Best Lights For Makeup Vanity

Best Lights For Makeup Vanity Reviews In 2023

Certainly, lighting is the most important thing when it comes to apply makeup correctly. We know you have done lots of things to get natural lighting as placing make-up vanity beside window, invested lots of money to ensure amount and kinds of lights for your makeup schedule. Yeah, we are here with you in the mission of finding best lights for makeup vanity with reasonable price and lots of convenience features.

You can be overwhelmed to read out various makeup artist research and suggestion to ensure perfect light for makeup vanity. After all of this proven ineffective to meet your requirements. In the top pick session we put together most popular various design, size and shape of lights for makeup vanity which can ensure best match for your needs.

However, keep scrolling to figure out best lights for makeup vanity to improve your makeup setting. In this writing we have added buying guides and FAQs to make you more confident to move this way.

Our Top Picks

Every time it would not be possible to ensure warm or natural  sunlight for makeup. But with  best lights for makeup which ensure great projection of light on your face. With right light which have LED lighting source, multiple light colors, brightness adjustability, safe power supply and on. To make this top picks we consider all the factors which are usually considered before purchasing any lights for makeup vanity. So, we attached here all the light with specifications for you to reach your goal easily.

1. Chende LED Vanity Mirror Lights – Hollywood Make Up Light for Vanity Stick on

LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Key Features

  • Brightness adjustability
  • With 10 LED light bubs
  • Hollywood’s style dimmable
  • Provide 4000k lights
  • Soft light won’t hurt your eyes
  • Works with included 12V safe power supply

In the search of best lights for makeup vanity we are starting with Chende LED Vanity Mirror lights which have 2 inches 10 those are perfect and larger than others with three level of brightness settings (30%, 50% and 100%) to fell you satisfied with your light. While you need to long press to set yore required brightness level. These light sheds 4000 soft light which won’t hurt your eyes as well as it supports you for long time makeup with comfort when the  light system not dazzling.

Most of the lights needs extra wall plug but this light comes with 12V safe adaptor which is able to offer much brighter light than the USB options. It has 11.53 ft full length which can be shortened depending on your need and mirror size to offer clean and accuracy look with your mirror. Because of having Hollywood design and perfect brightness this has multi functionality such as makeup vanity, fill illumination, decoration and shooting purpose.

Stick on light for mirror offers easiest installation process. On a smooth surface like glass you can stick this illumination within 5 minutes to go next level of professional makeup setting. With wear resistance and thickened wire this can go couple of years without thinking of any damages. Included adaptor and dimmer are UL certified to install them confidently without any risk of  firing or other accidents.

Why We Picked It?

  • Length can be adjusted
  • Beautiful and versatile uses
  • Designed with smart on/off
  • Installation process takes a few minutes

2. Led Vanity Mirror Lights – Hollywood Style Vanity Make Up Light

Key Features

  • Light can be dimmable
  • Comes with adhesive backing
  • Featured with 60 PCS  LED Module
  • Installation process is very easy
  • Very bright and elegance lighting
  • Ip65 waterproof content

Due to these lights wide application, your light purchase can not go any wrong way. The makeup lights are suitable for bathroom front lighting, mural, vanity table, art wall decoration, living room setting and any indoor places depending on your beautiful yet functional light. The LPHUMEX LED vanity mirror light comes with 60LED module with 118 inch Hollywood light kit which can be shortened by cutting off the wire per your need.

Because of having IP 65 waterproofing content that you can stick them in your bathroom vanity, but they are not for emerging into water. You won’t face any hassle to install them while this not required any investment like electrical wiring and holes drilling ye packed with adhesive tape to stick on mirror, frame and wall directly where you want to lighten up. To make this comfortable, soft and eye tolerating it is designed with low flicker frequency as 12V for 6000k warm and up to 1200lm brightness.

For easy replacement this has extra high quality adhesive backing with super stick capacity which won’t drop of easily. With the dimmer touch you can set your needed brightness which also comes within the package with high quality adapter and a well-read manual instruction to guide you. When you want to pick Hollywood style light for your vanity this could be the perfect choice which can bring surplus glow instantly.

Why We Picked It?

