How To Paint a Mural On a Bedroom Wall

How To Paint a Mural On a Bedroom Wall

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)

Painting a mural on your child’s bedroom wall is a great way to express yourself and your child. It will add simple, colorful art to any home and will be a learning experience for you and your child. You can draw a city under the sea or even draw a scene from your favorite book or movie. This article explains how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall

Drawing a mural in a space larger than your computer screen can seem a bit daunting. It can be done by newcomers or advanced painters alike, because at the end of the day it’s all just painting! Bedroom murals are a great decor tool for any kid, twin or adult room. They not only give the room a focal point, but also help inspire imagination and creativity. From kids stickers to abstract art murals, there are many ways to customize your little one’s bedroom space. A successful mural project has two main components: mural and wall preparation. You can choose from a variety of murals, including displacements, paint sprays and more.

What You’ll Need

I’ll share with you how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall, what kind of paint to use, what tools you might need and who will do it for you. Check out our list below, then collect your materials and start planning your mural design!


  • Take off your clothes
  • A set of fine paintbrushes
  • 2.5 “angular brush
  • Roller frame
  • Chalk reel kit
  • Nail or thumbtack
  • Pencil
  • A putty knife
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Anger


  • Paints
  • Painter’s tape
  • Painter’s putty
  • Paint tray
  • Stencil

Clean the wall 

Clean the wall for Paint a Mural On a Bedroom Wall

Before drawing a mural on the bedroom wall, you need to prepare for it. All surfaces of the walls need to be cleaned to avoid accidents during painting. Since texture will affect the result, it is best to clean all smooth surfaces first.

It makes sense to start with plaster walls. The dirty part should then be cleaned before applying the foundation coating or wallpaper, although you may not be able to clean all the dirty parts thoroughly as it is old and complicated. Therefore, make sure that you paint then crush them in the end if such problems occur.

Wall Priming

If you want to design a mural on the walls of a bedroom, you need to make sure that your walls are primed. It is important that the paint adheres well to the wall surface. If your wall is not prime, you will find that your mural cannot stick to the wall for long. This will provide two benefits. First, it will allow the texture of the wall even for a smooth surface. It will help the painting to go more smoothly. Second, it will reduce the amount of paint needed to complete the project and save you money, especially if you use expensive paints such as special effects paints or spray paints.

Research design concepts 

Research design concepts 

Before drawing a mural on the bedroom wall, it is important to have some idea of ​​what you are going to draw and how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall. Remember, this is an investment of your time and skills. Painting on the wall is not like drawing. There are dimensions to the wall that must be taken into account when designing and executing the painting. The height, width and spacing of the elements must consider when making a visual decision using. 

A mural design should have eye-catching colors and pictures associated with the room in which you are drawing it. For example, if you have a blue and white theme, the colors of your murals should not be red or yellow.

They are different and spoil the look of the bedroom. It is advisable to make sketches ahead of time. Sketches will help you imagine what you want to look like before you paint your mural. Mural painting is an art form that has been used to create visual art since ancient cultures. It falls into the broad category of wall painting, which includes painted furniture, stained glass windows and paintings on canvas. Design your mural with a clean surface. Choose a color scheme or paint the whole wall in one color – or start freehand. 

Set up your paint shop 

Set up your paint shop 

Clean and prepare everything in the room you are going to paint. This includes removing any sticky tags from the lampshade, removing pen marks from furniture, and removing dust. Set up your painting area with a good paint table with plastic drop cloth on the floor, cardboard under the drop cloth and properly taped edges. It is also possible that you can transfer photos so make sure you get photo emulsions to use them. It is also an eye-catching focal point for your room.

You will want to include painting elements to create contrast between the rural area and the rest of the walls. Some designs can be painted directly on your wall. You need to use an oil- or latex-based paint that dries quickly. However, it is best to practice on a sheet of paper first to see if you like the results. Set up your painting shop with everything from the house you don’t need for this project.

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Paint The Base Coat 

Paint The Base Coat  

To paint a mural on the walls of a bedroom, it is essential to prepare a surface free of dirt and dust. Thoroughly vacuum the walls, then wipe down with a damp sponge and some water. Always remember, if the house has been painted before, remove the old paint first. A waterborne stripper will work best for this project, especially for latex paints. Some people simply scratch the surface of the old paint with tools like the old screwdriver. But be sure not to scratch with the new paint you are going to apply.

Outline Your Mural Design

Mural painting is not for everyone – it is a big and tedious task, requiring precision and attention. The murals create a vibrant decor in addition to an interesting focal point and play on the senses. Many people have the idea of ​​drawing a mural on the wall of their bedroom. But in fact, most of them do not know how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall. Since there is no need to be an expert painter, they look for some instructions on how to finish the painting, So, they can draw their mural with their desired beautiful effect and make it the centerpiece of the bedroom.

You can paint a mural design on a wall, with or without the help of an artist. This is a unique mural, admiring the decor of any bedroom. Your fresco should fit the entire wall space. Use thick paint, colored pencils, oil or watercolor paints to create your mural artwork. Make sure you use waterproof paints so that they do not fade and remove loose plaster to reveal a beautiful surface that will better hold your mural designs. Some mural designs are sprayed and require a chemical process to be completed, others are painted on the wall. Whichever method is to use, planning is the key to creating professional results and minimizing mistakes made during painting.

Add Topcoat or Design 

Add Topcoat or Design 

Apply a 2-inch-thick layer of grout to the surface you are going to paint. Apply petroleum jelly to the surface where you will be painting and clip the hair on the handle of your brush. Organize your paints using masking tape around each individual color. Mix the colors together according to the blending chart and then add paint to the mural design. Remove the glass from your window before painting so that the design can be clearly seen by pedestrians. Apply varnish after your design has dried for at least 4 days.

It is fairly easy to draw a mural with this technique using dry erase board film. The film is an adhesive, masking-type material with a sheet of clear plastic. It is suitable for painting the wall. Because once it dries, the surface is not harmful and the paint can apply to it without worrying about the underlying paint damage. This sheet comes in both 30 “x40” and 72 “x50 ‘s and is usually sold in most large craft retail stores.

Touch Any Imperfections

An interesting mural drawing technique is to make sure that all the lines are straight and the colors are even. If there is any disparity in this area, the mural will not look attractive at all. To start your mural, clean up your workplace and collect some supplies. When drawing a fresco on the bedroom wall, use a long-reach brush and do not paint on media and electrical outlets or switches. Acrylic paints can apply using a variety of brushes, such as a wide halo or a detailed brush. A soft brush will give the surface a smooth finish when using suitable acrylic paint.

The easiest way to draw a mural on your child’s bedroom wall, if you have a blank wall. If you are painting on what was before, proceed with caution. With all the painting and preparation, you can have a hard time deciding which design to draw. Choose wisely because once a mural is painted.

The Final Thought

Mural painting on your walls is an affordable option for decorating the walls. You can easily find fresco paintings at home improvement stores near you. When painting your mural, it is important not to make the paint too thick. Before using a paint sprayer, make sure it is clean and then spray your paint carefully. This will allow you to apply the paint evenly without distorting its appearance.

Follow our advice and be able to complete a fresco project of your own. Before you start, you need to make sure that your murals are suitable for painting, as this can affect how long your fresco will last. Have fun with your murals.

I hope you find the information in today’s post helpful. We’ve given you all the information you need to pick the right supplies. We’ve broken down how to paint a mural on a bedroom wall to follow the paragraph in a few steps. Hopefully, you can apply the ideas discussed in this post to your own project.

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