Pool Table Lighting

How To Install Pool Table Lighting

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2023)

In reality, nothing can beat the illuminating capacity of pool table lighting of any game room, it will do all the things which you are required from them but when you complete the how to install pool table light course which is really the most important part. Sometimes you think that it is not their functionality to lighting the entire room like the floor and players but the pond table, nevertheless you are wrong because all things are related with the playing environments. Excepting them, you cannot enjoy a joyful match while a proper installation of the pond table lighting is effective to eliminate shadow and glare and offer much clear visualizing of the ball for player and audience of players.

Generally most f the pond table comes with a very common purpose as steaming of light whale long and rectangular option for the entire game room with specialized attention of desk bed. It’s very common to have a beer and other alcoholic beverage sorts on the surface of the pool desk whether it your home gaming room. You should always be more practical to install a pool light off a better gaming experience for the audience and players.

To ensure optimum benefits from your pond light fixture you should hang them in the right height and ways that can fulfill your needs without compromising anything. Thought some prefer to take advice or direct involvement of experts, but if you have a perfect plant and measurement you can the same thing securely. If you already purchased pool desk lighting or installed them without right planning about the placement height and other things it can be crucial or a challenge to make a balance with all things.

Why pool table lighting is needed?

pool table lighting is needed

When you will start thinking practically about pond table illumination which is perfectly installed with will get them so many where they first come to the shadow from balls on the desk and other surroundings of the game room. You can’t get real amusement without fixtures pond lights accurately to prevent glare with side rail and other impediments.

Options for pool table lighting

There are several options for pond table lighting as they have so may option including style and  shades while most of them  have the same purpose that illuminating the game room entirely

Options for pool table lighting

You can choose them per wattage of bulb and shape difference with different brands of canopies which can impact the overall production of light over the pond table and other interrelated things. So make sure which things you want to purchase on this purchase have a balance and right measurements which is coherent with your needs and player comfort zone. If it is possible you can plan an impermanent fixture to find out that is your all process going in the right direction which is best and ideal for your gaming room. These are several  theme options for your consideration:

  • Modern pool table illumination
  • Contemporary pond table lights
  • Rustic pool table lights
  • Traditional pool lights
  • Pendent pool lights

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While all types of pool lighting are functional options, even you can blend with each other per you. And a great choice for your pool desk depending on your needs among single, double, or triple ones which works perfectly.

Is it possible to install the pool table light own yourself?

possible to install the pool table light own yourself?

In most cases, it is highly recommended that light fixtures and light globes fitting which are makeover tasks for a pond

  • Traditional pool lights

place and others. But with proper guidelines following this task will be completed by anyone who has great patience and interest.

Get an idea about how many lights you need for my pool table?

On this matter the desk size is the most considerable point of your gaming room by measuring this you can easily get an idea of which amount of lights and types actually you need to purchase and install for illuminating the entire place. Forgiving, you more clear idea we are presenting here an example such as, if you have a standard like 7-foot

  • Traditional pool lights

surface you will need 3 light while for a medium pond table as 9 to 12-foot pond table you can go with 5 light set up for brighten the required place.

Considerable height to install your pool table light

Considerable height to install your pool table light

Maybe it is the most common question is interrelated with “how to install pond table lighting”  to ensure the best result having

pond desk light with investing a large amount of money effort. If you are going through expert guidelines they suggest you keep a balanced height between 62 to 66 from the floor while 32 – 36 inches from the cloth above the desk slate. Be more careful to measure all things which have some trivial adjustments such as the leg height of the pool desk and more that are dependent on partial things.

For more compatibility of pond desk illumination as we said before 3 lights are adequate for the standard desk like 7 foot. If you want clear visualizing for a higher ceiling, then this amount of lights will not work to full coverage here you can add one more light to adjust them with calling and perfect lighting.

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Steps to follow install a pool table light

Steps to follow install a pool table light

Install the table pond lights might face some difficulty if you can not make proper planning with practical steps. But most of the time after placement of the pond desk comes the installation of pond lights so covering the desk with cloth has the least price to prevent any damage at the time of fitting the lights. Then moves the process of installing the pool desk lights.

  • Firstly confirm the right length and width of the pool desk by measuring with the help of a tape.
  • Secondly, select the center point from the average gaming room, and don’t forget to mark.
  • Thirdly don’t forget to make the center point to compare with the ceiling line and center of the desk and build it aligns with them.
  • Fourthly, while you using a chain to install it you should be careful to measure the length of the chain from both sides of the lighting system. After that repeat the same thing for the ceiling measurement and make holes with a drill.
  • Fifthly, on the stud of drilling holes install metal hooks and screw them tightly. While you are double sure about their right measurement attach the chain to the hooks and hang them at the required length.
  • Finally, make sure the chain links are equal on both sides to ensure balanced lighting.

Remember one thing before completing the whole process only after turning off all sources of light to get the right lighting required adjustment to eliminate any shadow from the pool desk bed.

Costing of a pool table

Costing of a pool table

It completely depends on the poolroom size and decoration which you prefer and demanded convenience. If you want to fixture lights for 7 foot with normal and lightweight it will take around $3000 which will not be the last longer, on the contrary, the if you invest up to $8000  to  $1200 for 8 to 12-foot table and at this time your desk will be solid slate based a hardwood traditional desk with premium cloth and hand fluted legs. And besides these kept the budget for pond balls, chalk, pond cues, and storage rack even lights.


As for safety precautions you always start your required process on how to set up pool desk lights by shutting off the power supply even not only this but all types of electrical work. Whether you have chosen light fixtures with need a connection to the electrical box.

Sometimes if you want to install a light fixture where not exist an electric box. It is needed to be installed to ensure is it taking permission or not. If you are going to install the fixture in gross which are heavier than others so screw the hooks in the ceiling tightly into the studs while putting more hooks is safe option. The right installation of pool desk illumination over the table provides you an aesthetic look for the overall home.

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