  • Wide applications
  • Hollywood’s style affordable lights
  • Perfect size and long-lasting
  • Adjustable brightness with dimmer touch

3. Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit – Make-up Vanity Mirror Light

Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Key Features

  • Produce 6000K daylight
  • Easy to install with double-sided adhesive tape
  • Light strip length is 13 feet
  • Light angle of 120 degree
  • Natural glow for perfect makeup applying
  • Amazing for various indoor locations

When the process of installation is effortless with strong double-sided adhesive tape you won’t leave the advantage of having such amazing LED vanity light which is designed by ViLSOM. This light pours high brightness with 240 LED beads for the 4M long string light. For larger space you can choose this without any hesitation with 6000k daylight to offer you superb lighting with decoration purpose.

A lot of uses have various types of mirror round, oval, rectangular and so on. And this light is easy to cut and attach to each other with ultimate flexibility for DIY decoration for TV, living room, kitchen, bathroom vanity and make up mirror illumination with only 12V. This  works with plug and play system. As this is IP24,non-waterproof you can not use this for outdoor setting.

For your makeup vanity mirror you should ensure unadulterated lighting to offer great effect in face. Furthermore, you can adjust this lighting in various brightness level with dimmer switch for perfect makeup. Along with 850 lm white light will be enough to solve the lighting problem while you can place this mirror front surface or back to bring personalized look for your dressing room. Considering the low price point you did not want to buy beside this anyways.

Why We Picked It?

  • Equipped with 240 LED beads
  • Brightness adjustability
  • Very cool and bright
  • Price is reasonable

4. Hollywood Style Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit – 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs for Makeup Dressing Table

Makeup Dressing Table light

Key Features

  • Do not emit extra heat
  • Natural and bright light source
  • Fits various size and shapes of mirror
  • Can be dimmed per your need
  • Pours soft and comfortable lighting
  • Equipped 10 best grade smooth and glossy bulbs

There are three light color daylight white, warm white and natural light makes Brightown 10 PCS LED vanity light versatile for user. Now it is more easy to get your most comfortable make up light which won’t hurt your sight or won’t make any spot. This is designed with excellent smart touch dimmer which can easily set 10 level of brightness exactly. This is safe with UL certified adaptor with low voltage as 12V.

More interestingly this mirror light have memory function which is located at the end of the light bulb to offer you lots of convenience to control the brightness to your desired level which you have previously set. The glossy bulb smooth bulb LED bulb very bright and natural light at the light pouring time, but this light is also attractive when its turn off. Like others light this won’t emit heat which can be irritating at the long time make applying.

Perhaps multi functionality is another feature you should consider before purchasing this makeup vanity lights.Living room, bathroom, dressing room, make up vanity and more places. It floors very simple and convenient installation process while this designed with super adhesive strong tape to stick this mirror surface. As this did not require drilling you can reinstall anywhere if you feel needs.

Why We Picked It?

  • UL certified power supply
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Multi purposeful light 

5. Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit – Makeup Vanity Table Set in Dressing Room

Makeup Vanity Table Set in Dressing Room

Key Features

  • Multi uses for indoor setting
  • Offers 5 level of brightness
  • Adjustable wire without cutting
  • Available three-colours temperature mode
  • Decor with DIY styles

While the market is full of adaptor mirror light, Pretmess designed their Hollywood style vanity mirror lighting with USB input which can connect mobile power, USB plug and USB wall plug per your convenience. If you are in a very dark room, access a phone battery to illuminate your dressing room area. This comes with a module which have three buttons, two for light temperature setting and circle button to turn on/off the light if you have chosen wall plug stable power supply.

There are 14 professional LED light which can shed high good amount of light which can be adjusted with 3 colors (3500K to 600K) and 5 level of brightness to meet various need of individual users. This has free adjustment line length with rotating telescopic without cutting  the wire as wastage of your investment. To install the light this has transparent double-sided 3M adhesive which is strong sticky makes it difficult to fall out, yet this won’t leave any marks on your mirror.    

However, this light multi uses feature will catch your attention for bathroom front mirror lighting, mirror cabinet, vanity table art display, showroom and so on whether it is home or commercial spaces. For its supreme flexibility you can arrange these light DIY style up to your requirements and preferable. To make you enough confident with your purchase, this has 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back warranty from manufacturer. 

