How far apart should pendant lights be over an island

How Far Apart Should Pendant Lights Be Over An Island

In kitchen pendant lighting designs over the kitchen island start with how to install these and finish with how far apart should pendant lights be over an island. So you cannot avoid this question anyhow if you want to be successful to decorate your kitchen island with this item. It is a fact that no one gives you a straight answer of this question as it depends on a few consequent topics such as the number of pendant lights is needed and the height of hanging pendant lights.

It is an open secret to choose the difference between the pendent lights which depend on completely up to the length kitchen island. Here are the great tips for you to get a clear idea about this topic as keep spacing 30 inches which won’t make the whole arrangement clutter and excessive. You can shorten this measurement for a smaller kitchen island besides 6 inches leaving from the edge which less than 18 inches can make really odd.

In most cases, you will find that three pendant lights are safe and easier for a large number of kitchen island designs. But if you’re thinking about two light fixtures remember you cannot keep space less than 24 inches apart. Though your personal preference is adequate for this topic spacing 30 to 32 inches are a reliable measurement for any type of kitchen with the most common length and sizes of a kitchen island.

How far apart should you hang pendant lights over an island?

If you can find the center of the island the rest of the work of how far apart should pendant light over an island will get easy own self. As you first install the middle one pendent lights by subducting 12 inches from the edge of the kitchen by 6 from both. When you have a smaller kitchen island as 4 and 5 feet you can pick two pendant fixtures for your place while keep spacing is more than 24 inches mandatory. On the contrary, if you have a larger island three pendant lights are suitable options for you which should have 30 inches space difference from each other. This measurement can be up and down per the length and width of the kitchen island. If you keep this guideline you mind before measurement and fixture, you cannot go with the wrong way.

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How Far Apart Should Pendant Lights Be Over An  Island

Effective tips for spacing pendants over your island:


Get the 2 pendant light fixture for a short island which is 6 to 7 feet with 30 inches space from the center point of the island. So, be confident with 2 pendant lights with 30 inches spacing which is the fundamental way of reaching the correct direction all the time.

Tip -2

This one is the easiest but effective tip to find the spacing of the lights. Measure the entire width of the kitchen island and subducted 12 inches from the overall measurements which refer to the 6+6=12  edge of the island from its outside. Finally, divided by the numbers of lights.

Tip -3

Your three pendant lighting will be most effective when you picket it for more than 8 foot larger kitchen island. In this case, 30 to 32 inches distance is essential to make these are stunning and orderly, as it provides perfect highlight and steam of lighting over the kitchen island. Don’t forget to follow tip no 2 as it will work in all these cases.

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Hanging pendant with varied numbers depends on personal preference, but mostly this number comes correctly by the size of the pendant lights. Thus, for the multiple pendant light, you should give attention to their sizes which can match the other fixture.


Don’t make your pendant lighting clutter except keeping 2-foot distance which your choice is two pendant lights.


At the time of hung a long pendent follow the same rules as start with midline and don’t take the spacing rather than two-third parts, not each pendant lights.

Get a practical idea for the spacing of pendant lights from example

To make you more confident and straightforward to keep spacing for pendant light installation we are providing a good example. Hope it helps you efficiently. Yet you have 10-foot table and idea for more than three pendant lights such as 4  don’t go more or less than 2.5 feet or 30 inches. As we said before you can choose more than 8 or 9 foot tables. Yes, it has a clear formula like start dividing this number with 4 or 5  pendant lights. So divided this and get 2 feet or 2.5 feet and spacing measurements. Isn’t it is easy and smart one?

Recommendation of the size of pendant lights for your kitchen island

Like others, we also can escape by saying that it depends on your preference, but we will not do that even we describe all those factors which have an impact on it to clear you all confusion about this topic. You can easily choose a big size pendant light for the larger area which not let you go down. In fact, if you have a high ceiling with a long island a big size pendant light also works great. If you want to put a touch of a blending of contemporary and traditional in your modern kitchen through a recessed like lighting this idea of a big light excellent to create a focal point such as 14” diameter pendant light. Whatever we are saying one thing will come that is your eye than can judge which match your rest of the decoration and capable to spread lighting overall fulfill all the requirements.

What’s the best height for pendant lights over an island?

The Best height for pendant lights over kitchen island

In short, we can say that first take the height of your ceiling in feet, secondly, multiply it by two or three which particularly you want to purchase the pendant number, it is comparatively reliable that this should be 30 to 36 inches.


Thus, we keep our promise to provide all the answers with “how far apart should pendant lights be over an island” and make you more confident to take a measurement for moving the next level for this task together with height and pendent light sizes. However, we firmly believe that our guidelines with unique tips make you more satisfied to step on t installation of pendant over the kitchen island with accurate knowledge.

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