How to Hang Wall Sconces Step by Step Guide

Majority of the people choose wall sconces for their extreme versatility in placement which easily matches any kind of decoration. And how to hang wall sconces is a query which comes first when you have made a mind to add wall scones in your home whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen, fireplace, bathroom or gateway. Plus they are the most adequate choice for your office lighting arrangements too.

As wall sconces required wall mountain fixture and every home has lots of option to fill the sconces which ascribe personal style and preferences. As it required electrical box support, sometimes it being shrewd planning. To increase the functionality together with placement ways and position are an important fact while the style and texture choosing make more complexity for most of the people.

These are unbeatable for any dark or hallway with super lighting for task lighting in the kitchen or bathroom and comfortable lighting for reading or to highlight the artwork. Plus these are stylish addition to make a focal point of your specific area as beside the fireplace even helps to create a warming atmosphere in the hallway. We are here to describe every optimal position and placement ways for your considerations and make your process of how to hang wall sconces literally hassle-free.

How to choose wall sconces

Keep these things in mind to purchase the right sconces to get the most compatible one.

  • Bring a sconce which goes in the best way where you want to place it with proper balance of switch and junction box make a demo with draw a mark on the wall to get a clear idea about the array.
  • Choose a simple style which won’t be out of trend.
  • Find a sconce with right lampshade which is aesthetic with superb functionality. Focus on the illumination capacity and shade among clear or dark
  • Get one which has an easier installation than a heavy one which will not attach to the wall comfortably.

How much should to keep space among multiple wall sconces

If you want to add wall sconces more than one keeping space is an essential factor consider as you could not place them too closely. So in this case you should maintain generally 96 to 120 inches from one to another. Though this measurement is not subtle it can be varied from different place and walls position.

How to determine the height of wall sconces mounted from the floor

These three are the most common place and comparably ideal height to place wall sconces in a home.

  1. For a task lighting option which is used for kitchen 60 inches might be a good option to hung as wall sconces from the floor
  2. Whether you want to install this for read or above the sofa 48 inches is more considerable place to hang them
  3. At the time to place sconces beside the bed you stand against the wall and mark where your shoulder is and it is the right place you can install them.

List of needed tools

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver stud finder
  • Marker
  • Wire nut and connector
  • Tape measure
  • Drywall knife

How to hang wall sconces

This task will be considered a DIY project when you have a learned guideline on how to hang wall sconces with compressive steps. These are the steps to follow:

Firstly, find an appropriate space with exact measurement and draw a mark where you want to hang the wall sconces. Use stud finder to check the place to get the adjoining wall space.

Secondly, place the electrical box and mark the area to cut the hole for attaching it. And install a witch box in the same way following first step

Thirdly, if there is the way to fish the wire on to the wall to build a connection to the switch and itself to an outlet you will not need to cut a channel in the drywall to run the wire to the switch or sconce have its own switch. Otherwise, cut a channel.

Fourthly, run the wire where you want to install the sconce after connecting the wire with the junction box in righty as white one with white and black with black as black one for hot and white is neutral. And array the wire from the outlet to the switch box.

Fifthly, over the sconce plate install a mountain place and piece together it with sconces. After that fasten the wire which comes from switch to outlet and starts them twist together and secure with the nut as they can be multiple and confusing. Then reattach the switch plate and outlet plate securely

Finally, turn on the power and flip on the light switch to test.

How to hang install wall sconces light

Few conceptions to hang wall sconces for different place

To make you more confident to place a wall sconce in your home or office we put together some common but effective ideas. Take a brief idea about them.


Lighting of the bedroom will wall sconce depends on your bed height and your activity which have done before going sleep. Though it is a traditional way to keep 5 foot space from the ground. But you can adjust it various if you nighttime reader or your bed height is more or less than 5 feet with easy reachable switch.


In the kitchen you need good lighting any time of the day or night and wall fixtures are more convenient for this purpose. While kitchen lighting always required more brightness to complete all task.Most recommended height of light placement is 24 inches from cabinet and 60 inches from floor, but can install your wall sconces up to kitchen another accessory and room shape.


You can choose one or mixing lighting options for the bathroom from varied existing. But the most effective one is placing wall sconce over the mirror as 75 to 80 inches height from the floor while the most recommended on is 60 to 65 inches is reliable to eye level to prevent shadow and glare near the mirror.You cont go wrong with them so be confident to chose them.


Wall scones come specially to make over entryways where the most 60 to 72 inch height from floor, while it could be varied according to house layout and then length of your hallway existing architectural features. Generally for horizontal space 6 feet is recommended but always pick is not rational.


Now you are enough learned who have great knowledge about wall scorch especially how to hang wall sconces, ideal height and spacing bitten two and more. As wall sconces are a stunning lighting option for indoor and outdoor, we recommended you install them whether your purpose and selected area among reading nooks, porch, garden, kitchen or bathroom. Simply install them and enjoy numerous advantages with stylish appearance.

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