter. Connect the wires. It is best to cut the 1/3-inch insulation to clip the ends of the wires. Connect both wires. Two black wires and two white wires will appear. Keep the cap. Use black electrical tape on each cap to know how to install a toilet light fixture. This was the method of ceiling fixtures. Now I will say to work with the ground fixture. The illumination fixture will connect to a green wire. The ground wire of the green screw is wrapped. Use a new wire cap. Now wrap it with electrical tape.

Step 6: Install the mounting bracket

Install the mounting bracket in install bathroom light fixture

New light fixtures need extra protection. So use wall anchors. Push the wires after drilling the anchors. The work is to do through the bracket hole. Set the bracket flush and screw. You can easily loosen the screws if you want. As a result, you can easily enter the wire behind it.

Step 7: Reconnect the wiring

Attach the ground wire which is usually green to look at. Heat the black ones and attach them. Tighten the light wires by twisting them. Make sure the nuts are safe after the wires are nailed. So turn it clockwise. This process will follow for white wire.

Step 8: Attach the fixtures

The fixture should be attached to the mounting bracket. The new hardware light should work in the same way. The new shed is attached. Once the fixture is installed on the wall, it is secured. Use with illumination bulb screws. It should look consistent, but keep in mind that the quality of the fitting bulbs is good. Check the product description to make sure that the wattage of the bulb and the wattage of the fixture are the same. Make sure you identify the wattage.

Step 9: Turn on the power

Turn on the power in install bathroom light fixture

Turn on the power. Check multiple times to see if the fixture is working properly. I hope you will not see any problem.


This is a simple project on how to install bathroom light fixtures. The above discussion was about the step by step installation of bathroom illumination fixtures. You can learn by working hard. Now read the paragraph and think about how easy it is to install a bathroom illumination fixture.

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