How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

How to Hang Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights make the outside glowing and create an amazing outlook for party nights on summer evenings. To create a warm outlook, you have to know how to hang outdoor string illumination first.

By using these lights, you can make your holiday nights amazing. They create a glowing attractive atmosphere in your backyard.

Hanging string lights is not so easy. You should know some tricks and methods of how to hang outdoor twine lights in a proper way. 

There are some considering issues that you have to keep in mind. You need to choose the right type of light and also the pattern should be selected. 

Professional string illumination can be hung to make it look classy and gorgeous. They need to be hanged from at least 10-12 feet above from the ground. Buy good quality products and keep extra bulbs so that you can use them if any of the bulbs break somehow. 

You need to adjust the string lights with a hook and tighten them with zip ties. If you do not fasten the end parts properly, then the string may fall down. The bulbs should be lightweight and easy to carry. 

Don’t lose the empty box of twine illumination. Keep them in your store room or a safe place so that you can put the lights back when it is off season.   

All you need is to learn how to hang outdoor string illumination and plan a layout. You can keep it simple for all day use or you can organise the illumination in a professional way to make it look gorgeous.   

Type of String Lights   

Type of String Lights   

There are many types of string lights. Some are for professional use and some are for non-professional use. You should check the lightweight bulbs. If the bulbs are heavy, it will not be able to create a perfect curve. Heavy weights will pull it towards the lower level and it will look ugly.

Choose professional cafe illumination to get a better quality light. The bulbs can be plastic bulbs or glass bulbs. Glass bulbs are the best because they glow beautifully rather than plastic bulbs. 

The bulbs come with different shapes and sizes. So you can choose according to your plan. Try unique shaped lights to create a different look.  

Colors of the Lights

Outdoor String Lights

The color of the lights should be soft and glowing. The place will be highlighted by the light color. Choose a bright color like white, off white, golden color etc. These colors enlighten the place and make it more bright. You can try yellow or orange colored illumination too.

The cord and string color can be matched with the light colors. You should not choose any dark or faded color. Always buy bright colored string illumination.  

A warm color gives you an eye soothing outlook in your backyard and the summer party becomes an amazing one. So bright up your party nights by choosing gorgeous colored lights.

Equipment You Need

To hang outdoor string lights,  you will need some equipment. Without the tools, you can not hang outdoor twine illumination properly. The equipments are given below:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Ladder
  • Zip ties
  • String lights
  • Cup screw hooks
  • Supporting wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Extra cable clips
  • Staples
  • Gutter hooks
  • Professional tape

Sketch the Layout

Sketch the Layout

As you are learning how to hang outdoor string lights, you should know the process of doing it properly. 

The hanging style will depend on the space pattern you have in your backyard. It varies depending on your backyard pattern and space.

 You can draw a sketch of the backyard space to easily plan a layout. By drawing the layout, you can have the pattern idea and can easily select where to hang outdoor string illumination. 

You don’t have to be a professional artist to draw the sketch of your backyard.

 Just draw the lines of the outer corners and draw the things that are in between the space like trees, decks or sofa. The drawing may look ugly but you will understand the pattern of your backyard by this sketch.  

Plan a Layout

After sketching the pattern of your backyard, plan a layout about how to hang outdoor string lights. There are many styles and patterns to hang. It is not about only draping the twine illumination but also allowing them to enhance the beauty of your backyard place.  

You can hang these trees to the roof of your house. Just make sure that the end points of the twine lights are secured tightly. If there is no tree or attaching points, then you can install posts to attach the end point of the string light.   

Before hanging the lights, you need to plan the layout otherwise it may look overwhelming. Plan how many illumination you want in a round curve if the illumination are in medium size. The secure point should be strong enough to hold the weight of the lights.   

The layout can be round or rectangular in size. You need to hang the string illumination according to the layout. Placing the illumination in a slant angle can also create a different look. 

Where to Place the Lights

Where to Place the Lights

Many people get confused about where to place string lights and how to hang outdoor twine illumination as they don’t plan properly. You should place the illumination in a way that looks beautiful. 

The lights can be placed in a parallel way or you can enlighten the things separately. You can wrap a tree with string illumination separately and can place other twine illumination over the deck roof and surroundings.  

