Best Motion Sensor Night Light

Best Motion Sensor Night Light Reviews In 2023

Modern night lights have multiple advanced features and motion sensor one of the most paramount one. And best motion sensor night light are loaded of tons of benefit for their user. Usually these are equipped with a sensor which activate the light when it detects any movements. They are helpful to safe your kid and pet unusual movement in a dark room and prevent intruder to commit any crime.

Innovative technology develop the lighting system in several decades impressively. The motion sensor lights are an energy efficient model as they light up when detects motion as your pet roaming or child tossing and turning. Sometimes heading off to the kitchen for midnight snakes always reminds the importance oh having motion sensor night light to offer safely move in the darkest night.

Available of various choices of motion sensor lights with auto shut off, alarm and other high features depending on user needs and purpose. When you will choose LED lights they are long-lasting and energy efficient. Some of them are had app control support which is the most recent addition for motion sensor light. Whatever your choice battery powered and plug in we get together most popular choices of the market in this writing to help you find the best motion sensor night light with reasonable cost.

Our Top Picks

In our top picks we listed the 12 best motion sensor night light which could consider these first before buy any models. We are chosen them to keep all types of user need whether you have kid or pet in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen these could be ousting for sound sleep or safer roaming in kitchen and bathroom. Here you can compare each other by their color, style, size, feature and price and choose anyone which you think best for you.

1. White LED Nightlight Plug-in LED Motion Sensor Lamp Light

Sensor Night Light

Key Features

  • Plug in design
  • Two adjustable brightness
  • Available 3 modes
  • Saves energy up to 84%
  • Have 120 degree direction angle
  • Fire resistant casing 

The benefit of having motion sensor light being double when this has auto modes. AUVON designed this light with three useful modes such as on, off and auto. The auto mode works allow automatic motion detection with 120-degree angle and 3-5 meter distance. Luckily, these lights comes with four pieces plug in lights to fell you more secure and comfortable.

It baked with 2 years manufacturer warranty and lifetime technical support to make you few steps more confident to make with this purchase. Every product of these brand designed their stuff to keep the thinking of superiority of the user safety and choose V-0 fire resistance casing and over current protection design to keep your family safe this lights.

Along with two (high and medium) brightness adjustability this light will be a reliable option for halfway, bedroom bathroom and more. The sensor motion range is 12 ft with orange-yellow light which is comfortable than white light those glare can be irritating at sleeping time. As energy-efficient lighting this featured with 60 second auto modes which is 84% energy saving than any standard light.

Why we picked it?

  • Up to 2-year warranty 
  • Passive infrared technology
  • Clean looking and works great
  • Featured 60 seconds auto off

2. MAZ-TEK Plug in Motion Sensor Lights with Adjustable Brightness

Sensor Lights

Key Features

  • Used high quality acrylic
  • Brightness adjustability
  • Up to 15 feet sensor range
  • Able to produce 25 lumens
  • Works with 4 LED lights
  • Auto turns off in 20 sec inactivity

PIR sensor used in this night light from MAZ-TEK which detect human being and animals. They are powerful, inexpensive and don’t wear out even after a round of years of use. Plus they consume low energy to allow the utmost convenience. So this light designed intelligently makes your investment fruitful.

Warm white lights are comfortable for eyes as these are glare free. While this light can produce 2700k soft warm light glow with 0-25 lumen adjustability. Now choosing perfect lighting option with this plug-in design. From the picture you have seen this have a slim and compact appearance which not block the second outlet of the wall. With 4 LED lightbulbs it illuminates the place which needs only 0.5W only.

There are 3 modes to meet you need for stairs, kitchen, bathroom, basement, corridor and more. If you have chosen auto mode it activates automatically and will shut off if it can not detect any motion in 20 seconds. It is capable to detect 0-15 feet with 120-degree angle. Use of the light is very simple while you do not need ant battery or wiring simply plug into the AC outlet.

Why we picked it?