Why We Picked It? 

  • On/off switch incorporation
  • Used professional LED 
  • Baked with one-year  warranty
  • USB input plug design

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6. LED Vanity Mirror Lights for Makeup Dressing Table Vanity

Makeup Dressing Table Vanity

Key Features

  • LED strip goes up to 50000 hours
  • Have dimmer features
  • Incredible bright for makeup task
  • UL certified power supply
  • Extra bulbs can be easily cut
  • Perfect size for most of the vanity mirror

Just like the other  options for best lights for makeup vanity, this also have satisfying flexibility to cut and fat various shape of the mirror to provide DIY style. The light strip comes with double-sided tape on the reverse to stick on the mirror easily without any hassle of drilling and wiring. As a multi functional lighting solution this could be a great choice for bathroom cabinet, make up vanity, living room and so on.

This light is designed with 240 LED lights which offers white light which can be reliable for applying makeup with no spot or extra heat from lighting source. Incorporation of module can easily set various brightness level with the rotating knob. No matter you are trying to found most dependable mirror for your makeup this won’t disappoint you with 6000k LED highlighting source of soft and comfortable light won’t hurt your eyesight even after long time makeup. 

Customized 4M length of the with strong self tape is slim, compact and functional to indoor uses. This durable LED string can serve you up to 50000 hours of smooth lighting. Whether you want to ensure safe uses this have UL certificated power supply which is proven under various tests. With the 1-year manufacturer  warranty service you will be more confidence to purchase the LED vanity strip light with versatility.

Why We Picked It?

  • Easy to install
  • Produces 6000k warm white light
  • Fantastic customer service
  • With 1-year warranty service

7. Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit – Adjustable Color and Brightness

Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Key Features

  • Fairly easy to install
  • Energy saving and safe
  • Source of and comfortable it
  • Dimmable light with 5 color temperature
  • Safer USB power support
  • Comes with extra long cord

For professional like make up lighting you  can depend on Pretmess Hollywood style vanity mirror lights. This has 10 LED 45 mm size bulbs for 4.64 M length of lighting strip. To run the light this need standard USB 5V 2A as safe for different locations. Perfect light projection on your face help to apply make without any shadow to ensure optimal color effect for different make up routine.

Multiple color mode of this light such as daylight, natural white and warm white  offer personalized color to offer natural make up every time.The light is made with ABC and PC soft mask which won’t hurt your eye anyways. Plus, all the bulbs designed with concealable wiring for simple and clean look of the mirror. To make it more user-friendly this has extra long cord as well as safe USB power supply.

It has 5 level of brightness to make you satisfied will your demands. This comes with transparent tapes which is very powerful which won’t fall down easily without any stubborn spot on your mirror. These LED light with 3200k to 6500k color temperature bulbs are ideal for higher brightness in various places including bathroom vanity to make vanity.

Why We Picked It?

  • Offer multiple color modes
  • Beautiful and stylish
  • Adjustable wire length
  • Limited one-year warranty service

8. SICCOO Makeup Vanity Lights for Mirror – Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Key Features

  • 5 level of brightness
  • Very easy to stick on 
  • Retractable bulbs wire
  • Includes 18 pcs double-sided tape
  • 14 LED bulb for light kit
  • Worth of price

USB power support with low  voltage proven this safer than adapter. To increase power supply possibility this can be use on USB plug, powerbank and PC per your convenience. As a safe USB operated it have no risk of burning as plug in design. This string world with only 5V to produce 6500K color temperature. The bulbs are fireproof materials which won’t even hot after a couple of hours lights up to offer you great illumination safety even you have kids in your home.

SICCOO makeup  vanity light featured with paste directly with adhesive transparent take which won’t fall down easily and not make any mark on the mirror. Each of bulb have rotary take designed to adjust the  line length 10 cm to 30 cm. You can easily set the brightness with + and – pressing button as well as 3 color (3200K,5000K and 10000 K) with switch. Beside this have single pressing on/off button to make the operation simple.

