How to Hang Christmas Lights in Bedroom

How to Hang Christmas Lights in Bedroom

If you are thinking of hanging lights in your room, then there are illumination with which you can make your bedroom very attractive. Christmas illumination can bring festive warmth to any type of bedroom. So, you will know how to hang Christmas illumination in bedroom.

You can give your bedroom some very festive joy at Christmas. Learn how to hang Christmas lights indoors and outdoors.Enjoy the joy of your holiday without having to worry about it being your holiday 

After lighting your bedroom with Christmas illumination, enter the bedroom during the holiday season and enjoy peace of mind.

You’d be surprised to know that a forest-filled Christmas light filled with paper Christmas adds a touch of sparkle to any space in your bedroom and brightens the day.

Things You’ll Need

  • Christmas lights
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Transparent tape or tacks
  • Step stool or stepladder

Method 1

Light hanging from your ceiling

Light hanging from your ceiling

For simplicity and comfort in your family you need to use battery-powered lights. Always make sure the right end of the strand reaches an outlet. Also, it can be difficult to determine how you want to hang your illumination. Use battery-powered illumination in your bedroom to make it much easier to hang your illumination and turn them on and off.

When you are choosing a battery light, choose easy replaceable batteries and you buy a long lasting batteries for the illumination. This battery will make your illumination last longer.

Method 2

Turn off the lights and check them before you start

Battery powered, but try turning on the light switch

Now take the lights out of the box where the Christmas illumination came from and open them if you feel the need. If these are electric illumination, plug the illumination into an outlet so they don’t break. If the illumination are battery-powered, turn the illumination switch over to see if they are damaged in any way. Then replace any broken bulbs and discard any frayed wires before proceeding.

Method 3

Plan to make sure you keep your lights on for a long time

Take a pencil and paper in hand. Sketch how you want to decorate the light with pencil and paper. This will ensure that the illumination last long enough to mimic your own sketch and reach the outlet if the light is electric.For how to hang Christmas illumination in bedroom.

Christmas lights can be hung in the bedroom.

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  1. The lights should be secured where the ceiling intersects with the walls.
  2. Think carefully about whether you want to outline the perimeter of your room with illumination, string them from one wall to another in a zigzag pattern.
  3. If you don’t like the way you look at the end of the light strand directly from the outlet, hide it behind a coat rack or try arranging it artistically on your wall.

Method 4

Use tape or tack to secure the lights on the wall

You need to take a roll of transparent tape or a box of tack and now get on a step stool or small step ladder. Secure one end of the light strand to an intersection point on the wall of your bedroom by placing a piece of tape over the wire. Keep trying to secure the strand at several more points until you have secured the whole strand.

Again if you want to style the perimeter then secure a part of the light strand with tape or tack and move 1 foot2 feet (0.30–0.61 m) across the wall with the strand. Then, at that point, continue trying to secure the strand again.

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  1. Doing the zigzag pattern, tape or tack the light strand to one wall and go to the other side of the room with the strand so that the zigzag pattern can be easily understood. Secure the strand to the wall.
  2. If you are using any type of tack, never push the tack through the wire. This can damage the wires.

Method 5

Buy mere screens and a screen rod

If you want to know how to hang Christmas lights in the bedroom, you have to buy just a screen and a screen rod. Choose a set of white screens of your choice and buy them. Then, choose a curtain rod whose width is as close as possible to the width of your bed.

1. Twin size bed 38 inches (97 cm) wide.

2. Full size beds are 53 inches (130 cm) wide.

3. The queen size bed is 60 inches (150 cm) wide.

4. The king size bed is 76 inches (190 cm) wide.

Method 6

A Christmas fairy light flickering on the headboard

A Christmas fairy light flickering on the headboard

Wrap some fairy lights around your headboard not only for a festive feeling, but also a nice one throughout the year. Use warm white light for instant comfort or go wild with some multi-colored fairy illumination. If you don’t have a bed frame that makes it easy to hang the light, you can always hang some connectable fairy illumination on top of your bed that you appreciate. When you can all tuck-up. They look gorgeous even at night, giving you a proper Christmas Star Night feeling.


  1. If you do not feel comfortable managing the electrical equipment yourself, ask someone else to help you hang the screen rod.
  2. If the electric Christmas lights are faulty it can cause a fire. Always make the mistake of unplugging your illumination before you go to sleep and before you leave your home.


If you really want to show your bedroom to the delight and amazement of the visitors. Then Christmas lighting is the best way. There can be many variations depending on your personal preference. The size of the room, the color theme of the bedroom will surprise others and much more. There are no boundaries to human imagination. There is no way to accurately define how to hang Christmas lights in the bedroom. However, you can fill your Christmas joys with life taking inspiration from all the ideas that have been given to take light.

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