  • Allow 3 lighting modes
  • Compact and ultra slim
  • Equipped with PIR sensor
  • Glare free soft warm white light

3. GE Silver LED Night Light – Motion Sensor, 40 Lumens

LED Night Light

Key Features

  • Up to 25 ft motion coverage
  • Turn of after 90 second
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • Emits 40 lumen
  • Ultra bright light
  • Small and powerful

This is our third top pick introduced by GE. Most interestingly it comes with 4 beautiful colors such as silver, bronze, brushed nickel and while from where you can choose your most favorite one for best match without any compromise. Plus this has UL certification as you can dependent on them for their safety development.

Motion activation of this light has up to 25 feet. It produces 40 lumens warm white for your comfortable and safer moves without falling at night in stairs, hallway and other indoor places. This has 3.63 x 1.25 x 3.0 inch dimension and high quality plastic construction which leaves the second outlet freed for versatile use. With the LED light source it can save energy effectively, and they won’t burn out easily.

Undoubtedly motion sensor night light’s main purpose is zero wastage of light and electricity and manufacturer of these lights designed auto 90 seconds shut of no motion. The contemporary styled light available with multi-packs with (1,2,4) options. So you can pick your needed pack among them. Ultra bright light capable to illuminate standard size are perfectly garage and master bathroom.

Why we picked it?

  • UL listed product 
  • Multipack available
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Match with any home decor

4. Heath Zenith – Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light

Sensor Security Light

Key Features

  • All weather resistance
  • Easy to mountain
  • Adjustable heads
  • Needs 120W PER38 bulbs
  • Have 70 feet motion detection
  • Super bright light

Heath Zenith launched 150 degree twin head motion security light to ensure best security for your home and office environment. You can install this anywhere indoor and outdoor as this has all weather resistance like heavy rain, snow, hail, sun and high winds with power coating finish. As a solid fixture with ceramic socket and metal enclosure. 

This light have up to 7o feet detection range with adjustable detection sensitivity. So a standard size place can cover up these lights. The adjustable lamp heads functional as directional lighting. With two max 120W flood bulbs you can produce the right amount of lighting to fulfil your various needs. These bulbs won’t come with the package rather than you should purchase them separately.

It required wall mounting while this comes with an attachment bracket for the electrical junction box. If you have a basic idea about the installation process, you can easily install this at your place. With its perfect illumination you have no worry about tripping in the darkness of your yard. The white finish does not seem off in your home decoration. So if you need this lamp with higher functionally you can’t overlook this piece.

Why we picked it?

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Worth of price
  • Individual timer setting 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

5. Stick-Anywhere Closet Lights Stair Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

Key Features

  • 20 lumens output capacity
  • Incorporated 6 LED lightbulbs
  • Battery powered
  • Build in magnet
  • Sensitivity distance is 10 feet 
  • 120 degree sensor range

AMIR’s motion activation light being the most popular choice for its pretty easy hassle-free installation with two side tape and build in magnet. So placement of this night light will take a few seconds to attach anywhere you feel need like corridor, bedroom and more.

Being a battery powered light you need not any wiring or near outlet you can carry them anywhere nighttime fishing, camping, carport and any emergency. To run the lamp it needs 3AAA batteries to support super bright SMD2335 six LED bulbs. These LED bulb are energy saving which prolong the battery life. Surprisingly these LED lights capable to support you up to 50000 hours.

With the passive infrared sensor this able to auto motion detection with 10 feet distance range with 120-degree angle sensitivity. Auto shuts off is the most amazing feature for this night lamp and this have 15-second autos shut off if it could not detect any motions. This could be a hands-free indoor and outdoor pure white lighting source.

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Why we picked it?

  • Wide range of application
  • Auto shut off
  • Easy to install
  • Delivers bright light

6. Lumi Stick-On Night Light – Warm White LED

 Stick-On Night Light

Key Features

  • Dust to dawn sensor
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 120 degree viewing angles
  • Soft and glare free writing
  • Have 10 feet Max  motion range
  • Needs 3AAA batteries

Eufy designed a motion sensor night light which have Lumi stick on design to provide soft and glare free lighting in the darkest place of your home. It takes less energy than the standard night lamp to save your electric bill in the long run. As three AAA battery can go more than 1 year lighting. This comes with 3 packs to offer more security and healthy home.

