How to decorate outdoor trees with lights

How To Decorate Outdoor Trees With Lights

Whether you want to create a picture-perfect Christmas tree with twinkling lights to a dinner party. When arranging trees, it is important to plan in advance how to decorate outdoor trees with lights. This protects your light strings from falling prematurely. Decorate your outdoor – or indoor – tree with tree lights. You can hang the light around the whole tree or in clusters along the branches and stems. Choose LED Holiday Light to save energy or standard incandescent mini light. Tree lighting lets you make a small tree look bigger and more beautiful by accenting it with light.

You can use white light, colored light, or decorative mesh strings to illuminate the inside. Here’s what you can do to decorate your trees for the holidays or all winter. Decorating your backyard with thousands of twinkling lights is fun and easy. But before you plugin, there are some important things to consider. If you enjoy decorating with light but don’t have big enough yards to show off your dreams, consider decorating an outdoor tree.

Select the Trees Light

 Trees Light

Start the holiday season by lighting your outdoor plants. Holiday Lighting Essentials explains how to choose the best tree for lighting, what kind of light blends together. 

Decorating outdoor trees with lights is a time-honored Christmas tradition and a beautiful sight to see. But how to decorate outdoor trees with lights. Decide which trees are right for you? You have to think a little to choose the right tree. Trees have been used for gatherings, celebrations and decorations for hundreds of years.

In winter, a tree covered in twinkling lights brings its own magic to your home. There are multiple ways to decorate outdoor trees with light. There are many types of trees that make a great Christmas tree. Some have thick leaves and others are more rare. There are some branches that are scattered and others more steep. Among the best choices of tree species for light display are balsam fir, blue spruce, Douglas fir, Scotch pine, white pine, Norwegian spruce and Fraser fir. Use light around your large plants and shrubs to create an illuminated border in the winter months.

Test the Light Strands

Test the Light Strands

Strands are great for decorating the evening to know how to decorate outdoor trees with lights. You know what I’m talking about: those old strings of white Christmas lights attached to trees, fences and any other vertical structure. But did you know that there is a better way? Light strands have come a long way. Many string lights today have more light per strand and are brighter and more colorful than in previous years.

Check all your light strands before sorting. To check if your strand is working, remove a bulb and plug the strand into an outlet. If it is illuminated, you better go. Check the bulbs. Try another bulb. Once you are sure that each strand is working. Create a string of light around the trunk of a tree near the main electrical supply point of your home. These light strands are perfect if you want to decorate a bunch of trees on a Christmas tree or outdoor holiday display. Each strand has 25 LED light bulbs on a thin wire that both power and chain the light. 25 individual lights create a gorgeous sparkling effect for your holiday decor.

Lay Out the Cord

Lay Out the Cord

Having the right lighting is a key part of the decorating process. Your tree will look just as beautiful as your light, so make sure you choose a reliable brand. The next step in arranging trees with lights is laying cords. Make sure you keep plenty of cords. Especially if the project takes days to complete. Make sure you have the power strip covered.

Though you have an outlet where you work, add an electric timer to turn on your Christmas tree lights. If you do not know how to use the timer, add an electric timer with remote control for easy use.

There are 3 main parts to decorating an outdoor tree with light: spread the cord, hang the light and string the tree. Spread the cord to make sure there are no knots or tangles. First, stretch the cord as far away from the outlet as possible. Often, people can get a long extension cord or run an extension cord through a window or door. To get more access to the ground and between their trees. Light string and plugin 7 Before arranging the tree, check each light set to make sure the strands are working First, stretch the cord to determine if you need to buy more. Then, place the extensions in each of your strands. For example, you would use a total of 5 Y-extensions if you have five strand lights. Use a 9-foot bulb in the center of your light string so that each part of the cord is three feet long. This way you can easily plug the lamp and otherwise reach this part of the string.

Wind Up the Trunk

There are so many beautiful trees around here, to decorate with beautiful lights. Sadly, if you are like most people living in the city, there is no way to illuminate your tall trees. What can you do? There is an alternative – Windbed the Trunk String Light System by Goldbad. The main stem of a tree, where it meets the soil. Decorated with small lights, helping to create an aura around. Use a timer in the light so that they come on at night and do not detract from the look of your home. You can even use solar lighting hidden under the ground for a helpful brightness in dim-lit areas.

outdoor decorate with beautiful lights

The trees or shrubs add a festive touch to the yard, porch and patio wrapped with small white light landscape strands with their stems. In tree lots, choose a tree that is as straight as possible and tall enough to meet your needs. Prune the branches so that they fit on a stand or inside your home. Use a string and tie it around your trunk to determine how high your lights will be. If you use a flashlight, you don’t need a string. Wrap the trunk in Christmas light. The more light the more beautiful. Hang the little ones at different heights to complete the tree skirt.