Hanging Ways

Hanging Ways

There are many ways to hang outdoor string lights. Different positioning of the illumination give a different look to your backyard. You can choose a windy space as you are going to hangout there with your friends and throw summer parties there.

Attach zip ties and cable clips to create the hanging shape you want. The hanging ways are given below:

Make some Round Curve

Make some Round Curve

If the bulbs are big, then you can create some round curves to hang outdoor string illumination. Plan how many lights you want in a round curve. 

To hang your outdoor twine lights in a round curve you will need supporting cables or ropes. First of all, hang the rope or supporting cable. Then secure one point of the string illumination with hooks. You can use wall anchors before placing the hook.   

Now make a round curve of the string and secure the round end using a cable clip with the supporting cable or rope. Secure it tightly so that it does not get loosened.

Similarly keep making the round curves till the end point of the string and then tighten the end point nicely. Make sure that each round curve is the same size as the others.

If the round curves are not the same size and if the lower level is less or more than one another, then it will not look good. The better way is to measure the string light and measure the round curve. If you create the curve according to the measurement, there will be no differences from one curve to another.

Measure the height of the round curve so that all the hanging shapes of the round curve are equal to each other.   

Square Shape

 You can hang them in a square shape. It is a simple design but it can be made gorgeous.

If there are trees in your backyard, you can easily make a square position. But trees are not always in the right position. You can install beams or posts to create a square shape. Wrap the posts with string lights as well. 

Buy some extra string illumination. It will give you the opportunity to arrange the party with more elegance. Secure the endpoints of each string carefully. 

In a Slant Position 

In a Slant Position 

You can hang the string lights in a slant position. If one string is hung in a slant angle and place another string light in the opposite slant angle. It will look great.

Another thing you can do is, place some twine illumination in the same slant angle one after one. Secure endpoints with hooks and zip ties. If the string is lengthy, you should use support cables and use cable clips to attach strings with supporting cable.

To know more about how to hang outdoor twine lights, keep reading.

Create Criss Cross

Create Criss Cross

You can hang the string lights in your backyard in a criss-cross position.  It looks amazing and gorgeous. For a grand summer party, this is the best hanging idea. 

Drape the strings in criss cross positions and secure the end points of each of the strings. Tighten it as much as possible but keep it a little bit loosened in the middle part.  

Like a Tent

Like a Tent

This look is so gorgeous. If you are going to have a grand summer party with family and friends, then you can create this look by string lights. 

Small to medium twine illumination are better for tent look. You have to drape the illumination like a tent. You can bind one end of the twine illumination together and now just secure the other end in different directions to create a tent look by string illumination. 

While putting one end together of the string illumination, you can use a round-shaped band to attach them together. You can use professional tape as well. 

The other end of the twine lights can be secured according to the mounting point situated in their position. If there is no mounting point, install beams or posts.  

In a Parallel Way

A parallel pattern of hanging string lights is the easiest one. If you want a simple look, then you can drape the illumination in a parallel pattern. 

Attach the ends with a strong base and secure them properly. Keep equal space between one twine to another on the whole parallel pattern. 

Look for a Power Outlet 

To enlighten the place you need to plug in the lights. For this, you need a power outlet. 

If the strands of the twine illumination are not too long,  then you may need to connect more strands together. Connect the male end to the female end. Don’t connect too many strands together. Otherwise, it will be too heavy. Use guide wire and attach the strands with that using cable clips or zip ties.

You need to plug in the twine light cable in the power outlet. There are other alternatives that you may use like battery twine illumination or solar string lights.

 In battery illumination, you need to change the battery when needed and charge it regularly. If you buy solar system string illumination, then sunlight will charge it automatically. But most of people like to use twine lights using power outlets.     

If you don’t find a power outlet nearby or if it is far away, then attach an extra cord with the strand of your string light to reach the power outlet.  

Use Guide Wire

Use Guide Wire

When the strand of string light is too lengthy, you will need guide wire or supporting cables to hold the weight of the twine lights. 

You can’t wrap the twine illumination with guide wire. So you have to use cable clips or zip ties to attach the string illumination with guide wire.    