Process of installation in an important factor when you are making your mind to purchase this light. And this light comes with stick on design to save you wasting of lots of time and energy to install them. Simple need to stick on and screw in to place these lighting source anywhere you need warm which glow. Because of its compact and slim size with 2.75 inch, you can stick them closet, bathroom, make up table and more.

Wide field of vision and motion detection distance makes the lamp more efficient. It has 120 degree wide vision angles and maximum 10 feet motion detection distance range. Through daylight-off featuring  you can be more satisfied with these lights. Motion detection and auto shut off after 15 second supposing of motion detection helps to making the lighting long-lasting. 

Why we picked it?

  • Packed with lots of things
  • Comes with 18-month warranty
  • Bright and looks great
  • Energy efficient 

7. AUVON Rechargeable Night Light – Adjustable Brightness for Wall

Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

Key Features

  • Magnetic strip for easy install
  • Two brightness setting
  • Worth of money
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Produce good amount of lights
  • Have wide angle and distance range

This is our second product from AUVON, yet this is rechargeable light with 2 packs. As this is a light sensor this could be a functional choice among the hundreds choice. This comes with 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support to experience such amazing lighting.

To get your desired illumination with tons of convenience this comes with two brightness adjustability (high and medium) and three modes(on, off and auto). To charge this gadget this comes with USB cable, a smart way to run the lamp. Once you charged the light only two hours this could go more than 180 days. With expensive passive in ratted motion it works from 20 feet distance. Auto shuts off function of this light works in 20 seconds inactivity.

Installation of the lamp is very simple with double-sided 3M adhesive pads. So you can stack them indoor and outdoor where you feed needs in bedroom, drawer, baby room, wardrobe, stairwell garage and more. These have LED lightbulb choice which is highly energy efficient. So this could be an idea for the breastfeeding mother or kid’s room who fear at dark night.

Why we picked it?

  • Lots of placement options
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fast charging capacity
  • Affordable price

8. Enbrighten LED Night Light Motion Sensor GE 40 Lumens

Night Light Motion Sensor

Key Features

  • Emits 40 lumens of lights
  • Attractive half cup design
  • Auto shuts off after 90 seconds
  • Energy efficient with LED
  • Motion detection range is 25 ft
  • Compact and lightweight

We have already discussed once GE night lamp in our top picks as third product. Because of their popularity manufacture launched same product in different pack like since, two and four pieces packs to meet different person’s need. In your pack you can choose your favorite color among bronze, white, silver and brushed nickel which thinks best match for your home decoration.

These versatile night lights are great for any room of your house like staircases, bedroom, bathroom and more. This has motion activated technology which can detect motion from up to 25 ft you need not worry to ensure the right amount of illumination when you are moving in the darkest night. There are auto shuts off after 90 seconds of no activity to save lighting.

You will be wanna to purchase finding their surprisingly the LED lightbulb’s saving capacity of energy and longevity. To keep you home enlighten you can trust GE-branded bright motion activated night lights which have UL certification. The half cup design beautiful night lamp emits 40-lumen lights which did require unplugging during the time while ultra light sensing can automatically follow the dawn to dusk process.

Why we picked it?

  • Have unique ultra light sensing 
  • UL certification
  • Four beautiful finish available
  • Limited lifetime warranty

9. AMIR Motion Sensor Light – Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

motion sensor night light

Key Features

  • Super bright LED lightbulb 
  • Powered by 3AAA batteries
  • Build in magnet 
  • Packed with double-sided tape
  • Auto shuts off about 15 second
  • Sensor motion range is 10 feet

AMIR updated version motion sensor night light with 6 packs is the most affordable choice with surprising customer’s rating. While you can choose them from silver, white, silver warm white and warm white colors options to make you satisfied of them.

These lights are comes with build in magnet to stick the light with any metal surface and double-sided tape to peel and stick. While do not need any hard-wiring. So installing this lamp is very easy which won’t take more than 10 seconds. Every light has super bright 6 bulb lights which produce good lighting without consuming of much energy.

You do not need to on or off the piece while it will turn on when it is dark and detect the motion with the PIR motion and lamp sensor. This has auto on within 10 feet of motion detection and shuts of after 15 seconds of no detection. To lighten up various indoor and outdoor places this need 3 AAA batteries which are very easy to replace with 20 lumens output.