Run Up and Down the Limbs

The best way to decorate your outdoor plants with light is to let their limbs move up and down. Simply loop the light around a few branches and run the extension cord over the trunk. You can hold each end of the cord with a fishing wire. Tie one end of the cord to a higher branch to give the illusion of height. Trees at least 12 feet tall can be difficult to arrange, especially when they have many branches. Instead of trying to illumination the strings horizontally across the tree, it’s easier to simply move the strands up and down the limbs.

With trees, it is always easier to start from scratch and branch out. To that end, we used a 10-foot. Piece of rope and throw on a stalk. Then we simply make a big X by wrapping the rope around the branches. After running an extension cord from our garage to the tree, we hung a strand of light from the hook to hammer the overhead limbs.

Use a Ladder

Use lights depending on the size of the plant

You can use a ladder to reach any height of the tree. The most popular length of the stapler is 8 feet, tall enough to reach the top branches of most trees, depending on the size of the tree and how high you want your light to hang. Place the ladder at the edge of the garden or yard and place it next to the tree. Do not take more than 1 inch from the ground. Climb up the first part of the stairs and place your feet on either side. Wrap your left hand on one side of the trunk and your right hand on the other. If you cannot reach the branches directly in front of you this way, place another staircase under your first one so that you can climb up. Facing one side of the tree, gently pull on the small branches until they snap. Use this piece then for decorating purposes.

There are several rules for using a ladder to hang Christmas lights outside. If you want to use the ladder, follow some steps. Though you have a four-step aluminum ladder with short legs, it is difficult to set up and use as a Christmas illumination ladder. Also, avoid carrying heavy extension cords over your head when climbing ladders. However, if your trees are away from electrical outlets, you will need to run extension cords near them. To protect the tree and light, you may want to string the cord with a thin strip of wood. Cut a slat about two inches wide into three-quarter-inch wood. Wear thick, leather gloves to protect your hands as you saw through the slats with a round saw.

Secure the String

When it comes to arranging your outdoor plants with light, you have 2 options. You can either secure them by wrapping the lights around the trunk and tying them with outdoor staples.  Or you can hang them with hooks on the branches. Whichever way you choose, make sure the light string you wrap around your branches is not too heavy. A dense string of illumination causes permanent damage to your plant. To protect the illumination from the puffy wind, wrap the last inch of light around the trunk. Wrap once around the trunk and then wrap a second time in the opposite direction. This protects the light for windy days. You don’t need a transformer to make sure you have enough outdoor electrical outlets for all your holiday decorations.

outdoor plants with light

Use a magnet to attach the light string. If the lights get tangled while you are working, it will make it easier to release the lights. To “tune” the color of the light, start by dividing your string into third parts. Give a little twist to every third so that the bulbs can burn individually. Due to the strong, outdoor power supply and you use outdoor-rated bulbs, you will have as much light as possible for a single line of illumination on a large tree. Identify problem bulbs (s) and replace them with warm white or clean bulbs. You may want to add a white illumination strand from the upper branch to the bottom for more uniform lighting. Tree lights are a great way to brighten up your holiday display. Most tree lights use standard C7 or “parallel” light strings, which contain 5 or 6 mini-light bulbs (or “mini-lights”). A series of hollow tubes filled with wire and covered by brightly colored plastic insulation.

Few Tips for Hanging 

A popular holiday tradition decorated with string lights. From tinsel strands to colorful bulbs, there are many options for decorating your backyard and home. For those who like LED tree lights, there are many ways to hang them. Below are some ideas on how to decorate outdoor trees with lights.

Idea 1

Winter, however, is also a great time to decorate with Christmas lights so if you think you can’t do it in December, you can probably wait until the new year and use it as a way to welcome another full year.

Idea 2

Lighting your trees will not only make them look magical, but it will also save you money. Instead of spending a fortune on professionally decorated trees, you can do it yourself.

Idea 3

If your tree is big and healthy and you think you want to decorate it with light, choose a small gauge (thickness) outdoor cord or wire light. This will allow you to spread the illumination even further, which will not put too much pressure on your tree.

