How to shorten outdoor led string lights

How To Shorten Outdoor Led String Lights

String lights have been used for the last few years. They are becoming more and more popular over the years. Because of low energy consumption, low heat, no noise, high reliability etc. They are just one of the main decorative elements to illuminate a house. However, some buyers are not aware that this type of string light needs good care. Sometimes our outdoor led string lights may inevitably have to shorten. In this article, we will tell you some effective ways on how to shorten outdoor led string lights.

Outdoor string lights are commonly used on many occasions. Such as Christmas Day, decorating, wedding party, birthday celebration, outdoor barbecue party, outdoor picnic party, etc. Outdoor string lights are widely used in shopping malls, streets, parks, squares, and other surroundings.

Use a hot glue gun to shorten the outside led string light. Outdoor string lights are fast becoming a popular choice for a wide variety of patios, walkways, and other outdoor rooms. People often encounter when buying these lamps is the length of the cords used to give them power.

Often, people have trouble running extension cords to make it to their desired location. To solve this problem, one can shorten your string light cord using three simple tools. Anybody can choose different colors of the power cord to meet your custom requirements. When installing the light, the pressure of the light fastening is reduced. Cables connect according to the distance between the lights and other factors. Outdoor and decorative mini lights are an important part of Christmas lighting. It is most beautiful when fixed with trees. You need to shorten the string light to adjust the length. It can do this according to your own garden or lawn. For example, place a string light around your tree. Also known as string lights, fairy lights, mini lights, or fairy decoration lights, are Christmas lighting products.

What You Need

The outdoor string light is an ornament of your home. It brings us a sense of beauty and comfort. When it comes to breaking outdoor string lights, users get into trouble. They will not enjoy the beautiful view at night. Because it is inconvenient to turn the lights on or off. So here’s how to shorten outdoor led string lights

To make your outdoor led string light smaller, you will need:

  •  A screwdriver 
  • Set pliers
  •  Wire cutter 
  • An outdoor led string light 
  • Distance meter (optional)

Why the need for string lights?

String lights carry a beautiful decoration to any space. These are usually made of very thin wire. They are also energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and have low energy consumption rates. From holiday displays to backyard landscaping, enjoy outdoor lights all year round. To make sure your fun lasts, use light strings to protect against weather and humidity.

Outdoor lighting strings are often used to decorate patios and porches. Especially on holidays. You can want the convenience of lighting up at night without the hassle of pulling up and down. Needing to protect the light string. As the outdoor season draws to a close, these light strings are important for next year and for warranty protection.

Protecting Outdoor Light Strings

Light strings are a nice addition to any outdoor living space. However, they require some special care to prevent short circuits, fill wiring and other problems. Wet or snowy conditions can make it difficult to keep the lights on while working. Some string lights are lost during the season. Outdoor strings are more likely hit by rain and moisture

Such as freezing temperatures. It can create ice in light strings, causing some bulbs to pop and blow fuses. Which can cause damage and shorten life. This will prevent exposure and improve the safety factor of your illumination. When the sun goes down, don’t let your outside light get dark.

For those who want to enhance their backyard decor, outdoor Christmas lighting adds color and texture. Many people find ways to decorate their home during the holiday season. Decorate with rope or string lights. This makes it interesting and fun for all the guests.

Use Outdoor Rated Strings

Use Outdoor Rated Strings

Outdoor string lights have a high quality insulation. As a result it is not damaged. Many people like to use them in other places like inside their house. But before you do that you should know some important things about outdoor rate strings. Only if installed on GFCI-protected outlets. It is in the off position when connecting the power source. Hanging in a place near the plug in your home. Not more than 100 feet, ideally less than 60 feet. Following these two tips will help increase your light life

The main difference between indoor and outdoor rated light strings is their waterproofing ability. To pass all guidelines for labeling each as an outdoor LED string light. Bollatek Corp’s LED lighting system is designed, tested and manufactured. It is  with high-quality components under a wide range of quality standards. This means that our products meet the industry’s strict testing protocols.

To make life easier, we’ve put together a variety of pre-made pre-word strings. Use them when you don’t have to attach them to yourself. Just looking for an easy way to sort. Remember that you should use a maximum length of 50 feet per plug. There will be a few strands across the center to compliment your guests. Although strands with more than 20 bulbs are ideal for large size decorations, most event planners will use 40 bulb strings.

Be careful to use old or worn strings

Be careful to use old or worn strings

Outdoor string lights are useful for many occasions and holidays, including patio parties, backyard barbecues, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do not use old or worn Christmas light strings or sets. Old and worn strands are unreliable and insecure. It is difficult to determine how much light is needed for a particular job. For example, cooking depends on the amount of light used for grilling or dining outside.

When the strings of light are too old or show signs of decay. Even if they still work, the light bulbs may burn out prematurely. The lights may become less effective. Replace old or worn light strings when you are old.

Use Rated Bulbs

Use Rated Bulbs

They are eye-catching, quiet and safe all around, and you can count on their longevity. Making sure to use outdoor rated bulbs to prolong life.

LED string lights add an elegant effect to your home for a holiday or special occasion.

When your light strings are off, it is important. You use outdoor rated bulbs when your light is out. There are many benefits to using these bulbs, including safety, humidity and weather resistance

Rated Extension Cords Use

Use only outdoor rated extension cords and outdoor rated outlets. It use only a few strands of light or a small amount of light. One can probably use a 16 gauge extension cord. Anyone who is plugging in multiple strands of light will want to consider going with a heavy extension cord. Lengths of 5 ‘and 10’ are both rated for light loads.