Why we picked it?

  • Designed with PIR motion
  • Featured with light sensor
  • Comes with 6 packs
  • Allow ranges of placement options

10. Ultra Bright Light – Dimmable Smart LED Nightlight Plug Into Wall

Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Night Light

Key Features

  • Nice and bright
  • Motion detects works well
  • Different level of brightness
  • Three modes adjustability
  • Wide direction angel 
  • Up to 13 feet motion activity

Ultra brightness with 120 lumens lighting capacity make AUVON Ultra bright lamp in a good position of best motion sensor night light available in the market. With the bright adjustability from 1lm -120 lumens. You can set your desirable brightness with long pressing of the side button. No matter in which purpose you’re installing them this will not let you down.

Breastfeeding or changing diaper of the newborn baby, super brightness for garage and standard brightness for staircase and bathroom, these light are more comfortable and warm options. In these lighting use of LED lights which lessen the consumption of energy more than 84%. Warm light of this gadget won’t hurt your eyesight when you installed them in the bedroom. 

There are three modes to enlighten your place and the auto mode can detect movements from 15 feet with 120-degree angle detection. The lamp will shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity. The over current protection technology and superior v-0 fire resistance ABS material ensure safe and long-lasting performance with thus reasonable price.

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Why we picked it?

  • Very energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty
  • Save and dependable 
  • Small and stylish

11. GE Enbrighten LED Motion Select Sensor Night Light – Ideal for Bedroom, Nursery

Motion Select Sensor Night Light

Key Features

  • Easy switch controlling
  • Glow of soft white light 
  • Auto shuts off and dim featuring
  • Used long-lasting LED
  • Featured light sensing technology
  • 25 feet motion detection range

As a high rated lighting GE Unfrighten motion sensor night light louver design caught your attention at the very first look. With the brush finish it could be a simple yet decorative addition for any indoor place. There are several design and finish is available like oil rubbed bronze peacock and swirl design and white swirl design to provide best and individual choice priority for each user of these lights.

This beautiful lighting works with two types of setting as motion boat and motion activation. When you have chosen motion activation this can detect motion from 25 feet distance in low light condition and provide 40 lumens of lighting to help to complete the task without falling or hurting. Yet the light will shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity. On the contrary motion boost, the lamp turns on at dusk and off at dawn. In this setting light boost the higher level of brightness when detect motion and dim with 3 lumens after 90 seconds.

Long life LED lights equipment means no worries about lightbulb changes and higher energy consumption. Along with UL certification and good warranty feature this product won’t disappoint you with this purchase.  

Why we picked it?

  • UL certification 
  • Two illumination modes
  • Available various design and finish
  • Worth of price

12. Vintar Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

Vintar Motion Sensor Dimmable LED Night Light

Key Features

  • Have 10 feet motion sensing ability
  • Works with 3 different modes
  • Featured with auto shuts off 
  • 120 degree wide viewing angles
  • LED lights go up to 50000 hours
  • Allow wide ranges of dimming

To keep in the various purpose of best motion sensor night light our last but not the least super cool looking product come with three pieces in a set from Vintar. This has stepless brightness adjustability with bottom slide button to meet your various demands as the bedroom needs soft and dim like lighting on the contrary basement and staircase required more bright lighting for safe moment even in the darkest place.

With three modes you can set the light on or off mode per your need. While the auto mode keeps the light on automatically detects distance on the 10 feet. The 120 degree wide angels allow good coverage of lighting. After 15 second the light will shut of inactivity of the motion. This comes with a compact and slim design that won’t block the second outlet of the wall.

Super comfortable lighting use LED lightbulbs need only 0.5W to run the unit. These lights can lamp up more than 50000 hours. The warm white plastic shade match any home decoration along with save of money and outlet place. You need not purchase any battery to support the unit rather simply plugging it into any standard outlet and get amazing lighting more than 1 year.

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Why we picked it

  • Baked with 12-month warranty
  • Match any home decoration
  • Energy and space-saving design
  • Versatile and safe 

Buying Guide Best Motion Sensor Night Light

The perfect light can be different per the choice and need of individuals. But several factors have to consider getting extraordinary performance and high quality. If you’re planing to plug in the system think about outlet and battery capacity for a battery powered one. Plus, lighting type and other impotence feature included here to make you enough learned about best motion sensor night light.