Idea 4

There is nothing more beautiful than setting up an outdoor holiday illumination. The last thing you want to do is set up the lights and they are not working. Because they are defective or if they are too small, they do not reach the area you want.

Classic Wraparound Design

Classic Wraparound Design

For those who want to illuminate their outdoor space, this is the best place to start with a living tree wrapping design. The outline of the branches in white light encourages the feeling of fairy tales through a simple but effective technique. For extra effects and to make this design truly lively, choose LED lights; These are safer, more durable, and will last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Go for the classic wraparound design. Wrap the lights around the trunk then drop them at an angle along the stalks. Or create a criss-cross design by attaching lights to tree limbs, then crossing over each other. There is nothing like a classic. By wrapping the trunk and upper branches of the tree with illumination Anyone create a design that is not only beautiful but also adds interest to the tree. Choose Twinkle Light (located in Section 5) for this design. For added drama, use twinkle lights of different colors on each side of the tree.

Cool and Warm Lights

Cool and Warm Lights

Decorate your outdoor decor with cool and warm lighting. Starting from the base of the tree, illumination the branches in a cross pattern. When you work up the pulse, alternate between warm and cool colors. For example, start with two warm lights, two cool lights, one warm light, and so on. There are many ways to decorate your outdoor plants with light. If you want an overall festive feel, use evergreen warm white lights and warm light strands on other trees. Though one person wants a happy, cozy aura, look for cool white illumination. Warmly illuminated trees have a nostalgic appeal, Where cool-lit trees have a more contemporary feel. Your decorative choice will depend on your personal taste.

Use Multi-Colored Lights

You can decorate landscaping with lights to add spice to your property on holidays. There are many types of strands and sets that range from indoor hanging illumination. It strings of any length and style to solar bulb strings that come in either round or ice shapes. Whichever you choose, your trees will look spectacular. For outdoor decor, you can make solar lights or illumination strings, especially for outdoor use. Designed to withstand rain and dampness. So choose something that has a waterproof back-light panel. You do not have to travel to the evergreen forest to get the feeling of Christmas. Just look up and see your tree tops glowing in magic. You can follow our simple instructions for a beautiful design that will illuminate daylight as well as darkness.

outdoor Multi-Color Lights

How Many Lights do You Use?

When you first start wrapping your trees, the hardest part is determining how many strings of light you will need. A small tree can take up to 100 bulbs and a tall tree can take up to 500 bulbs. But there are many factors involved in determining exactly how much illumination you will need? Including the size and type of tree, how much space around the base of the tree? And how much illumination you want.

The most common mistake people make is wrapping trees in very low illumination. Our arborist recommends using 100 C7 lights or 550 C6 illumination per 8-inch diameter stem depending on the size. You also need about 100 mini lights, 200 regular bulbs or 250 fairy lights to cover an 8 ‘tall tree. To get an illuminated tree visible from the road, a six to eight foot tree needs 30 to 40 strands of illumination. The general rule of thumb is to add three lights per foot around the perimeter of your tree. For example, a 6-foot tall tree needs 18 lights.

You need 1000 cool white LEDs and 200 warm white Christmas lights to decorate an eight-foot tree. Using more LEDs means to turn them on and off with convenient remote control. Then add 15% to that number for extra length. However, more light does not necessarily equate to a larger display. Overwhelming if you have too many. Install all strands at the same height and keep the spacing equal so that the display looks balanced.


When decorating outdoor trees with light, the thing that looks best is hanging illumination strands. Natural shapes like stars or vortices look best when hanging from tree parts. To hang your illumination. Secure a light strand of Christmas lights around a tree branch and hang them at an angle. If you want to create the most beautiful Christmas decorations for your backyard, take a few strands of cheap Christmas mini lights and some ornaments. By decorating garden plants with illumination, you can also save money on your electricity bills. By replacing lamps and overhead lights during the winter months. Indoor and outdoor lighting is available in a variety of sizes. Including strand, mini-lights and icicle illumination. Some outdoor string lights come with a remote control to turn on or off. Use energy-efficient LED or incandescent bulbs to keep utility bills low.

You do not need to drill holes in the trees planted for this purpose. The best way is to insert the illumination in a way that will not harm the tree or harm you. In this guide, you will learn how to decorate outdoor trees with lights

Although some methods are more useful than others. All of these can bring a beautiful look to your home. It never hurts to try new decor every year. Hopefully, you will find a way to save money and decorate your trees with professional results.

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