Hanging Options

There can be many options to hang outdoor string lights. Once you learn how to hang outdoor twine illumination, then you can determine the perfect hanging option. Not every backyard has the same options.

Hanging options can be different depending on your backyard pattern. Some hanging options are given below:

Tree to Tree or Tree to Roof

Tree to Tree or Tree to Roof

You can hang the string lights from tree to tree along with the branches of both trees. It can create a slant or criss-cross position. Hanging the illumination by wrapping the trees with it also sounds good.

If there is only one tree, then you can hang the twine illumination from the tree to the roof in a parallel way. If your roof is made of bricks, then you may need to drill it and attach wall anchors before placing the hook. After that, attach the end of the string illumination with the hook.     

On a Deck

If there is a deck in your backyard, you need to make it a central place for hanging and gossiping by hanging string lights. Thinking how to hang outdoor twine illumination and give it a real touch is absolutely an expression of creativity.   

You can create a gorgeous outlook in your backyard deck by hanging the string illumination on the deck roof. Attach one end of twine illumination on one side to another side of the deck roof. 

 You can drape the illumination surrounding the deck as well. Place the sofa and pillows on the deck and make your summer party worth remembering.     

On the Porch Stand

You can hang the string lights from the porch stand to a tree or to the deck roof. This can create a dreamy outlook. 

Place them in a parallel way and enlighten them with a new glow. You may find a power outlet easily near the porch stand.    

Around Fences

Fences beside the hangout spot can be decorated with string lights. Hang outdoor twine illumination on the fences beautifully. The fences should be deeply placed in the ground so that it can hold the weight of the twine illumination. 

Moreover, you can hang twine lights from the fence to the roof of the house. You can wrap the fences with the string illumination and make the center place amazing.   

On the Jars

On the Jars

Outdoor dining tables can be beautiful by hanging glass jars full of string lights and once you plug them in, it just looks fantastic. 

Install Beams or Posts

Installing posts or beams is needed when there is no mounting point where you can hang string lights. 

You can deeply place them in the ground and keep at least 3-4 feet of the post under the ground to make it a strong base. You can also use planters and posts by using some concrete. 

First of all, take a bucket and put concrete and water there. Take a stir handle to stir the mixture properly. Now attach a hook on the opposite end of the post so that you don’t need to use any ladder. 

Place the post in the middle and hold it with the help of some friends. Now pour the concrete and use professional tape to place surrounding the post so that it remains in the middle point. 

It may take 1-2 months to dry properly. Don’t hang any string illumination before it is completely dried. Once it is dried, now you can hang twine lights. This way, you can create as many posts you need and create mounting points.

Put some soil and mulching over the concrete and place plants on it. Water it and embrace the beauty of flowers along with glowing string illumination.     

Things to Follow

There are some considering facts that you may need to follow to keep the string lights long lasting. As you are learning how to hang outdoor twine illumination, you should be aware of these facts as well.

  • Use glass bulbs rather than plastic bulbs. Glass bulbs create a look more attractive.
  • Buy glass bulbs that contain shutter protection so that even if somehow the glass bulbs break, it will not cause any accident. 
  • Try lightweight bulbs which can be carried easily.
  • Keep the boxes safely so that you can put the twine lights back to the box when there is winter.
  • Buy string illumination with removable bulbs. Before hanging the illumination, remove the bulbs so that it does not break while hanging. Once you are done hanging the strings, now attach the bulbs. When you want to keep it back in off season, remove the bulbs first then remove the strings.
  • Always buy extra bulbs and cords so that you can use them even if they are out of the market or when the bulbs get broken somehow. 
  • Read the instruction manual before hanging the illumination.
  • Always check if the lights are okay or not before leaving the shop. It is always the better way so that if there is any problem with any bulb, you can exchange it right then.   


Outdoor string lights are an easy way to make your summer party more cozy and beautiful. They add extra spices on the party nights. If you know how to hang outdoor twine illumination, you don’t need a professional and you can use them as long as you want except in winter. 

In this article, we have tried to show you how to hang outdoor twine illumination. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Write to us below about your opinions. Enjoy your day!

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