This has multi uses as decoration and functional lighting solutions. This could be a dependable light source for washroom, living room, café, various displays and so on. As a smart make vanity lights this will offer you dimmable color temperature 3200K to 6500k with stepless brightness which did not feel you less than professional makeup lighting. With sturdy adhesive tape you stick on wall, mirror and mirror frame perfectly to illuminate your place.

Why We Picked It?

  • A wide application
  • Offer 3 color changing modes
  • USB low voltage power supply
  • Spot and glare free lighting

9. Vanity Lights for Mirror – Hollywood Style Mirror Lights for Makeup

Vanity Lights for Mirror

Key Features

  • Provide 10 brightness settings
  • Allow 3 color modes
  • On/off switch incorporation
  • Included quality accessories
  • Don’t fall off easily
  • Adjustable length

Odaban No matter you are shopping this for makeup mirror, dressing mirror, barbar shop or decoration purpose for living room or bedroom this Hollywood style mirror light from Obadan whill be functional with the three adjustable colour temperature warm, natural and cool light. For a professional exquisite makeup you can choose one from those with S button. There are 1-10 level of brightness level pressing + and – buttons simply.

To get rid of the cutting wire of the light wire, the bulb are designed with rotated base to the wire cleanly. For the flexibility of the wire it is easy to fit any corner or angle of the mirror to ensure shadow free makeup detail lighting. It has total length of 5 meters which can cover most the of mirror size with DIY style. When insufficient lighting can ruin your makeup this has 10 good sizes LED bulbs to offer perfect light projection on the face which won’t hurt your eyes even after long time make up.

This vanity mirror light have IP65 waterproof rating to be ideal choice for bathroom vanity. To make the installation process very simple the pack included 24 pcs 3M sticker and 10 suction cups as you can use the suction stick on the mirror and put the light securely without any damage or spot on mirror. Manufacturer chosen professional LED lights which are durable and energy saving for long term use safely.

Why We Picked It?

  • Safe and dependable USB input
  • Easy to install
  • Soft and glare free light pouring
  • Bulbs won’t burn out

10. Led Mirror Lights – Silikang Vanity Make Up Strip Light

Led Mirror Lights

Key Features

  • One touch brightness adjustability
  • Very bright as professional grade
  • Suitable for any surface stick on
  • 10 feet overall length
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Gorgeous with 60LED beads

Applying makeup with 6500K ultra bright daylight provide surety of find right effect and which is also a good inspection for best lights for makeup vanity.In this session of finding the very best option, Silikang LED mirror is our last choice. When you are in need of full brightness without any foggy effect you can rely on this string light with 60 LED lights. With this mirror lights you will forget about uneven make up experience.

Perfect lighting for mirror is that one which have dimmable capacity to fulfill the users need. While this LED light can be brighter up to 1200lm with warmer soft light which won’t your eyesight. To make this accurate for your bathroom, this has IP65 waterproof rating. The lamp is excellent for decorative and brighten the dark place, so you can picked this for wide applications such as-make up tutorial, Photoshop background for makeup mirror, dressing mirror, café and so on. Best Camping String Lights.

Go for this when you are searching safe  and cost-effective light which can stick any surface like metal, wood, plastic and mirror surface. The Hollywood style mirror light have ETL and UL certification to prove this safe for personal and commercial uses. This can stick one easily with the double-sided adhesive tape which won’t fall out the light easily, but you can replace this conveniently if you want.

Why We Picked It?

  • Materials are strong and durable
  • Certified by ETL
  • Pretty affordable
  • Quick and easy to install

Buying Guide of Lights for Makeup Vanity

Believe or not finding best lights for makeup vanity not easy as you are thinking if you are not well known about details. If you don’t know what should you asked the retailer or find in product description. In this buying guide we are put together some important factor which can make the finding precess very easy. Read thoroughly to grab the accurate one. Also, this guide will help you to be enough learned to compare with our top pick and rest of the item of the market.


A great light for make up will shed a good amount of light for perfect make up applying. In this matter premium quality lighting source, flexible wire, wire adjustability without cutting and so on. Except good material, this won’t be long-lasting and durable as worth of  the price. You should check out the best quality for make up light while the market is full of cheaply made items.

