How To Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures

How To Clean Outdoor Light Fixtures

Light fixtures on the outside area become dirty over time and need to be cleaned. In addition to making light fixtures look unattractive, dirt can block fixtures and impede the proper distribution of light. Discover how to clean outdoor light fixtures with the help of this article.

Over time outdoor lighting fixtures can become dull or even damaged from the components. Dirt, pollen, dust and insects can make your lightless bright or even make your home or business uninvited. Fortunately, there are ways to clean these fixtures and make them look great again. You can use soap and water, white vinegar or alcohol to restore your outdoor lighting fixtures.

Things You Will Need

Choose to clean your outdoor light fixtures based on the type of fixtures you own. If they are surface fixtures that are mounted flush with a wall or other surface, you will have much more access to them than hanging lanterns or pendant fixtures. Let’s find out again how to clean outdoor illumination fixtures and what tools are needed.

  1. Phillips-head screwdriver
  2. Paper towels
  3. Glass cleaner
  4. Ladder
  5. Nonbrasive rags
  6. Light bulb
  7. Mild detergent
  8. Dust cloth
  9. Bucket
  10. Glass protection tape

Shut Off The Breaker

Severe weather and time can make outdoor lighting fixtures look black and dirty. Cleaning the exterior lighting of your home is an easy, quick task. Instead of calling an electrician to replace those old fixtures, clean them to brighten their appearance. You can’t rub them with your cleanser and paper towel.

 Shut Off The Breaker

Turn off the outdoor light fixture breaker you want to clean. If you are cleaning an external lighting fixture in a separate circuit from your home lighting, simply replace the appropriate fuse in a fuse box located near the external fixture. Turn off the breaker at once, starting with the outside light, until it rains.

Remove the Light Bulb

Outdoor lighting fixtures, such as those that decorate a garage, shed or gazebo, provide protection and illumination when the sunsets. As they come into contact with the components, dust, dirt and grime can accumulate on the outer surface of the outside light fixture. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine a specific type of cleaner. Remove the bulb from the fixture and set it in a safe place. Open the light bulb counterclockwise. Some bulbs may be more difficult to remove than others. Because of their sealant, in which case you may need to use needle-nose pliers or a clean white cloth to close them. 

Remove the Light Bulb

Release the Light From the Wall Box

If the light fixture contains the bulbs, it is easier to clean. Because you can work with fixtures at eye level. To release the fixture, turn off the power in the outdoor area, then place a ladder at the bottom so you can reach the light fixture. Once you have access to the fixture, look for screws anywhere on the outer surface that holds it in place. Remove all these screws, using a screwdriver if necessary, and then slowly pull the fixture away from the wall until it is detached. When removing an old light, always wear eye protection and safety goggles as the glass may break and falling debris can damage your eyes.

Move the Light to a Stable Work Area

To clean your outdoor lighting fixtures, start by moving the fixtures to a stable workspace. Try not to move it more than necessary so that you do not run the risk of any harm. If you plan to replace a bulb, make sure you have the right bulb before you start work. Though the light is relatively low hanging on the ground and away from plants or other obstructions, you may be able to safely clean the fixture. If it’s more than that – or if you don’t want to risk injury – remove the light fixture from its socket and bring it somewhere you can comfortably clean it. I hope you understand how to clean outdoor illumination fixtures. 

Use The Newspaper For Filling The Light Bulb 

Clean your exterior lighting fixtures every few months to prevent fixtures from looking worn and dirty. The cleaning process you need to follow depends on the type of fixture material. Iron or steel porcelain-enameled galvanized metal and brass require a different cleaning method than glass or plastic fixtures. 

Using newspaper to clean light fixtures is much safer than using a rag. Because a rag can leave lint in a light fixture. It is a good idea to use black-and-white newsprint instead of colored newsprint, as the color of the newspaper can rub into the light fixtures. Fill the illumination bulb socket of the outdoor light fixture with a piece of newspaper or a dry paper towel. Do this so that you can catch all the pieces of glass if you accidentally break one of your illumination bulbs. Removing it from your light fixture socket. Shatterproof bulbs help prevent dangers such as cutting yourself into a broken bulb. 

Clean the Exterior Glass

Clean the Exterior Glass

Easy to achieve how to clean outdoor light fixtures in just three simple steps

Step 1. Clean the outside glass of a lamp, mix hot water, vinegar and dish soap in a bowl. The ratio should be 2 parts soap to 1 part vinegar. Apply with a sponge or soft cloth. Dry with another soft cloth to prevent water stains. 

Step 2. If the glass has brown spots or is difficult to reach, clean the glass with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush. You can also use a pressure washer. Turn on the power and cover the light with water after you clean. Spray as soon as possible to finish it clean and dry. The glass will be very hot, so avoid burning yourself.

Step 3. Your outdoor lighting fixtures may not be in a place where there is a lot of rain, especially if you have a roof or trees above them. Any dust and dirt that accumulates on the surface of this exterior glass needs to clean periodically. The light fixture looks best. Do this with warm water and mild soap. If there are any stains that prevent removal, rub with a clean dry cloth for best results.

