How to install pendant lights

How to install pendant lights over kitchen island

When it comes to the matter of designing a home from kitchen to bathroom, modern people did not get tired to think about various new things and fixtures. How to install pendant over kitchen island is a common asking which comes first at the time of installing pendants light in the kitchen which is getting the trend for their reliable performance to lit up the entire room or task lighting both. Plus, these are an extremely eye-catchy and functional option for the kitchen island along with an elegant and stylish appearance. So, you can confidently move with this type of light for your busy kitchen.

If you have a traditional kitchen lighting layout with recessed lighting, it maybe seems perfect but comparing a kitchen with pendant lights will more decorative and versatile. So you won’t move the further step without looking for pendant illumination for your cookhouse island. These lights illuminate from ceiling to for even over the countertop or other appliances perfectly. Moreover, they have the capacity to make your cookhouse decoration on another level at the least cost.

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However, pendant lights are available in so many designs, size, and finish which makes it simple to pick one which matches the style of decoration of a kitchen for any homeowner. Particularly these demands very easy steps to install and effective sources for lighting. Yes, you are in the right place if you have a great curiosity about, how to install pendant illumination over the island, as we have put together all these handy tips and instruction along with all the queries on this topic to help you.

Things to be considered at how to install pendant lights over the island

These three most important things help to fulfill your requirements from pendant illumination of kitchen islands.

  • Height of hanging pendant light over kitchen island
  • Spacing among two pendant lights of kitchen island
  • Size of the pendant lights for kitchen island 

Works should be done before starting the main task

Make sure you have turned off the electricity through a circuit breaker or fuse box. After that, remove the old fixture stuff from the junction box, if there had other types of lights taking down them. Before going to disconnect all the connectors check once more with a voltage tester being safe. Now, disconnect all the wires, remove the base, and trim pieces consequently. Add a beam or support to hold the entire fixture securely. Finally, tighten the screws of the electrical box.

How to install pendant lights over the kitchen island

We are providing to you an easy way to today’s topic “how to install pendant lights over the island” which can help you to install your pendant light over the island without any expert electricians even yourself. So let’s start.

Step-1: Array the contents of the fixture

At the very first, to ensure easy access remove the fixture from the package box which comes in whole arrangements and be sure you took all things all up for you can complete the task smoothly and without wasting time.

Step-2: Separate the circuit

To ensure ultimate safety to prevent you from electrical shock to all these works this step is essential for any time of fixture not only this one. So, being sure about that power is off from as testing with a voltmeter.

Step-3: Run the wires

You cannot keep this fixture all time besides the power supply anyways with the switch box. So, running wiring is a major part of this task. Sometimes adding a new junction box is very common for installing new pendant lights if don’t have the previous fixture type. In this way, you should run the wires according to your need means where you want to install pendant illumination.

Step-4: Cut the holes

Once you measured the location for placing of this fixture, it is the pro step of going installation. Marked the position with a screwdriver and start cutting the holes. You can introduce any type of switch for this fixture, so be calm about this issue.

Step-5: installation

Be careful to complete this step as this part will help you to get a successful fixture in the long run. You cannot go without following standard home electrical rules except perfect wiring as black to black and white to white from the junction box to that place where you want to fixture the lights and attach the ground wire with a ground screw at the junction box. Piece together carefully to get optimal installation.

Step-6: Testing

Afterward, complete the whole process it turns the testing period. So move to the power back from the circuit breaker or fuse box and switch box, check one by one, and finally turn on the power supply if the light is lit up your task is done successfully. But if it does not work, so it will be hard to find facing all the issues for you. So, it’s time to turn off the power from the circuit breaker and call the professional immediately to do the rest of the work.

Pendent light options for kitchen island

Pendent light options for kitchen island

If you have a dilemma to pick the right one for you have a quick look at this part which makes you satisfied.

Vintage pendant lights are a trendy option

Commonly many interior designers offer vintage pendant lights for those homeowners who have a leaning of the curve furnishing with their home decoration and demands to have this touch on the kitchen central island too. In this edition, you will get to bring an option for antique elements among metalwork or Asian glass to offer a vintage look and maximum pieces adding as pendant illumination need not hang in specific space to install for providing the right amount of illumination with contrasting highlight as retro style. So you have so many options to give your cookhouse with vintage pendant illumination.

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Industrial pendant  lights play a versatile role in modern kitchen layout

Industrial pendant  lights play a versatile role in modern kitchen layout

A kitchen is a place where you cannot make any compromise with lighting. As you need a consistent stream of light flowing over the island you should be careful to pick the right type of lights while industrial illumination have optimal lighting featuring easy operation as well as simple adjustability. If you have a safety issue here the industrial pendant illumination are an amazing one that builds by intensifying the beam. They are superb lighting above your cookhouse island with versatile functionality and simple looking.

Add a colored pendant to create a warming environment

Maybe you don’t think about it before reading this. But it will work as a pendulum over your kitchen island while you add some color and make it unique from others. This idea makes your cookhouse more comfortable and fun at any time. As in this then you won’t leave your cookhouse shabby one try these tricks which give your kitchen another level of decoration. Plus this thing can be applied to a room if you want to put a shade of accent hue.

While you are the owner of a small kitchen it is very common to balance with a large accessory of the cookhouse as a result seems clutter, but with the help of colorful shade of pendants you can easily create focal point only upgrading illumination, so these are a must in your small cookhouse.


We have a strong belief that our article will be helpful for how to install pendant lights over the island”  when you have already taken a decision to do yourself. Moreover, we presented here a few bonuses item to choose them if you are searching for a reliable idea before purchasing pendant illumination for your kitchen island.

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