How many pendant lights over kitchen island

How Many Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2022)

When you planning to install pendant lights it always comes with how many pendant lights over the kitchen island whatever you choose shapes of pendant lights, among them, sew are very popular as Globe, Square, Linear, Teardrop, Bell Jar, Cylinder and so on with a wide range of material such as glass, metal, slate or concert. The pendant lights are a superb option for their longer lighting and simple accommodating capacity. With hundreds of options to pick make them the most homeowner choice for their home.

For their superb lighting capacity, it is being a handy addition for kitchen islands such s a sing or desk area, dining room, or other areas that required perfect lighting. You can install them with single light or a group of them which is thought right for your task and need. While you are going through the usual measurement you will find that most of the people pick two lights for a shot 6’ or 7’ kitchen island. While keeping a distance of 30” from the center of the island ensure the right amount of lights. If you have a kitchen island then 7’ go with 3 pendant lights and in all these matters keep space of 6 inches from the edge of the counter.

two pendent lights for a shot 6’ or 7’ kitchen island

The kitchen is the place where you spend most of the time when you are staying at home for baking, slicing, cooking, serving, and more. And for these reasons, people love to install this type of lighting with groups but at the time of remodeling your kitchen, you have a common asking How many pendant lights over kitchen island? And we are here to serve a reliable answer to this query. So find out your answer in the rest of the article.

Factors impact how many pendants do you hang over a kitchen island?

To determine how many pendant lights need for your kitchen island you should complete these listed questions. After that, you get a reliable future with the right amount of lights and exact looking with the correct size. These are:

  1. Length of the island
  2. Space between the ceiling and island
  3. Amount of lights needed over the island 
  4. For which purpose do you need to install according to the task type
  5. Types of lighting effect according to your need and spending time duration
Factors impact how many pendants do you hang over a kitchen island?

Be sure to fulfill these factors before installing pendant lights over the kitchen island.

Make sure pendant lights match the wider kitchen

In general, the lighting of the kitchen above the counter never be considered with a single faucet as this will not work properly with functionality and the most popular design arrangements. Here it is a highly recommended tieing closet of the other kitchen hardware and furniture such as counter materials and taps which are really impactful as pendant light fixtures. While a simple design of pendant lights could be more attractive than anything as clear glass shades that have the breathtaking capacity to med with any background without only focusing on the lighting. Here the kitchen size and number of lights relate to each other.

Ideas for how many pendants do you need to light the kitchen island?

In this guide, we will take you through the ultimate process of determining the size and amounts of lights for the kitchen island and the height and width of the island suitable for the overall fixture and finally keeping space between the fixture which is really interrelated things to optimal the pendant lighting over the kitchen island.

Meanwhile, it is considered more dependable for the pendant light fixture over the kitchen island to keep space as 30to 36 inches from the top of the counter to the bottom of the pending fixture, while you have to choose options among them as up and down depending on your needs and preferences. If you are in search to get more acceptable measurements here we are providing some examples to move a few steps to remodel your kitchen with pendants lighting. 

 Measurements for 8  Foot kitchen island

 Measurements for 8  Foot kitchen island

At the time of installing your pendant’s lights, ceiling height is a fact of how much your light can illuminate. For 8-foot ceiling 3 lights and keep space between then 12 to 20 inches according to the width of the room and kitchen counter. In some cases, an additional foot of ceiling adds extra heights of approximately 3 inches while it is a static measurement to keep space 30 to 36 inches from the kitchen island. So you should maintain this measurement with 6 inches from the edge of the counter while it’s really smaller than 8 feet like 6 or 7.

Measurement for the 6-foot island

Measurement For The 6-Foot  Pendants Island

Of course 14 inches larger pendants lights easily create a more dynamic look, when you want to install them with a 6-foot ceiling require 2 pendants lights to illuminate the place while 11 inches or fewer two pendant lights don’t match the surrounding properly as looks small one with the kitchen islands which is a total waste of investments in the long run.

Measurement for 7-foot island

When you have a 7-foot island you should consider three pendants like this perfect for three persons normally this seat takes up 2-foot space among them. Though it follows more than 8 and a few high ranges for the ceiling you can use 10 inches or more but in these cases, you should add one more pendants lights.

For a higher ceiling and long island, you can pick a bigger pendant to fit the overall decoration while it demanded a taller installation for most wide spaces. For example, you can choose a 16 inches pendant light for an 8 or 9-foot-long kitchen island without breaking the style and perfect illuminating.

Figure out the rule of three  pendant lights

Figure out the rule of three  pendant lights

Literally, most the interior designer recommends three pendant lights as they have a firm golden rule which provides numerous functionality with excellent decorating arrangements for the kitchen island weather is well-rounded and proportion room layout so, you cannot kick them from your plan completely.

While it is a matter of personal preference that how many pendant lights over the island but popular picked can be enclosed without being crowded. So, three pendant lights are worth consideration for the right amount of lighting over the island and stylish array.


You should follow a tip to“how to install pendant lights over the island” for being determined to get good lighting and in this way, you should measure the length and width of your island and subduct 6 inches from the edge of it. While exceeding numbers of pendent lights seem thick so pursue these tricks as firstly subducted 12 inches and divide the resulted length of your table by two. Here is the number of pendant lights that need to install.

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