How To Clean A Chandelier On A High Ceiling

How To Clean A Chandelier On A High Ceiling

Chandeliers enhance any home the most, so it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape. When it comes time to clean a chandelier, the task may seem like a maze, especially if the light fixture is in a high place. The right tools and preparatory work will show you how to clean a chandelier with a high ceiling.

Cleaning a chandelier on a high ceiling is not as difficult as it may seem. To get started, you need to spray the chandelier with soapy water, dry it and dust it with a feather brush and replace any burnt bulbs. If your ceiling is exceptionally long, you may need to rent or put together an extension wand to reach the chandelier.

For crystals, wipe them off with a damp cloth, or if they are extremely dirty and greasy, use a paper towel to clean the windows. Once they are clean, you will want to dry them thoroughly so that they do not rust or fade. It is also important to use air-safe bulbs large enough when you replace them. Finally, check all electrical connections and replace the light bulbs with new ones when they burn out. 

Collect Supplies:

  • Compressed air can
  • Garbage
  • Spray with bottled water
  • A lint-free piece of soft cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Bulbs

Turn Off The Chandelier:

While your chandelier is a stylish and elegant addition to your home, it is an electrical fixture. It is potentially dangerous. There are several ways to clean a chandelier. But you must make sure that you take proper safety precautions and turn off the chandelier before attempting any cleaning method. It is best to handle the task yourself to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

The simple fact is that you probably won’t be able to clean the chandelier unless you feel comfortable climbing the ceiling. But if you need to, you should turn off the light. Then take a safe ladder, especially a very strong one, place it opposite the fixture and climb up. Secure the ladder with a tool that will hold it in place if it slips. Use a long flexible pole with a soft cloth in it to wipe the chains and crystals. The best way to reach some of them is by hand. Cleaned by attaching another pole to hold a good quality vacuum cleaner hose and run it over them. 

Remove Shadows

You probably need to plan a little to get the best light. First, decide if you want to remove soft or hard shadows. Gives the soft illusion that objects are closer and deeper when hard lights create sharp, crisp shadows. Second, determine the height at which you will shoot before positioning everything else in the room. Don’t worry if you have no idea how high your ceiling is. Just keep something like a book in your head and find something that shows up with it while also crawling around while measuring. Be sure to measure at the top where the chandelier will hang as it may be on a different level. 

Use An Extension Ladder

Washing your ceiling in high ceilings is not a difficult task unless you are ready with the right cleaning tools. Start by turning off the light using an extension ladder, it will be safe to start downstairs and work upstairs. Use the right cleaning materials for work such as tack cloth or jeans washable paint and other necessary materials. Gloves and masks are also essential for protection when cleaning. Make sure once you have finished cleaning your chandelier. 

Clean The Chandelier Frame

Clean The Chandelier Frame

Takedown the chandelier before you start working on it. Remove the power source. Wipe the base of the chandelier with a damp cloth and then drain off the excess water. Start applying a metal polish to its metal parts. But be careful not to apply too much metal polish as it can damage your polished surface. After you apply the metal polish, apply another layer of metal polish for better results and learn how to clean chandelier with a high ceiling. 

Glass And Ceramic Chandeliers

White vinegar, a cloth, a bucket and a ladder. Also, when choosing a cleaning agent, choose one that is suitable for your chandelier-making material. Then wipe off any chandelier dirt with a cloth. Now take the bucket and fill it half with water. Then slowly pour about an inch of white vinegar into the water. Now use a scrub brush to clean the dirt from your chandelier and go upstairs as soon as the scrubbing is finished to avoid splashing vinegar or carpeting on the floor. 

Crystal Chandeliers of Clean A Chandelier On A High Ceiling:

Although crystal chandeliers are usually made of imaginative, delicate material, they are as durable as their metallic parts. However, their loose, fickle nature keeps them prone to dust and cleaning problems. The general rule for cleaning crystal chandeliers is not to apply anything that could cause the crystals to slip out of their settings. They always fall on any brittle surface below or behind them and are likely.

Turn off the light bulb and keep your ladder in a safe place, remove any unnecessary crystals, cover with a cloth before placing them on a nearby table. When they are out of the way safely, heat some vinegar in a pot on your stove. Then bottle the mixture into a glass spray bottle and apply generously with a soft cloth. If your chandelier has any dirt or mold, use a simple household cleaner following the same procedure. When all the cocoons are off and the dry crystals are back in their proper place, stand back and appreciate your brilliant work! 

So now you have the tools you need to clean your crystal chandelier. But keep in mind that chandelier cleaning can be quite difficult, even for the most seasoned home cleaners. We strongly advise you to try and hire an experienced cleaner to ensure. Cleaned properly and thoroughly without any damage. Remember, a chandelier is not something you replace every day. So if you want to make it last a lifetime, it pays to take care of it. 

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Fabric And Paper Chandeliers:

Paper and fabric chandeliers are probably the most delicate type of chandeliers. These are also the easiest to clean, as they are just light bulbs and some fabric. First, disconnect the wires and place them in a basket or other safe place where they cannot get tangled and break. Then, take a ladder long enough to reach the ceiling so that you can climb on it and reach for the top of the chandelier with your hand. Using a microfiber cloth, gently wipe all glass pieces with water until most of the dust on your cloth has been removed. 

Replacing And Cleaning Bulbs:

Use a ladder. Stand on the stairs and hold the fixture with one hand. Use your other hand to remove the bulbs, then replace them. Replace burnt bulbs. To replace a burned bulb, use a crescent wrench to loosen and open the glass globe where the bulb is located in most fixtures. You will need to loosen three or four glass rings before removing the globe. When washing each individual shade, keep a bucket of warm water with mild soap. If you prefer, you can use regular dishwashing liquid. But choose a formula without bleach or additives as these are made of crystal glass or pendants or glass. Using it on something similar can cause damage. 

Replacing And Cleaning Bulbs:

Never soak a piece of your chandelier as it can dissolve the chemicals in it and possibly damage the finish or structure of your beautiful chandelier. Once you’ve washed each of your sheds and dried them thoroughly, it’s time to get off the ladder and start replacing the bulbs in your ceiling fixtures. Take the time to study all the attachments to understand how everything is connected before starting work. Start with any shades that have crystals on them, such as focal points and dining room fixtures as these tend. To be more fragile than other mediums for design in shades. 


It is important to know how to clean a chandelier on a high ceiling, especially when you are working for a business or someone who owns a home. When it comes to home maintenance, one of the most daunting tasks people find is cleaning chandeliers. Some people find this a daunting task. Because climbing a staircase and cleaning a chandelier is a big challenge for most of us. Often, the chandelier is out of reach unless you have a long staircase or you are really good at climbing overhead surfaces.

Remove all crystals and other pieces to dust the metal frame and any metalwork. Use a soft brush or rag to remove dirt, grime and spider webs. Immerse in each opening with a vacuum hose attachment with a steep broom handle if necessary. Allow the metal to cool before cleaning again with alcohol or any other chemical. Once cleaned, the glass should shine like new with the same crystal clarity. To enhance this effect you can wipe the bottom of each globe with a wet paper towel soaked in vinegar. It will bring out the bright colors stuck behind the century kerosene on the glass! What a little elbow Grease can do is amazing.

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