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11 Steps How to install Wall Lights

Wall lights are the basic idea to illuminate any place whether it is a room or outdoor. But the concept of wall light will work when you go through the process of how to install wall lights. There are thousands of styles, designs, sizes,s and types of walls in the market for both indoor and outdoor walls. You choose even per different types of bulbs. With a wide range of functionality, barrier lights can be decorative items for any place simply. So, you can choose them easily according to your need with the least effort.

At the time of planning where to place a barrier light, you have several options when you can determine which things you want from this lighting like how many lights you need, for which purpose you install them. Where you want to install the indoors or outdoor and more. Once you have been getting an adequate answer then move to the purchasing step and brighten up your place.

With wall lighting, you cannot be wrong up to their position place when you select a wall light according to existing furniture or theme of theme interior design or blending of the perfect size of light and height from the floor. For a large room, entryway garden, pool or to highlight a few objects or areas barrier light is the foremost choice from the very first to in modern-day through various upgrading. Aside from the choosing place of them, we will focus on how to install barrier lights, to get an exact idea read the rest of the article and follow them strictly at the time to do.

Things will need

These tools will necessary to install wall lights. Check the list

  • Pair of Pliers
  • Electrical tester
  • Electrical stud finder
  • Keyhole saw
  • Wire cutter
  • Utility knife or ware stripper
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws and plug (if necessary)
  • Remodeling lighting (optional)

Steps for how to install indoor wall light

Though it is very common to call an expert to do these things but it is not so much a hard task that you could not do that, here are our easiest steps to help you.

Find a place and mark it with a pencil

Measure the wall and find the right position to install barrier light.In these cases you can take expert suggestions of various websites to help to exp[lode the right on which will be smashing and blending.

Find the right location to install wall lighting

Check the place with stud

Use an electrical stud is there any halfway to place the rest of the fixtures

Make a layout

To get perfect installation this step is an advanced step. Place a remodeling box against the wall and draw around and make another circle through 2 inch inside the first one. Then make a pilot hole which adjacent to the inner marked circle and complete this task with a keyhole saw.

Set the top wall plate

Start drilling a 1-inch hole through the top plate into the wall where you want to install the lighting out box and another one for the switch box.

Turn off the power

It would be better if you can turn off the circuit breaker completely. Check the power supply by using a noncontact tester. This step is helpful to save you from electrical shock. So don’t be careless towards this

Cut the wires

To go to the next level with a cutting the wire to keep the extension  from 7 inches from the front of box 10 to 12 from the wall cut out.

Inset wire onto the box

Through the opening line insert the cable in the outlet box and secure them with the screws after pulling the right length of the wire.

Connect the wires

Use a knife to remove 3 to 4 inches of distinctive wire stripper once you peel off the jacket of them and connect them according to the circuit wire perfectly. Try to fasten the light with the hardware. By losing the screw cut the black wire which comes from the switch and removes it. Similarly, strip the white wire cut and attach to the wire nut. Now  put together the cover of the mounting bracket

Add the wall lamp

Add the wall lamp

Attach the selected lamp to the mounting bracket which you placed on the wall. Usually, most of the lamps required two crews on each side to be perfectly secure.

Insert the bulb

When you have completed the whole task of wall light mounted pick a bulb that matches the with power supply is compatible. Make sure you picked the right one with maximum wattage and other specifications from the varied website or expert retailers. And finally, inset the bulb smoothly/

Put in  a cord and plug into the wall lamp

Depending on your preference you can choose cord and plug for your beast wall light need to attach to the connector block of a cord and plug which will dangle from the back of the barrier lamp as you can plug it into a socket nearby on the other hand drill a small hole where you will fit the connecting wire around the barrier lamp to insert it on to the connector block while you do not want it to dangle.

How to install wall lights

Steps for how to install outdoor  wall light

To provide a decorative touch and a wide range of functionality as warm welcome for the guest to prevent darkness wall light for the outdoor are amazing fixtures. Let’s have a look of the installation steps:

  • Turned off the circuit breaker or fuse box to be safe while you are working. Double-check with tester.
  •  Mark the posting place of the pancake junction box on your outdoor walk per standard measurement of the length
  • Use an electrical drill to make hole and chip out rest of these by a chisel
  • Pull out the wire through the hole onto the electrical boa and use a wire clap to secure it
  • Attach the pancake junction box and a mounting bracket with a screwdriver.
  • Fasten the wire connectors with pliers and place nuts with them.
  •  Made a hole in the ceiling structure and splice the wire together with the help of pliers and secure them with nuts
  • Set the barrier lighting fixture inside the hole and push them to accompany properly secure them and finally array the wires and cover it perfectly.
  • Insert light and set switch and power on the supply.


When you will follow these steps for both indoors or outdoor your process of how to install wall lights will take less time and be accurate whether you are not professional. We made this discussion very easy as you dot be confused to follow any steps. Make sure you choose the right fixture set with bulbs and others, while safety precision is important for your safety. Leave a comment box if you think these guidelines are helpful for you and share your experience when you have installed one.

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