Power supply

There are two system to run the night light one plug into the wall and the other needs batteries. Some of them have USB charger option which can be battery backup on wall powered devices when the power goes out it could be safe for use.


You should not go with except LED which have excellent energy sufficiency and longevity capacity. Though the majority of the light comes with LED lightbulb option with good working periods. Plus these are comes with various size, designs and adaptability to meet all the need of  users.

Style and design

When we have a talking about of the motion sensor night lamp, you have a hundred options to pick. But most of them comes with compact and slim look which can be functional and decorative options for the homeowner. They come with various colors and design with can easily blend with the rest of rooms decoration. In this case you should spend time to pick the right one for your place.


To keep eye on the baby or toddler motion sensor night light it is a great thing undoubtedly while you should choose a battery powered one which have a screw protection battery compartment. If you have a very curious kid, place the light where they won’t reach for their experiment. Smartphone app compatible with this light have alarm to get your attention to keep your kid safe in thus situation.

Additional features

Apart from the standard features of this light, you should have to look down their advanced features such as auto shut off, white noise machine for kid’s room and alarm clock for adults room. The auto shut down feature helps to not get up from bed and off the lamp with the switch. So look into the additional feature which provide extra value for your invested cost.


When you are purchasing things you should have a clear idea about its warranty features. This consists return policy, replacement or refund period. This could be varied per different manufacturer and product quality. Try to find a product with minimum warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Motion Sensor Night Light

Moving in a dark room in night increase risk of falling while best motion sensor night light is a reliable choice. If you want to add this gadget to your home you should know the product’s manage, improved performance to keep your home safe. These FAQs helps you to take the right decision to pick them.

Which is better motion sensor night light battery powered or hardwired?

The answer of the questing depend on lots of things like your room’s power outlet position, permanent or temporary installation and safety options. If you want permanent installed one hardwired one is perfect but if you have kid find a safe location. On the contrary batter powered lamp with adhesive backing allow a lot of benefits including portable and low maintenance.

What distance should have motion sensor night light?

Motion detecting distance is a factor which can make fruitful your investment on this product. So, where you wanted to place your motion sensor light? If you are want to hang them in your kitchen, bathroom or small living room you do not need to worry the range as they come with standard range for good coverage. Yet you want one for outdoor, basement or large room to choose a higher light to cover the large area. Mostly this light for indoor activity have 10-15 feet with helpful features.

Which is the best motion sensor night light?

When you have zero knowledge about this night light, it could be very hard to find. To help you each product of our top picks  are reliable to purchase. Yet AMIR updated this lamp could be good choice with battery power which have super brightness, built in magnet with easy installation. And AUVON corded electric powered 3 useful modes with 2 years warranty.

What is the cost of best motion sensor night light?

There are hundreds of option with various ranges of price of this lights. If you are choosing one for small ranges it could be 10-30 dollar with good quality and superb performance. You can pick between electric corded or battery powered as you prefer for best support.

What type of lightbulb should you choose motion sensor night light?

Last few years LED bulbs get popularity in every stage of lighting. This also keep maintaining on this light too. Because of energy saving capacity than other types of bulb like incandescent and traditional LED lightbulbs are always suggested. It could be a cooler option than others. Some user picked incandescent for  brighter lamp this can be great but as they light it won’t be less hot.

Why do you need motion sensor night light?

Technology always trying to make better things to being life smooth and safe. And on this journey this lamp is a gadget that can create lots of convenience to moving in dark night with energy saving and security from intruder by scaring them off. If your home kid or baby their turning can lamp up automatically.


Whether it is dark entry or bedroom our reviewed the 12 best motion sensor night lights capable to ensure higher security and convenience. We have picked them from various angle of thinking of various need as child bedroom or bathroom, adults bedroom or kitchen with most beneficial features.

To make you more experienced on these products we attached buying guide and several frequently asked question as you can compare our picks and the most functional lights.

However, if you think finding the best motion sensor night lamp is a time-consuming and patience wasting task grab one of our top picks, we are ensuring these are we researched to buy.

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