How to Change Light Bulbs in High Chandelier

How to Change Light Bulbs in High Chandelier

Ceiling lights are a stylish and useful addition to almost any home, but some of them require regular maintenance. Replacing a light bulb in your ceiling light is a fairly simple task. A chandelier can add a dramatic focal point to any room. But the challenge is often changing the illumination bulb. This article will show you how to change light bulbs in high chandelier. There are many light bulb manufacturers, each with different styles and designs. Chandeliers use one of three types: socket bulbs, integrated LEDs and smart bulbs. There are three types of dimmable and non-dimmable varieties. 

Before you begin, make sure the lights are off and cool. Hold your weight to hold the chandelier tightly. For safety reasons, if you have to cut off power to a light fixture, first turn off the power in the breaker box and make sure the power is off with a non. Contact the voltage tester. After replacing the bulb, make sure that the circuit wires are not touching any metal part before turning on the power in the circuit panel. Changing a illumination bulb to a high chandelier is like making a change by hanging relatively low on the floor. Because glass or crystal can easily break. As with any electrical job, safety is paramount. 

Opportunity to Change Light Bulbs

Light sources and bulbs for high chandeliers in your home need to be changed from time to time. The reasons for this are different. Only it is due to a part of the lifespan of the bulb or the bulb has gone out due to an electrical problem. Some people may feel a little nervous about changing the light bulb in this type of ceiling fixture. Although specific models will differ somewhat, there are general principles that apply to most builds. 

Although chandeliers are a stylish part of any interior decoration, keeping them clean is much more difficult than keeping a table or chair clean. When you consider how high a illumination bulb can be in the air and how hard it takes to get there. You can see why someone is doing it for you.

Light up your home in a classic style with these six-light best chandeliers. A smooth oil-rubbed finish gives this fixture a touch of classic appeal while clear seeded glass shades complete the look. This bronze wiring illumination has a standard medium base and Candelabra base bulb socket. So you can customize your desired brightness level. This fixture is designed for indoor use and requires minimal assembly prior to installation. 

Use of Telescoping Bulb Grabber

The Telescoping Bulb Grabbing Tool is the perfect way to safely replace or remove light bulbs from a high fixture. A telescoping bulb grabber tool replaces the bulbs above your head. A grabber with a rubber gripper at one end and a pair of handles at the other end. The grippers protect the illumination bulb, allowing you to open it without operating the hot glass. The long handles allow you to reach it. To install cables, pull down ceiling insulation, and move heavy objects around – not all off the stairs.

If you have a high chandelier, you will need to use a telescoping bulb changer to replace your light bulbs. Telescoping bulb changers are made with fiberglass rods that are screwed together. Some models are up to 12 feet long. For bright bulbs, you can tighten the metal clamps around the bulbs. The grip on the bulbs is more secure. Then, turn the incandescent illumination bulb counterclockwise and replace it with a new one. 


Lets safely replace high light bulbs without a ladder or cherry picker. So check out the step-by-step ladder usage and learn how to change light bulbs in high chandelier

1. Buy a long ladder so that you can stand on it and reach for the chandelier. 

2. Collect some tools: rubber gloves or a pair of cotton gloves, screwdriver and bulb, a glass bulb removal tool. 

3. Start work early in the day if the lights are off for a few hours. So there is not much difference between room lighting and candlelight.

 4. When replacing a burned-out bulb, all the power of the fixture is turned off and the safety is further enhanced by carefully removing the other light bulbs. To prevent possible cuts from the broken glass if the other accidentally falls out of your hand during removal. 

5. Bring a soft but sturdy item, such as a cotton towel or gloves. So you can hold each bulb from the socket to its base. The bulb breaks.

6. Stretch and climb the ladder until you reach the base of the chandelier. Locate the connecting chain under the illumination and pull on it to turn off the electricity. Use your screwdriver to loosen any coating on light bulbs, then twist the bulbs from the chandelier 

Install A Lift

You can buy a cheap lift that comes with a wire cage that surrounds the bulb and keeps it stable when screwing it on. If you want to replace bulbs with hard-to-reach fixtures, consider installing a light fixture lift. For very high ceilings, your safest and easiest bet is to use a illumination bulb changer that gives you extra 5-fluorescent illumination bulbs. So be sure to find one that matches your chandelier or fixture. A rope and pulley system adjusts the height of the cage. You can place it right in the light bulb. Then, in a few seconds, you can change the bulb and lower the cage again.

Some elevators are designed to be screwed into the ceiling and are equipped with a pulley system. Used to lower a bucket. Other elevators use the same type of safety equipment found in climbing equipment such as helmets, ropes and clips. Such lifts may be more suitable for replacing light bulbs in hard-to-reach places, such as arched ceilings. If you plan to rent a lift from a home improvement store. 

Light Bulb Disposal

In most areas, it is illegal to place light bulbs in the trash due to mercury content. Most fluorescent bulbs used for overhead lighting contain mercury. Many bulbs contain mercury and lead, which is extremely dangerous to the environment. Ask your local recycling center or garbage company about disposed of. To unload them at a specific location or pack them in a special box.


I suggest you buy, rent or borrow a suitable ladder to install this light. Using something small is a pain. If you have a high arched ceiling and need to replace chandelier illumination bulbs, this is not a difficult task. Use common sense and safety precautions when working from the stairs. Use tools that are suitable for work without the risk of damaging the chandelier. 

If I give you a simple solution so that everyone can get this done. However, the purpose of this article is to explain how to change light bulbs in high chandelier. Now you know the disadvantages of replacing a illumination bulb with a high chandelier. Acknowledge that you may not have the proper equipment to lower your chandelier safely. If this is possible, check with friends to see if they have the tools or hire a professional to install the lights for you.

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