Brightness of The Light

Brightness is the most important factor you shout check first when you are purchasing lights for makeup vanity. Last few years manufacturer launched various type of make vanity light with different brightness. So, do not forget to find out how bright light is? Luckily, most of the modern lights designed with variable brightness to make this most convenience for user to meet different needs. Some have 4,6 even 10 which is really useful for makeup.

Lights Color Tone or Temperature

There are the most popular color tone natural, warm and cool white tone for lights. Lights projection on your face without any spot and glare is reasoned for the light temperature. Depending on your various makeup and  makeup room setting, you can choose this color tone of lights. As these lights won’t ruin your full make up. Most of the Hollywood style mirror lights have 3200k-6500k color temperature to meet your need.


Mirror comes with different sizes such as rectangular, round and more. Most of the cases size and number of the bulbs effect on the price tag. Before purchasing any lights kit you need to measure the mirror while you are taking this for dressing, makeup mirror or barbar shop. Though most string lights comes with supreme flexibility to cut them depending on your need. So, you should not take the size lightly to pick anything.


As we have already said this lights need to be durable enough to go for a couple of years with low maintenance. Being gorgeous looking these are functional and decoration which can be dependable lighting sources in bedroom, living room, bathroom and so on.

Bulb Light

LED light bulb replace all the bulbs type for their longer performance, durability, energy saving capacity and higher level of brightness.Fluorescent, blur, pink or yellow whatever light color you choose this have another effect which can confused you to take right amount of makeup depending on your need and preference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lights for Makeup Vanity

Some lighting make your confused when you are exactly in market to find the best lights for makeup vanity in various feature, power supply system, watts consumption and other. You should the FAQ session where we sort out several of them to experience you most excellent makeup lighting as a professional.

What is the best lighting for a vanity mirror?

The answer to this question vary up to individual choices. The market is full of thousand choices with different length, brightness setting and price. We picked 10 most popular choices from various well named brand like Brightown, Pretmess and Chende and more. These save safe power source, full brightness, limited warranty service and easy installation process to make your purchase fully satisfied. So we recommended picking one from this list while we have tested them from all consideration factors.

How many watts should a makeup vanity light be?

There are no hard and soul rule that you should pick any exact number of light for your makeup vanity. Here most important fact is perfectly illumination and to this some lamp is designed with individual bulbs with various number and watts. On the contrary for string lights, most of them have LED beads with 60-120 and more. So find the most efficient one which can meet your different need.

Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

Choosing best lights for makeup vanity more or less depend on the lights bulb. Whether you want to bring aesthetic and customized look, LED bulbs are ideal choices. These bulbs are designed for high a range of color temperature, long-lasting performance, energy efficiency to ensure best update of the mirror lighting. In modern days permanent and integrated LED lighting source flights which are decorative and functional too.

Is Hollywood style vanity light are long-lasting?

Of course, they are lighting choice for make up vanity. These are comes with strong double-sided adhesive tape which won’t fall down very easily while make installation process of this lighting very easy. Some of this comes with a suction cup to keep your mirror spot free and safe from any damage. As a versatile lighting, these Hollywood style lights are very popular while people prefer to install them in their bathroom. For this situation most of them comes with IP64/65 waterproof rating.

Are USB power supply makeup vanity light more safe than adapter one?

Usually USB power supply makeup vanity are offering lots of convenience  with safer choice. With the USB port this can fit with powerbank, mobile phone and wall USB port which price various power supplying way than the adapter designed. Most of the makeup lamp comes with USB power supply port system to ensure lights for flawless makeup.


It is more fun when artificial lamp can perform the alternative role of sunlight. Per the thought to do this we researched a lot and read various specialist wring to offer best lights for makeup vanity list which have  attached in top picks which effectively help you not to invest your money on cheaply made lighting options.

A light for makeup vanity with quality materials and multiple adjustability for brightness and color tone for various needs. Besides, this we also consider warranty feature, size/length and multi functionality and more to confirm you that this shopping won’t regret you anyways.

So, no more complexity or wasting time to find a definite makeup vanity light when we had provided reliable buying guide and top picks which are designed for flawless makeup schedule.

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