Different Types of Track Lighting

Different Types of Track Lighting

A great combination of elegance, energy sufficiency, flexible uses and customizable qualities makes most types of track lighting an ideal choice for worldwide homeowners. And if you are thinking about a new light fixture while trying to explore something really efficient and stylish than think about track lighting, which comes in the market a wide range of designs  and size and materials.

Of course there is variation in types of track lighting on set up ,stream of illumination and mobility. With their mind blowing capacity of illumination they will satisfy you once you install them. Though they are simple in designs but highly customizable and easily draw eye attention whether you place them. So, while you want to get aesthetic appeal with only light fixture you should consider track lighting.

Meanwhile, this lighting is all about two parts, the bar or rail and track head Through rotating capacity of this lighting head offer ambient illumination for place, where you think needed like accent illumination  toward collectible items and task illumination for work surfaces like kitchen or garage. Choosing tracking light depends on your preferred location and what actually want from them.

Aside from all of these, we’re here to walk  through the topic types of this lighting. So that you can choose the best this illumination for your home without wasting time.

Track Lighting Types

The people who have great leaning to decorate our home with various small changes and additions such as this lighting fixture. But types of this light can make you puzzled about their fixture, functionality and other featurings. Together with customizable feature  all the this illumination types have a wide range of option for track heads option. So, no more wasting patience read on for an overview of all the types of this lighting which is given below:

Fixed Head

By looking for a hassle free light fixture this to light is not paralleled option for one person. If the lightbulb top part on adjust ,may not be moved along the track. They can still be angled to own light where you can expect according to need. However, The bar hangs from a celling stand off which is available straight or curve.

Swing Arm Track

This is a name which is lighting suggests swing arm this to light fixture is equipped with more fixing this light is called arms. It is connected with a joint. Such like of types of illumination .may not move along the this as fixed so but of their swinging arms and angling possibility. They have a complete range of motion that made a difference from the first step.

Standard Track

The most common feature of the standard track is that the lights of these can slide the track according to their own desires. Plus, these fixtures come with easy installation as well as they can be attached on the ceiling directly while they are ready to illuminate your place.

Monorail Track

Frankly speaking these types of light give another level of  aesthetic look with functionality for any place kitchen to bathroom while commercial place to garege. The most attractive feature of a monorail is a same this lighting fixture lies in its this flexibility. Generally the offer not only do its lightbulb top slide along needs a track. But the track itself may more to curve and shape for looking however you wish or try to focus. In fact these track types follow both type arms as swing and fixed. On the other hand the way of installation is pretty simple as for hanging from a one ceiling mounting.

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Bonus Tips for Saving Time and Energy to Pick The Best Track Light

If you once get realized which types of this lighting fits most your place, rest of the work will be easier for your light fixturing. The easiest thing about this as you can choose among these – round back. Pinhole and gimbal heads or different types of pendants with any types of this illumination. While it’s vital to consider what type of illumination you want to achieve: ambient such as track heads will do stunning work for smaller rooms. But pendants are better for larger ones and accents for any track head  or task illumination  go for longer pendants or adjustable heads. 

Then, move to consider the existing color palette and décor of your room. While most this heads fit modern and contemporary houses. Pendants are better suited for traditional well known for providing stylish and sophisticated looks. So isn’t it really simple but effective to choose one among lots of options.

Additional Features of Track Lighting

  • Whether you choose any of them they have a dimmer switch. Which allows you to easily adjust the brightness of your lights. So,turn the brightness up when you’re working, cooking, or reading or dim the light. When you’re getting ready for bed or just relaxing.
  • Having cable light is much delighting features for light fixtures as The cable is connected to the ceiling with each light hanging from the cable. Which provides a unique look about which your guest must throw compliment at you.
  • More convenience comes with this lighting kits that  make installing this illumination even easier even if you want to install your creative illumination by yourself. As a illumination kit it mostly comes from manufacturer packaging with everything you need to install rail illumination. You don’t need to buy pieces separately.


Usually all types of track lighting are customisable according to user demand and need. They are ownself a signature addition for your place. Which will enhance your decor even whatever you did not think about them. On the contrary, this illumination is a good choice for those who do not want to scar their ceiling. As they can work through only a power supply even situated in any corner of your room. Finally we tried to learn you everything about of types of the amad their installing difference. So choose the best one which suits your place mostly.

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