How to Install Light Under Kitchen Cabinets

How to Install Light Under Kitchen Cabinets

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2022)

If you want to renovate the kitchen, now is the best time to install wiring for cabinet lighting. You need to do this before the walls are covered with drywall, but if you do not have any major renovation plans, then there is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to despair about how to install light under kitchen cabinets.

Last year when we redesigned our kitchen, one of the various items on the list was to place the lights in the new upper cabinets and the cabinets below the existing lower ones.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will need an outlet in your area. When we added our top cabinets, we installed an outlet for the microwave. We are very experienced in electrical work, and although it was relatively simple and low voltage. If you are not experienced in electrical work at all, you can hire someone else for it.

Which Cabinet Lights To Buy

Choosing cabinet lights is a bit challenging because there is an abundance of cheap and expensive lights of different quality. Xenon bulbs are durable many times, ignite coolers and do not require special handling like halogen bulbs. Each of our fixtures has a built-in electrical transformer that powers low-voltage xenon bulbs. Basic fluorescent fixtures are much cheaper, but usually cannot be faded. The wiring method we show works well for 120-volt under cabinet lighting.

Which Cabinet Lights To Buy

After researching and testing different brands, I can confidently recommend hitlights, they are not the cheapest, but among them comes LED strip lights. These headlights are the perfect color, as well as very bright and have energy efficiency. They come in 10 FT rolls, so measure your cabinets to see if you need to buy multiple 10FT roll lights. This 96W hotlight power supply will work with LED strip lights up to 30 FT.

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Step 1

First, we measured the length of light we needed for under-cabinet lighting. We cut a strip for the cabinet on the left side of the microwave and a strip for the cabinet on the right side of the microwave. Never make the mistake of following the instructions in the light for where to cut.

Step 2

First you need to thoroughly clean all the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen to make room for the installation. Although this step may seem easy to you, it is really very important and it will make the project smoother. It will save you time. Follow each step to learn how to install lighting under kitchen cabinets and how you can plug wires into cabinets.

Step 3

Taking a drill bit in your beautiful kitchen cabinet may seem scary to you but it is very easy, and you will use a small drill bit for it. Where you do it depends on the layout of the kitchen cabinets. You will probably need to drill holes on both sides of your kitchen microwave cabinet. With this type of installation, all the cabinet lights on the left side of your kitchen will be connected together and the power supply in the microwave cabinet will be well connected. All the lights on the right side of the kitchen will be connected together, as well as plugged into a separate power supply.

cabinet lights on the left side of your kitchen

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It is easy to provide a separate power supply for the left and right sides of the kitchen. It may be necessary to install a small surge protector inside the cabinet to plug in both. Also, a large power supply, splitter, and long interconnect cable can be used. In most cabinets, there will be an air gap in the dead space between the cabinets.

To make holes for the wires, select the smallest drill bit that you think is enough for your electrical wiring. A 3/8 drill bit will always work. Use a drill and drill bit to drill holes in the sidewall of the microwave cabinet near the bottom. Next, use a drill and drill bit to make a hole in the bottom of the cabinet next to the microwave and make way for the bottom of the cabinet.

install a small surge protector inside the cabinet

Step 4

This step is very important to know carefully so that you can get an idea about how to install light under kitchen cabinets. Impress the flex and cut it with a hacksaw of the meant length. Create a cutting leader as shown. Run a cord from the outlet (power source) to the junction box, trimming 12 inches from each end. main it within 8 inches of the box. Pull the wires through the flex. Use a fish tape for long runs. Leave plenty of wire to run the walls into light fixtures. Drill 1/2-in. Push into the hole and fish tape under the wall cabinet.

Drill a 1-1 / 8-inch hole through the floor cabinet and wall and press on the wire coat hanger to hold the fish tape. Pull the fish tape down, fix the cable and pull it up. Secure the wires fixture with a cord clamp.Attach  the wires according to the manufacturer’s orders. The bottom of the cabinet is fastened to the cabinet with stability screws and a standard head and No. 4 sheet metal screws.Impress the switch box profile in backsplash.

Leave plenty of wire to run the walls into light fixtures

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Drill a rank  of holes with a glass bit and chip the tile and wallboard. Push the wires into the re-construction box and mount it in the wall.Attach the dimmer or switch according to the manufacturer’s orders. Fold the cables into the box and tie the dimmer and cover plate. Attach the new cables to the existing wires in the outlet box, black to black (hot), white to white (neutral) and bare ground wires. Reinstall the outlet.

Step 5

Under the cabinet light, the design has an upgraded IR sensor that acts as an on/off switch, as well as a dimmer. Just move your hand directly under the sensor for touchless control.

Under the cabinet light, the design

Although the lights are easy enough to turn off, after installing under the cabinet lights.


If you have aluminum wiring in the kitchen, call a licensed pro who is experienced and certified to work with this type of wiring. Electrical equipment can be dangerous – always prioritize safety.


I like to turn on the lights all the time. It is best to keep the lights on in the kitchen, especially in the evening and at night when all the overhead lights are off. Learn how to install light under kitchen cabinets in this simple way by learning how to install it in your kitchen.

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