They are not as durable as 16 or 14 gauge outdoor extension cords. Thick wire outdoor cords allow lights to consume less power. Lighter cords are more likely to melt and create a fire risk.

Using cord type (10 AWG) on cord labels will help you understand how to shorten outdoor led string lights. It must have the letters “W”, “WA” or “WF” next to it. Always check the packaging rating of the light strand. Use some low-wattage strands with a 50-100 ‘outdoor extension cord (5 AWG). Only if the cord contains the letter “SJTW” or “STW”.

Outdoor rated cords have a 4-prong plug. Which will not fit in a standard power outlet indoors. Without the LED driver box, the light string can work occasionally. It can even burn prematurely. Please note that once you cut a string of light, you must separate the entire strand. Additionally, all outdoor products , keep outside and not in a garage. Run your string lights in an area with proper ventilation. When using plastic exterior lighting, make sure cords and plugs are rated for outdoor use. Plugs must have an IP rating of 44 or higher, with a NEMA rating of 1 to 6.

Cut Light Strings to Design

Cut Light Strings to Design

The only cut light string is to  design to cut. This string is true with outdoor LED Christmas lights. So far it has proven much stronger than other brands that break down. When you need it the most and it doesn’t seem very cheap. In terms of durability, this is one of the toughest on the market. I would rate. it is a solid 9/10 for durability if you expect 5 out of 5 for durability. They do not break during cutting. All other low voltage lights must be wired. Not only is it detrimental to the string. It is also much slower and not as clean as a normal cut. With a cutting string, you get a quick, clean and easy installation.

Do not try to disconnect by cutting the wires at the connecting point of your portable light strings. Light strings contain miniature incandescent bulbs that are fragile. Pinched and pulled from the base of a wire. Always cut the light string near the last led bulb of the string.

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Sealing Connections Made in Rope Light

Multiple strands of the same color are easy to connect together. All you need is a heat seal connector and a few tools. The most important thing to remember before connecting multi-strand cords. Make sure they are the same length. It’s okay to make them look a little longer. Just don’t want to measure them because then they will be too small.

Sealed connection rope illumination is one of the most versatile types of string lights on the market. These are extremely affordable, easy to install. From mini-lights up to 144 bulbs, each operating at 4 watts of power. It has up to 4 ‘by 50’ spools with 7200 lights Has the ability to customize. These products have become extremely popular. However, despite its advantages, there are some disadvantages that apply to any type of string lighting.

When you have finished installing your rope illumination, split into an uninterrupted string or multiple strands. Use silicone sealant on all joints and connections. For rope lighting installations that must be waterproof, such as a fountain or pond installation, use 100% silicone to seal the entire installation. Connecting your rope light to the power supply is a bit of an art. There are many things to keep in mind to know how to shorten outdoor led string lights

One of them is making sure that one bulb does not surpass the other bulb. You will probably use a standard blade fuse in your outdoor application. You will have an assortment of bulbs. There are no leaks when you are satisfied. Remove the electrical tape and expose a few inches of the factory seal to one of the wires. Cut at least 6 inches. You can seal directly against it with your new tape.

Connections Between Strings

Connections Between Strings

Protect electrical connections between your LED light strings with a healthy dose of electrician’s tape. Start wrapping a piece of tape around the male plug at the end. String before removing it from the packaging. leg of the wire near the plug or another piece of tape around the wire. A snag fit is made for the male plug. This will help protect against water damage such as corrosion.

You will use a string of 14/2 NM wires in your installation. This length is better to replace a 110v outlet with one run light. It is not advisable to run more than 15. In the air on the same string without adding another conductor. By running 14/3 wires and setting up a conductive loop. Take care that regular lights do not fall off their electrical connections. One strategy is to wrap them regularly with string lights where they connect. Otherwise, shorten the extra wire outside. Store in an electric box at the top of the Christmas tree.

Avoid Leaving

Most people prefer to leave their string lights outside their home. But the problem is that sometimes they forget to turn off their lights. Turn off the outdoor illumination and keep the area around each socket safe. Place the string Christmas light on an outdoor tree. Keep looking for problems and can get them.

Of course, the flashlights can keep the party going until dawn. To avoid open sockets under shiny trees, cut 1 inch below each light. Use scissors to prevent the plugs from sticking.Keep your LED string light connecting sockets open with your solar panel. This can drain the battery, making it difficult to turn on or off the lights.

When one light goes out, check the others in the vicinity. This is due to both visual appeal and security. Always be aware of our outdoor lights.


At the end of this guide you are going to learn exactly how to shorten outdoor led string lights. An easy way to reduce your energy bill using this method. This means that you will save money on your monthly bills. It will allow you to spend extra cash. Remember that saving money will save time in the end. After the bulbs burn out, remove the solar panel completely from the water. The tips of the solar panel are bent down. Use a wire cutter to trim the two-inch lead. Use a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the end of the wires you have trimmed. Anyone who does not have easy access to the voltmeter. Simply cut the wire three inches. 

Using a wire or zip tie to tie the bottom or top of the terminal screws on the opposite end. Excess cord from outdoor string illumination is a constant source of frustration. Dirty or dirty electrical connections cause many cords to shorten. Now anyone can easily and safely shorten their outdoor string lights using the tips below.

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