Apply Painter’s Tape

To make sure only the light fixture is painted, use painter’s tape to protect any part of your home. You do not want to cover it with paint. If you use tape with high-adhesion backing, it can often be difficult to remove without damaging the surface. Apply heat To soften the glue and make it less sticky, run a hairdryer on the tape for a few minutes before gently peeling at a sharp angle. 

Apply two layers of painter’s tape (not tape packing) to the fixture glass. The painter’s tape should cover the glass and extend at least one inch over the adjacent metal parts. Make sure the tape is tightly applied to the sides of the glass so you can work easily. This move may seem like overkill. But dirt and guns can get everywhere when cleaning outdoor lighting fixtures. The tape will help hold the mess. 

For a beautiful outdoor lighting fixture, we tapped two shades of paint on a wall to create a cool color block effect. We gave a similar pattern to those spots. Instead of free-handing a curved line across the wall, we used Scotch Blue Painter’s tape to create a straight line, which was simpler and more precise. 

Use a Metal Cleaner and Polisher

It is important to clean outdoor lighting fixtures regularly. In addition to the obvious aesthetic factors, they become dirty with dust, dirt and thorns that accumulate in the fixtures. It reduces their brightness. Cleaning these up is a great way to save a smart homeowner’s electricity bill and ensure your lights are well maintained. You can use mild soap and water solution to clean the exterior light fixtures, you will achieve more professional results using specially designed metal cleaners and polishers. 

First, try to clean your outdoor light fixtures with metal cleaner and polisher. Such products can easily remove ingredients like dirt, grime and stains. Rub on the item in a circular motion until the product is shiny again. There are small scratches on the surface of your fixture at the speed of cleaner wiping which dulls its gloss. A polish will hide these scratches. The cause of oxidation is heat and moisture. You can try to keep it off, but you have to do it after every rain and it is not worth the effort. If you wash the light fixtures religiously with a metal cleaner, they will stay clean longer, but they will become dirty. 

Sand the Exterior Light

The right way to clean outdoor light fixtures is to start with sanding before deleting them. You can start with the lighting outside your home and use sandpaper. The sandpaper that falls on your eyes is really annoying and painful. So it is important to learn how to handle this fine tool before using it. Gently sand the entire outer part of the light fixture until a fine layer of metallic dust is attached to the fixture. Wipe the fixture with an all-purpose reducing household cleaner to remove any dust or residue left on the light fixture. 

Prepare the Paint With Primer

Prime your paint using a primer product. A primer will protect your paint from chipping, peeling or fading in the future. However, you can’t just use a primer on outdoor lighting fixtures. You must use an outdoor primer that is specially formulated to withstand environmental elements. 

Outdoor lighting fixtures made of aluminum are highly durable and corrosion-resistant, which is why many homes have aluminum fixtures. Due to the flexibility of aluminum, it is easy to work with and will stick well to most paints. However, it is very important that you buy the right primer to use as a base coat before painting. Fill the paint tray with primer, then soak the roller and cover the base of the fixture with primer. Do this by rolling the paint roller over the grate. Combing with a razor or household brush until each surface is covered in primer. Allow the primer to dry for 15 minutes, or follow the instructions in your primer container to determine how long to dry. 

Apply the Paint With Primer

Use exterior paint with primer to give outdoor lighting fixtures a fresh coat. Unlike regular latex paints, this type of paint provides a smoother and more even coat that will last longer. Buy the right amount of paint for your project from the nearest home improvement store or hardware store. You may want to apply rust-resistant spray paint or primer. If you want to use a primer, it should be rated for outdoor use and suitable for your type of lighting material. Primers are available in popular outdoor colors and colors that match the finish, such as black, brown, wood grain, metallic, and more. 

Outdoor Light Fixtures

Re-Install the Light

Re-Install the Light

Reattach the light fixture to the wall bracket. Secure the screws that hold the fixture in place. If your light is a hanging fixture, make sure it hangs evenly. Turn on the power in the light and test it. If your fixture is an electrical installation, inspect it carefully before installing to ensure that all wiring is in place, that the connections are not broken, and that the cover is secure. Also check to make sure the bulb or light is working properly. If all goes well, put the item back in its place and turn on the circuit breaker or restore power to the light switch. 


The first, and perhaps most important, step in any outdoor lighting cleaning routine is to turn off the power that feeds the fixture. Allow enough bulbs or lamps to cool before you start work. This is especially important with outdoor halogen bulbs, as they can be extremely hot during operation. If you use a high ladder to reach the fixture, make sure it is safe and stable. It’s also a good idea to use a spotter when working with elevated light fixtures, especially if you use a power tool. 


After thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your outdoor lighting fixture, unscrew the screw and remove the glass shadow from the base. Rinse the glass with water to remove loose dirt and dust. Spray both sides of the fixture with a mild grease-cutting household cleaner, such as a liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with water. Clean the shed with a non-abrasive pad (such as a sponge or cotton cloth). Then rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of residue. Dry the shade with a soft cloth. ” 

The frequency you need to clean outdoor lighting fixtures depends on how often your outdoor lighting system is turned on. However, we recommend cleaning them once every 2-3 months to remove dirt, pollen and debris. Now you know how to clean outdoor lighting fixtures. 

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