How to Hang Pool Table Light

How to Hang Pool Table Light Step by Step Guide

Hang pool table light is a ton of entertainment for any home and for this reason many people prefer to have it in their home, even you can take them as a modern trendy addition for homeowners. On the contrary, some of us take it as career by playing pool at their home. So they cannot deny the importance of accurate lighting to give the best performance as in long run it impacts their playing skill and finally achievement. In this way, if you are one of them who have a great passion for a pool table playing you should be careful to buy the lights and hang them perfectly.

If you’re planning to add a new pool table or lit up then you should be careful about their illumination such as with so much light or too little boat can be a reason of casting a drop of shadows on the table which will be really tenacious to get the cue ball to hit perfectly even shoot and better judgments at the time of playing, so gave a special concern whether you are professional or not but be comfortable with your investment.

However, it is the foremost point to consider of a pool table to place the light with correct height wherever you set up as gaming room or another. Mostly these types of lighting required ceiling fixture above the pool table. While it will be more tactful to leave weighty items such as wires and stands those are being troubled in the way of players. Luckily, they have so many options of style, it will be very easy to get the best one for your preference and player requirements.

Tips for hanging a pool table light

With taking few points you can make fulfill the goal of pool table lighting with successive solution of “how to hang pool table light” in the simplest way. Plus you will get the most optimal lighting wit of any technical hindrance to complete the whole task. Moreover, you will get a reliable idea about how long your light should be as it will be hard to find a correct opinion in this matter as they can be different for person’s preference and home designs. 

At the time of choosing a light according to your requirements and which are best fit while you hang it up  you should consider as well as understand them without ignoring even a single point. So be sure that you will read them attentively and all these specific points and must keep them your consideration which ensures your required amount of lighting on your table because of  perfect light set up.

Best Pool Table Lights Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

After that, today  in this guide we are going to discuss a complete guideline in which you should follow if you want to properly hang a pool table light above your table. In this post, we are going to cover some very specific steps you will want to consider regarding how to hang a pool table light which will provide your room with aesthetic look and stylish appearance. At this time, let’s move into the steps to consider  how you hang your light above your table.

 Keep balance to hang it

Hanging lights too low is being as reason of unwanted things as hitting them at playing time On the contrary, if it is  too high it makes hard to find the cue ball even full night which are white enough to make you realize snow blindness. Thus, be satisfied with medium lighting confirming with no shadows, glare then unlimited cue finding overall no headaches.

Place it on center

For most effective lighting you should follow the standard rule such as center while it is length and with of the table. a simple tips as hung your light at very common fixture for home game room height with average person straight of nose point even it is an official one

Hang them among 40 to 65 inches

When you are going with the official version like a non-moveable light fixture hanging them among 40 to 65 is mandatory to be getting best benefits.In other words, don’t hang the above 65 inches a lower than 40 inches above the table bad  which can be a problematic for moving a referee.

We always recommended you to choose the way to hang a pool light stuck your opinion and demands while it has several opinions and get a proper one as take into account is really hard. When once you determined that what and which thing you need from this lighting fixture along with perfect amount of light for the entire surface of the table from the rail to floor.

Method of Hanging

Yet, your choice is hanging chains hold light fixture expert always suggest 45 degree angles to the bar. But in this process this measurement and something less will be incompatible stress over the loops as a result sometimes occurs failure of the chain and finally damage to the table. When you are demanding more flexibility to reach the electrical outlet which are not had basically on the centered sway hock on the ceiling featuring of 45-degree angle with chain to the bar helpful to tuck them and more secure maintenance for your gaming room whenever your ceiling is low or mediums.

Meanwhile,It is most reliable to make a distance of the type of fixture 36 to 42 inches from the bottom of the lamp above the playing table bed. So mostly then length and width of fixture of pool table will need to be taken into consideration which  gives you other person complement about the right pick for the light for their effectiveness even when you frequently change the position depending on your need.


Thus, In this guide to “how to hang pool table light” we have discussed few easy methods with tricks that are important for this task. Our research has been presented here to help you effectivity and without wasting your time and effort. Whether Pool table lights are specially designed to provide you with opted lit table.So, for a level table and straight cue hung pool table properly  is essential to make it practical and eye comfortable.

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